How does Anoka, a small city 20 miles north of Minneapolis, get more than 40,000 people to line the streets every year for a Halloween parade? The tale starts the morning after Halloween in 1919, when town leaders woke up to find that a bunch of hallowed evenin’ pranksters had gone too far.
The following year, in an effort to distract kids from naughty behavior, Anoka hosted public Halloween events that turned a dreaded night of shenanigans into a badge of civic pride. Anoka’s Halloween celebration now lasts more than a week, and includes the Pumpkin Bowl high school football game, a coronation of royalty, a pumpkin-carving contest, a bonfire and other events.
I have a Master of Arts in Leadership from Shorter University in Rome, GA and a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. But after 23 years in the snow, I decided I needed to fulfill my dream of moving to the South.

When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. There were cows hanging around on Main Street, in the sheriff’s office and in the high school. Back then, Halloween was a holiday of ill-repute, not one an upstanding city would want to claim. I wanted to go to New York City and work for a big advertising agency in the creative department doing ad campaigns for companies like IBM, Toyota or Sony. My mom helped one of my brothers win a costume contest in 1970 by making an awesome paper mache pumpkin head. I remember the pillow cases full of goods, the blue pants with yellow stripes sewn down the sides for the band marching in the kiddie parade.

Getting online is more than just throwing up a website, it’s about having an online presence that integrates your branding, markets your services, and supports your business goals. I’m passionate about helping you find your online image and translating that into profits. I feel the passion for sport and the love of horse was on display wherever I pointed my camera Saturday and hopefully I captured it with these photographs.

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