In December 2010, Honda Performance Development announced its intention to work with other manufacturers to create a new segment of race cars called B-Spec, which would target the sub-compact market.
Designed to be an entry-level category, B-Spec cars feature showroom stock racing cars utilizing stock engines and chassis, fitted with competition roll cages, racing seats and other safety equipment; and manufacturer-approved suspension components, tires and wheels.
HPD offers a line of race engines for track applications from IndyCar and prototype sports cars to karting; for professional, amateur, and entry-level efforts. Honda said today its hydrogen fuel cell car, dubbed Clarity Fuel Cell, will be launched in California before the end of 2016. Honda has announced that its European production facility in the UK will become the global production hub for the next-generation Civic five door.
Honda says the next-generation Civic five door will be produced for the European market as well as for key global markets. The development of the European facility into a global manufacturing hub for the Civic means that the plant will increase Civic volumes while developing improved economies of scale. The UK facility specializes in the production of the Civic model, which has been built there for more than 20 years. As the Swindon plant will focus on Civic production, the next-generation CR-V SUV will be manufactured at Honda of Canada Manufacturing (HCM), in Ontario, with models destined for the European market to be imported from there.

Coming up with a verdict on a single car is relatively easy, but one example does not reflect on the automaker as a whole. Forget whatever you were doing and take a look at the first rendering of the new Subaru Impreza WRX STI . With engine emissions being the buzz word in the automotive industry, Honda will be in an enviable position to launch its hydrogen-powered fuel car at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Honda’s development in hydrogen-powered cars began in 2002 with the FCX and then three years later Honda began leasing them out to customers. Honda says the FCV has a range of over 500 kilometres when its hydrogen tanks are filled to the brim and the Honda FCV the first hydrogen car to have the fuel cell and electric motor positioned under the hood.
B-Spec refers to all cars meeting a common set of rules , which can be adopted by any race circuit or sanctioning organization.
Founded in 1993 and located in Santa Clarita, Calif., HPD is the technical operations center for high-performance Honda racing cars and engines. For this, the automaker has pledged to invest £200 million ($295 million) in its flagship production facility in Europe, Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM). Due on the domestic market next year March, the Honda FCV – that name could still change – will be rolled out to American and European markets within the year.

That shape has evolved into these first official images but its sedan profile, which should seat five comfortably, still has much in common with the FCX Clarity. This compact design has allowed Honda to build a roomier interior than other hydrogen cars. HPD served as single engine supplier to the IZOD IndyCar Series from 2006-2011 and spearheaded championship-winning efforts in the 2009-2010 American Le Mans Series, 2010 Le Mans Series and the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans. Another nifty feature is the external power inverter which can be used to supply power to other nearby sources. Pricing will be premium and expect it to be approximately INR 70,000 to INR 75,000 ex-showroom. We would like to know from our readers if a scooter like Honda's Lead will work in India?

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