With a substantial presence in Germany, Airbus Group has shaped the national aerospace industry for decades.
The strong roots of Airbus Group in Germany provide important impetus for growth and competitiveness, for both the Group and for Germany as an industrial location. Airbus Group employs over 48,500 people across its 29 sites in Germany, representing close to half of the country’s aerospace workforce. Automated detection of bacteria with micro mechanic filters by Speetect a€“ an Airbus Group self-funded start-up Company based at the Ludwig BA¶lkow Campus in Ottobrunn. Airbus Group currently employs around 1,500 apprentices in Germany and more than 1,600 interns, working students and PhD students. Beyond its growing workforce in Germany, apprentices have become an essential pillar for Airbus Group in Germany, where dual education has a long tradition. The sites in Germany have core competencies for key programmes such as the EC135, A320neo, Eurofighter and Ariane 5. Hamburg is the site where A380 jetliners are fitted with their cabin interiors and painted for final delivery.
Airbus provides almost a third of all German jobs in the civil aviation industry, with approximately 20,000 employees in the country. Nearby, in Bremen, more than 3,000 people work at the second-largest Airbus site in Germany.
Barracuda forms one of the elements of Airbus Defence and Space's comprehensive Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) capabilities. For the military transport aircraft A400M the site in Bremen develops and builds the integrated fuselage assembly, including the cargo loading system.
The site of Airbus Defence and Space in Friedrichshafen is the development centre of satellites, probes, instruments and equipment for Earth observation, navigation, metrology and space exploration.
Airbus Helicopters has become a core manufacturer and service provider for key products such as the EC145 T2.
The other main location of Airbus Helicopters in Germany is Kassel, where the company carries out maintenance and repair activities, as well as technical training and equipment integration. Airbus Group innovates every day to enhance product performance, create new customer benefits and reduce costs.
The French armed forces are currently undertaking wide-scale military operations in Africa and rotorcraft from Airbus Helicopters are working on the front line. Virtual reality tools, aircraft parts from 3-D printers as well as humans and robots working hand in hand. Hamburg has a great choice of bars and clubs in the St Pauli quarter and lively Reeperbahn area.
We visited the place around Easter time and were glad to see it not overrun with large stag party groups and the typical loud and over-the-top revelry you find in say Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Although it has changed a lot since then this was afterall the area where the Beatles in the 60’s played live pretty much round the clock as they perfected their sound.

A short walk from the Reeperbahn takes you down to the docks and harbour where there are some cool man-made beach bar areas perfect for when the weather is warm. It’s well worth catching a boat trip, many are huge with open air top decks and table service delivering delightful cold German beer, and marvelling at the amazing and spectacular architecture where no two buildings seem the same – an impressive modern and sometimes futuristic looking skyline. The Altstadt area is very laid back and highlights so much that makes Hamburg a modern, elegant and stylish city. The hotel itself is very spacious as are the double rooms with a host of amenities such as a 20 meter indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gym. The Apples bar is perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail while the Apples restaurant offers fine dining in a smart and contemporary setting either inside with a theatrical view of the ‘live open kitchen’ or al fresco.  There is also a 24hrs room service if you get a bit peckish or want to dine in your room. Welcome to Hamburg A trip to Hamburg is always worth while, regardless of business or pleasure, Holiday Inn Hamburg is delighted to be your host in the famous "Hansestadt". The fact that the number of workers in Germany has increased by almost 13,000 since the foundation of the Group demonstrates the significance of Germany within Airbus Group.
In 2012, the Group launched a one-of-a-kind project at the Ludwig Bölkow Campus in Ottobrunn near Munich. It is responsible for the design, manufacture, integration and testing of high-lift systems for the wings of all Airbus programmes. Ottobrunn also hosts the production of solar panels for satellites as well as the design, development and manufacturing of rocket engines and thrust chambers for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle. The site hosts the Eurofighter programme, including final assembly, system tests and flight trials for the German Air Force. Bremen is also known as the centre of competence for space transportation, manned space flight and space robotic. Furthermore, the site’s product portfolio consists also of reconnaissance and surveillance systems, avionics, unmanned systems, obstacle warning systems for helicopters, command and communications systems, mobile hospital solutions as well as sensors for aerial reconnaissance and space.
The area has a certain notoriety due to a long stretch of sex clubs with shows and ‘cabaret’ and hordes of very visible working girls. There is a friendly laid back and party atmosphere in the bars and clubs with reasonable priced drinks (average London prices) and live music on offer in many places. It’s ideal for shopping or taking a stroll along the gorgeous and charming setting of the Alster Lake which is situated in the heart of the town.
I’d thoroughly recommend staying here whether you are in Hamburg for business or pleasure and want a perfect central location. Bitte aktualisieren Sie Ihren Browser fur Ihre Sicherheit und um diese Internetseite korrekt darzustellen. This will enable science and industry to combine their strengths in joint research projects.
Furthermore, through its partnerships with organisations like Femtec, which promotes engineering and science among female students in Germany, Airbus Group is encouraging technical careers by inviting students to participate in technological projects within the company.
Thanks to decades of manufacturing experience, the site plays a key role in the development and production of all Airbus programmes.

The vertical tail planes for all Airbus programmes are produced at Stade, one of the world's leading centres in the use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), the weight-saving composite material which Airbus has increasingly incorporated into its aircraft. Furthermore, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has the Ottobrunn built Near Infrared Spectrograph on board, which is capable of detecting the faintest radiation from the most distant galaxies.
Furthermore, all other aircraft made by Airbus Defence and Space of the German Air Force are serviced in Manching. Its highly-skilled employees work on key programmes such as the Automated Transfer Vehicle ATV, the Ariane 5 space launcher and the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle – a joint project between NASA and ESA. For example, the H135 and the H145 are designed, manufactured and put on the market here as well as the UHT support helicopter, Tiger, and the transport and naval helicopter, NH90, for the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) and foreign customers. You can stop for a spot of lunch at one of the many riverside cafes and you have to see the area around the lake at night as well when it is wonderfully illuminated. Environmentally friendly technologies play a key role in the Group’s research with the extraction of biofuels from algae being one of the main focal points in Germany.
Furthermore, at Stade, major components made of CFRP for the fuselage and the wings of the A350 XWB are manufactured here.
In addition, Airbus Defence and Space research and development activities in unmanned flight have made the site a renowned German centre for the development of Unmanned Aerial Systems such as the Barracuda technology test bed and innovative demonstrators like the Quadcruiser. Bremen is also responsible for the operation of the European components of the International Space Station ISS.
Students will have the opportunity to pursue degrees and a start-up centre at the campus will ensure rapid knowledge transfer between both the academic world and industry. Manufacturing of structural components for the A318, A319, A320 and A321 as well as final assembly of the four aircraft types are done in Hamburg.
The site is also home to the Military Support Centre where helicopters of the Bundeswehr e.g.
More than 50% of the company’s yearly Single-Aisle-production is delivered from Hamburg to customers all over the world. The site plays also a key role in the A380-programme: The structural assembly and the equipping of the forward and complete rear fuselage sections are located here as well as the paint shops. The core business of Donauwörth is not only helicopters but also the manufacturing of aircraft doors. Final acceptance and delivery of A380s for customers in Europe and the Middle East takes place in the northern German city. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies about 80% of all Airbus-doors are produced here. Hamburg also plays a key role in the A330 and A350 XWB programmes: The forward and the rear fuselage sections are manufactured and equipped here.

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