Content marketing connects your hospital to patients, their families and others who use your services. Truly useful content builds credibility and authority, but when it also demonstrates your willingness to freely share your special tips and insight, it makes you seem more approachable. You’ve heard this before, but we can’t stress it enough: content that doesn’t play to your audience’s needs and desires will simply fall flat. Often, the trick is to find the hanging fruit consumers are already talking about, then add your voice to the discussion. Content marketing is a glorious opportunity to talk up the “little extras” that give your patients a better experience. If we can’t clearly express what makes a brand different — and why that matters — then we’ll never grow out of the status quo.
When we do that — when we market the ‘why’ and not the ‘what’ — we are saying “I understand what you need and why you need it, so choose me.” We become a partner. As we gear up to launch our new campaign for Riverside Medical Group next month, we thought we’d offer another behind-the-scenes peek at a Ten Adams photoshoot…and, of course, lessons learned along the way.
If healthcare's "shifting value proposition" has you wondering, "What lies ahead?", then you're like most healthcare marketers today.
As healthcare organizations develop new systems of care to improve health at a lower cost, the marketer's role is being reevaluated. In this 30-minute FREE webinar, Ten Adams considers these challenges — and how healthcare marketers can emerge stronger than before during healthcare reform. Scott has over 25 years of experience in healthcare marketing, having served as Vice President of Planning, Marketing and Communications with two major health systems before leading client strategy development at Ten Adams. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how healthcare's changing landscape presents new challenges + opportunities for marketing leaders.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Sometimes healthcare marketing cannot only be ineffective but could do more harm than good.

Don’t blame Facebook.  If you are not as successful as you wish, you are probably making one of these mistakes. The best managers have a fundamentally different understanding of workplace, company, and team dynamics. At some point your hospital will face a crisis.  Follow these tips to successfully navigate the situation. Today’s culture is extremely visually oriented.  So hospital brands should have a visual story. Consumers aren’t moved by all the data we can use to find and use to communicate with them.  Instead they still want to be moved.
Use monitoring tools to know what people are saying about your hospital and respond appropriately. All the consumer information that is available to us cannot take the place of the “Big Idea.” Big data is the BIG deal these days. Here are 5 excellent suggestions offered by Marianne Aiello in an article for HealthcareLeaders Media.  It’s republished in its entirety.
And that means your content marketing topics, formats and delivery platforms must to be varied, too. Short but packed with meaty information, videos are an excellent way to demonstrate your newest equipment, educate patients about an upcoming experience or teach at home techniques. Ask yourself “what would I do with the content as a consumer?” If your response feels uninspired, then a change should be made. Real-life examples of your hospital at work underscore your specific value and humanize your brand.
Communicating a brand isn’t about reciting a tagline — it’s about building something that lives and breathes the brand — through every interaction your hospital has with its people.
So, to get people in the door, your hospital has to be seen as more than a high-quality (ugh — another ambiguous phrase) healthcare facility.
Soul search for a bit — if all that soul-searching produces feelings of sheepish anxiety or even a yawn or two, know this — no worries.

Healthcare marketers are being challenged to think + perform at new levels to prove their value + ensure their place at the strategy table. In his current role, he provides strategic marketing counsel to healthcare clients, applying his experience, judgment and intuitive sense of the industry in helping Ten Adams deliver smart solutions tailored to the specific objectives of its clients.
Infographics are also great, because they can encapsulate a significant amount of information in a visually appealing and readily digestible presentation. Content that tells how you’re making things more pleasant or convenient proves you’re patient-oriented.
Content marketing can establish you as the premier, personalized resource for health and wellness. And we’re here to take a stand — because, as hospital marketers, we're better than that. Web banner ads have been around for 18 years and are the standard for web advertising.  As all other marketers, healthcare marketers have used them to create a web presence for their hospitals.
Your content can teach customers about trending medical issues, help them become proactive about maintaining their own wellness, manage a chronic illness more effectively, understand an upcoming procedure or simply find a doctor. Real-life examples of your hospital at play – perhaps participating in a community project – demonstrate your value as a good neighbor. But, the good news is, once you figure out the secret sauce of your hospital, you’re on the path to a great recipe that will out taste-test all the other bland hospital advertising we’ve been choking down all these years. We are empathetic — and in the healthcare industry, it’s something we should all be pretty good at. Because the Oscar goes to the message that can wrap your patients in a warm blanket of confidence in your brand.

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