To be considered a candidate for the title of best home video editing software, a program needs to be easy to use, especially for beginners. The software offers more montage options than most other consumer video editors, including these multilayer mix animations. Video sharing should also be easy because that is the main point of producing homemade videos. Editing home videos means it is for fun or for preserving memories, so the experience of it should also be considered fun and easy.

The software only asks for photos, videos and music and it does most of the work in applying styles and effects in one of the quickest video editing processes available for home video editors. Not only does this multi-trim tool let you mark multiple in and out points to get just the parts of a clip you want, it can even detect and "zap" ads and also specify exact frames for the trim. Here are the top home video editing software out there that you can use even if this is your first time editing video. Its video editing tools allow users to insert logos, apply music, and include several styles like animations and transitions.

The software allows for easy sharing ti popular sites like YouTube and Facebook, as well as the new service Shwup which is a more private way of sharing videos online.

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