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The online shopping giant, which is valued at between $60bn and $120bn, is expected to make an initial public offering by mid-2014. Many technology companies, including Facebook, have pulled off a similar trick by opting for dual-class share structures, where certain shares have far more voting power than others. Fetal Doppler Baby MonitorLISTEN AND RECORD YOUR BABY'S HEARTBEAT AT HOME!Angelsounds is a wonderful gift for all expectant mothers in the world! Timewatch Hong Kong's first flagship storeWelcome to Timewatch (Hong Kong) watches shop website. HKTDC Hong Kong Watch and Clock FairThe world's largest timepiece event, the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair is organised by the HKTDC, the Hong Kong .
Piaget Luxury Watches - Piaget US Online Watch StoreDiscover unique, Swiss-made luxury watches from our Manufacture. According to the latest update from NHN corp, messaging app, Line has recorded 390 million registered users worldwide, which is almost 70 percent growth from 7 months ago.
Zocial Inc., a leading social media agency in Thailand and Malaysia published an info graphic that looks at Twitter landscape in Malaysia.
Twopcharts, a site that measures account activity on Twitter, has produced reports that display the platform’s retention issue. Instagram produced a blog post last week to celebrate passing the 200 million user milestone. There were two pieces of research released by Twitter today about Twitter’s relationship with TV. Twitter’s use for marketers is primarily in increasing brand awareness, as 72% of respondents made clear in a recent survey of more than 1,000 marketing professionals.
Perhaps oddly, considering the above goal, Socialbakers found that only 23% of marketers are using Twitter advertising at the moment. Wisemetrics has produced an article about the extent of the decrease in post reach on Facebook.
Facebook drives by far the most online commerce of all social sites, according to online store operator, Shopify, and accounts for almost two-thirds of referrals to sites operated by the company. Facebook has announced its intention to purchase Oculus VR, known best for the ‘Oculus Rift’, a 3d virtual reality headset. Other online users were even more sceptical, to the extent that Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, had to take to Reddit to quell fears about the future of his company. He assured users that a Facebook account wouldn’t be needed to use Rift, but didn’t rule out either Facebook branding or in-game advertising. Twitter introduced two major changes to photographs last week: users can now tag up to ten others in a photo and post four separate photos in one tweet.
LinkedIn has announced a free set of Insights, aimed at showing brands how effectively their content is performing on the site. Pinterest is getting ready to roll out the ad business it has been testing since last September, with a soft launch planned for April. BlackBerry has updated its BBM instant messenger with two new features, each aimed at raising revenue. British newspaper The Sun has become the first of its national rivals to include hashtags in print stories.
Sportswear giant Nike hosted the first ever ‘shoppable’ Google+ hangout last week, in partnership with Asos, to celebrate 27 years of the Air Max product. Following in the footsteps of his Reddit AMA, Barack Obama is joining Quora to answer questions on the Affordable Healthcare Act, and will become the first verified account on the site.
Privacy is a key concern for many social media users around the world, so it was interesting to review the statistics presented in a recent Nielsen survey of Chinese social media users. Statistics gathered in a (different) recent Nielsen survey showed that Chinese netizens used a variety of social media platforms to fulfill their varied needs.
The study showed that 88 of the Top 100 brands had official websites while 5 had sites that were under construction and the remaining 7 had no web presence at all.
The study also showed that there were brands that had a Facebook page but didn’t have a Facebook icon on their home page indicating a lack of integration of social media sharing buttons. Social commerce is growing with an increasing number of marketers using the power of social media to influence online purchases. However, user demographics are highly important for all marketers so a study was done to show the age distribution of users in the US. Pinterest was also more influential than Facebook or Twitter in influencing purchases made by US female social media users.
Social networks have been making waves in online sharing mindsets in traditionally reserved cultures such as the Middle East and Africa. Social networking is on the rise in these regions especially amongst the younger and well-educated segments of the population that access these networks frequently via mobile phones.
Facebook is particularly popular in the region, largely due to greater ease of access via a low-bandwidth version that works well on 2G phones.
A Nielson study of more than 28,000 ecommerce consumers in 56 countries uncovered that 62% of Asian consumers made online purchases on a weekly basis. In a study of the types of risk social media posed to brands, 66% of respondents to Altimeter’s survey said reputational damage to the brand was a critical or significant risk. Death may be the great equalizer of men but the Internet and social media has likewise levelled information barriers for many users around the world. According to a survey by office services firm Regus, 47% of businesses surveyed successfully used social networks for customer acquisition in 2011, which is a 7% increase from the previous year.

According to SocialBakers data, India currently has 57 million registered Facebook members, behind the US with 157 million users and narrowly behind Brazil with 59 million. Paypal’s mobile commerce study reveals that mobile shopping is extremely prevalent in Singapore, with the mobile commerce market seeing a 660% increase in just one year between 2010 to 2011.
Even though Pinterest has been seeing a decline in number of users, Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has confirmed its US$100 million investment in the visual social platform. Social TV has taken off in a big way in the US, with many major networks redefining TV viewers’ experiences by socialising the medium because they recognise the phenomenon that is multi-channel consumption.
A number of high-profile brands have shuttered their Facebook Commerce Tabs in recent weeks, but we recently learned that nearly 30% of Burberry’s online sales are driven by traffic that originates in social media. The hotly-anticipated IPO could overshadow Facebook’s stock market debut to become the biggest technology flotation in history.
With more jewellery stores per square kilometre than any other city in the world, Hong Kong's . The online fishing store of Hong Kong Department Stores is Finland's largest and most diverse outlet for fishing supplies. Japan has the largest number of registered users with 50 million, followed by Thailand with 24 million users.
Almost 40% of the 20m accounts registered every month send at least one tweet in the first month, but this is likely to decrease to one quarter after a year. The network, which has added 50 million users in the last six months, has now seen over 20bn photos shared. The first discussed the importance of hashtags: 75% of those surveyed believed hashtags were used because they were seen on TV, while 76% thought other users made sure tweets about TV were funny in order to get retweets.
This falls in fourth place among social networks, after Facebook (92%), YouTube (35%) and LinkedIn (24%).
They display that it has been a two-step process, with dips in both August and November, followed by a plateau since roughly January. In total, 85% of all social orders were driven by Facebook, which amounts to a 129% year-on-year increase. For me, Google’s move into robotics with the purchase of Boston Dynamics has more credibility than Facebook moving into virtual reality.
Now, advertisers can create audiences based on people who visit their website, use their mobile apps or are connected to their Facebook pages, where previously only information like email addresses, phone numbers and user IDs could be used.
First of all, the network will be working with Billboard to create social music charts, based on online chatter, which will include a section for ‘new and upcoming’ artists. Not only can companies see which stories are trending on the platform, but each will be assigned a performance score based on the effectiveness of their posts, as well as those of related influencers and employees. Last week, Adweek published a piece on the importance of employees on LinkedIn, discussing how their cumulative reach can be higher than that of the brand itself.
Digiday showed some examples of how the ads will look, which reportedly came from a pitch deck sent by Pinterest to an unnamed agency.
Entitled ‘Tap to Tweet’, the system encourages users to tweet pre-written marketing messages on checking into certain locations. The platform will now feature sponsored content, alongside a virtual goods store that allows users to purchase stickers.
A postscript titled “What Do You Think?” appears at the bottom of certain articles, encouraging readers to take to Twitter to discuss the paper’s content.
Hosted by MTV’s Rebecca Dudley, the stunt discussed the various different ways in which the trainers can be worn.
Other social marketing is being employed, too, including Vine videos, Snapchat messaging and the influencer activity we reported in last week’s Mashup. Unlike on Reddit, he will not be responding live; instead, the President will answer questions that people have already asked on Quora about the act. The results revealed that 38% of Chinese users create profiles with real names on social networking sites while only 23% and 13% do so on microblogs and location-based services respectively. With the only exception being the ubiquitous microblog that seemed to be used for almost all aspects of their social media life, social networks were the next most popular platforms, albeit with a strong slant towards the social and fun aspects of their online lives.
The demographics trend younger in Sri Lanka, with 18-24 year-olds forming the largest age group with 572,344 users, followed by 25-34 year olds.
Examining the home pages of the 88 brands, the study showed that 27 had a Facebook icon, 14 had a Twitter icon, 10 had a YouTube icon, 6 had a Google+ icon, 5 had a Flickr icon, 2 had a LinkedIn icon and only 1 had a Foursquare icon. Pinterest was the social media darling for marketers registering a userbase of 23.4 million in the US in July 2012, which equated to about 10% of all internet users. More than 60% of US Pinterest users were aged 35 and above with an average age of 40.1 while 79% of them were female. The click-through rate resulting in a purchase for Pinterest was estimated at 59% in May 2012. It’s interesting to note that whilst Facebook drove 47% of traffic to Instagram in the US, 33% in Australia and 22% in Singapore, the largest source of Instagram traffic in Singapore came from Twitter at 42%. This will certainly bring Instagram’s growth of 100,000 downloads per week within China to a screeching halt.
When well-managed, it can be a powerful tool to propel your brand or product to international success and recognition as it allows brands to connect with consumers virtually seamlessly. Release of confidential information was the next biggest concern with 32% of respondents citing it as a significant or critical risk.
The sheer magnitude of the number of social media users are but one part of the story; demographics such as age, gender and income levels are significant factors for consideration in targeted marketing.
China saw the greatest increase in customer acquisition from social networks among the countries studied, from 44% in 2010 to 65% in 2011.
However, India is set to overtake the US in terms of number of Facebook users by 2015, with growth primarily driven by mobile Internet users, especially in second- and third-tier cities.

For example, commenting about TV shows on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter grew by 194% between April 2011 and April 2012. FOX was the top social broadcast network for the month of April with 28% of broadcast social share, with NBC trailing in second place at 21%. With the Christmas and new year approaching, more tourists are expected to come to Hong Kong for shopping. Pedestrians walk past advertising billboards for watches and jewelry in Russell Street in the shopping district; The logo of a . The success in Thailand can be explained by its’ endeavor to the complete localization and meeting local needs. Its growth in the US is particularly impressive, where there are now 50.6 million users in total, of whom 35 million access Instagram at least once a month.
The larger the page, the bigger the decrease: pages with over one million fans have suffered a 40% decrease, compared with 20% for pages with one thousand. It wasn’t the highest in terms of order value, though, coming in fourth behind Polyvore, Instagram and Pinterest.
We’ll have to wait and see whether this acquisition is an admirable ‘moonshot’, or a case of joining the scramble to snap up any hot new tech companies for Zuckerberg and co.
Secondly, the UK’s ITV has announced that it will start using Twitter’s Amplify service, which will allow brands to purchase pre or post-roll adverts on ITV content across the network. Other takeouts from the deck include the main target audience (women on mobile), the cost ($30 per 1,000 impressions) and the plans for targeting, which will occur on both a national and regional basis. 23% of microblog users posted personal updates frequently whilst 19% of social networking users and 15% of location-based service users did so. This is significant for retailers as although Pinterest user numbers are significantly smaller than Facebook or Twitter, their users were more valuable from a social commerce standpoint with higher average spend and a higher propensity to share their finds.
A quick glance at the chart below revealed an interesting statistic; it appears that 81% of Asian consumers provide feedback about a grocery category using social media on a weekly basis. That would be a pity especially since the cross-posting functionality offered by Instagram puts it on the path to phenomenal growth in China, especially since it’s one of a handful of applications that supports posting to Sina Weibo (over 350 million registered users) in addition to Twitter and Facebook. Dispelling the notion that social media is the domain of the very young, studies have shown that the average age of a social media user in the US is just under 37. Mobile already accounts for half of all Internet use in India, where fixed-line penetration is below 10%. This reflects the opportunity for brands to use location-based social services to engage their consumers in an in-store retail environment and convert engagement to sales. The registered number of tourists to Hong Kong in 2010 was to reach 35 million, an 18 percent increase compared with that of last year, according to Hong Kong Tourism Board. By taking over the name that refers to the platform itself, Sina Weibo expect to get further leverage in the competition with other services including Tencent Weibo and Netease Weibo. The reason for this act (in spite of Sina Weibo leading the market share anyway) seems to be in the attempt to set potential investors at ease from the worry that the number of microblogging users are in the trend of decline and users are less engaging on the platform.
To do this, Line set up a local office with Thai employees and partnered with local companies, providing users with local content.
These figures mean Instagram and Twitter are now very similar in size – the former has more mobile users, but the latter’s desktop usage leaves it slightly larger overall. The second looked at the way in which people discuss TV on the network, making a distinction between ‘relaxed’ and ‘engaged’ types of behaviour. In terms of friend requests, microblog users were the most approachable with 63% accepting friend requests while only 59% do so on social networking sites and 48% for location-based services.
Here are some numbers to ruminate over: Instagram has over  80 million registered users and saw more than 4 billion photos uploaded globally since its launch in October 2010. Recent surveys reveal that social media is ranked as one of the top 5 risk factors to corporate performance. These results show that companies from India and China are more effective in using social networks to acquire new customers than are the US and UK. For case studies on how brands are driving mobile commerce through social technologies, do check out our SoLoMo report here. This is seen as a response to China’s efforts to minimize the influence as a free thought platform.
However, Line still has a long way to go to beat its counterparts like WeChat and WhatsApp and strengthen its presence globally.
The most popular twitter handle is the current Malaysia Prime Minister and three out of five top brands with most followers are airlines. Analysis of two BBC programmes, Line of Duty and The Voice UK, display the difference between drama and live events. The data seems to indicate that users tend to utilise social networks for real-life relationships whilst microblogs were used for more casual and open communication with fellow social media users.
More than 50,000 Sina Weibo users signed up and 100,000 photos were shared to Weibo from Instagram since March 2012.
Interestingly, the average age of Facebook users has increased in the past 2 years whilst the reverse is true for Twitter.
It’ll be interesting to compare these statistics to 2012 results as companies increasingly recognise and track the ROI of their social media activities.
Furthermore, time spent on Weibo is decreasing as Tencent’s messaging service WeChat takes away the time users spend on mobile.
For drama, conversation peaks before and after the show, while talent shows tend to produce sustained chat throughout. It is significant to note that social media risk tops the list after broader economic and regulatory concerns. As for the top platforms in the rapidly expanding social media world with the largest potential to damage a brand, the top 3 were Facebook, which 35% of marketers considered presented a significant risk, 25% for Twitter, and 15% for YouTube and other video-sharing sites. Even so, will Sina Weibo’s new name actually make a way to lift the value of Weibo in US IPO?

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