This section provides information on Home Powerline Networking and  demonstrates  howto use Powerline Ethernet Adapters or  Powerline Homeplug  AV Adapters to extend Ethernet network anywhere in the house using existing electrical power line. Homeplug Powerline Ethernet provides good speeds (upto 200Mbps), therefore suitable for Media Streaming.
Powerline Ethernet Adapters are easily available from major manufacturers like Netgear, Linksys and Zyxel. Follow the instructions given below to extend Home Ethernet Network using two Powerline Ethernet Adapters. Steps given here are generic and apply to most Homeplug networks. Once adapters are connected you need to enable security on powerline link to prevent unauthorised to the network.  On Netgear and Xyxel  powerline Ethernet adapter security is enabled by a. To  measure the performance of Home Power Line Network connect two PCs on each end of the network and follow instrcutions given in the article Measuring Home Network Bandwidth. Do not connect home plug network adapter to the power strip,extension cord or Surge protectors.
Do not connect powerline Ethernet adapter to wall socket which can be turned on and off by a switch.
Do not connect powerline adapter to sockets near electrical surge,noise generating equipements  like washing machine,dryer etc.
You can discuss Powerline Ethernet Issues with other members of the community in our forums.
We have compiled a list of powerline Ethernet kits from major manufacturers which can get your started with powerline home networking project.
Even though the PS3 Media Server(PMS) is specifically designed to play, transcode and stream media content to the Playstation 3, there is now also limited support for the Xbox 360. To view your Video content from your PS3 Media server, switch on your Xbox and scroll to the My Xbox menu. Select the PS3 Media Server as your Video Source and press the A button on your controller.
The PS3 Media Server isn't that slick just yet and offers you a list of all the folders whether they have videos in them or not.

If you have selected a movie which is in a supported container (such as an avi), you are now given the option to select and play it using the Y button.
If you select a movie which is in a non supported container such as an mkv, you will notice there will now be a subtle difference on the display on the Xbox. As you can see from the above screen shot, the mkv movie has [MEncoder] written next to it. If you do not wish to use mencoder for some reason or the codec you are using is not supported but the container is, you can also go into the #-TRANSCODE -# directory for alternative options. From here, you can select some other encoding options to try and play the media fly if the default one does not work. The 2 main file formats that where used for testing for all the media servers were WMA and MP3 and test folders where added just like the other media folders.
To view Photos on your Xbox from the PS3 Media Server, go to the My Xbox menu again and then select Photo Library. As with the Movie list, all the folders you have added are displayed, no matter if they contain Photos or not.
You can now select the Photo folder your require and drill down to start viewing your images. Much has been said about streaming from a Windows PC to SteamOS , but that functionality is available on other OSes , and fully integrated with Steam as of today.
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For smoth DLNA Media streaming from one room to other you need to have a home network with good bandwidth. In the picture  one adapter is placed near wireless router and second is placed near Media Center where PS3,Satellite receiver are located.

Once connected you will notice  Ethernet,Powerline LEDs turned on as shown in the image below. Feel free to ask questions about power line networking , we respond to the question posted on the forums promptly. We recommend these kits becuase either we have tested them in our setup or they have good reviews from use online. It will allow the Xbox to play a large number of file types and also has support for subtitles. This signifies that by default, mencoder will transcode this movie on the fly to make it a playable format on the Xbox.
Select you Pictures folder that you added in the basic configuration tutorial and then press A.
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A couple seconds later, I was looking at Wolfenstein's menu.At first, I was concerned by mouse lag in the menu. We like these devices over plain simple powerline adapters. However if you prefer simple setup, you should select Powerline AV adapters that connect directly to the  wall. I'm using a 1920x1080 monitor at my desk, but the LPC is running Wolfenstein at 1440p—more than network lag, that downsampling was probably causing my mouse movements to feel sluggish. HomePlug Instant Encrypt Button to Secure Your Powerline Network.Multi-colored LED to Indicate Data Transmission Rates over Powerline.

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