The track On My Mind is expected to be the first release on Goulding’s new album, Delirium due November 6. Filmed in downtown Las Vegas at the El Cortez Hotel & Casino, the incredible music video features highlights of Las Vegas’ heritage with highlights from the property’s casino floor, Jackie Gaughan Suite, beauty shop, executive offices, East Fremont and rooftop. Oogoog productions, powered by Chuck Akin, Jody Montoya and Shauna Caserta produced the music video alongside London Alley Entertainment. Stay up to date with El Cortez Hotel & Casino events and specials on Facebook and Twitter. With more than 43,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it is hard to find the perfect one. Sidekick is a Rral-time, voice-guided WordPress training and support straight from your dashboard.
Our websites are becoming more and more visual and you need a place to host your video files so your web host doesn’t get mad with too much bandwidth usage. Plus accounts can password protect video and only allow it to be embedded on certain sites. And I’m doing this on a Thursday mainly because I always do them on Fridays, and I just want to give other people an opportunity to hang in if Thursdays work better. And this was a conference all about WordPress 4, WordPress developers last week or the week before in Las Vegas. And I think what the really cool part about this whole story is – and again, you can read the whole thing if you want – but the really cool part is how concerned the WordPress developers and the WordPress community is about security and how they kept it on the dl for a year and a half that hey, this is actually a huge deal that we need to fix. And nobody knew about it except for the people that were working specifically on that area of core. And if you’ve listened to the show for a while, you may have heard me talk about Desktop Server, and it’s the best way that I know to run your WordPress website locally on your computer so you can basically download this software.
One of the cool ones is called airplane mode, and this is a plug in that basically allows your website to virtually go into airplane mode. That stuff takes forever, and then it seems like your local site and your local development takes much, much longer because of the fact that it’s trying to get these other resources.
So maybe you have people that are in a premium level or an expert level or beginner level or whatever that level is, and you want to see what the different views are. There is a link to the entire blogpost over at the show notes for Episode #223, but I just wanted to highlight that, some of the really cool things that I use virtually every day when I’m running my virtual server right here on my computer. There’s a Sensei plugin, which is like a classroom plugin and what not, and it has all been acquired by Automatic. Today we’re announcing that Automatic has acquired WooCommerce, and we’re looking forward to our teams working together to bring Woo to an even wider audience because I do believe that the web need and open, independent, and easy to use commerce platform that you can run yourself on your own website.
And we think there will be very many more in the future as they reach more WordPress’s 23 percent of all websites. Dustin Hartzler:All right, that was Matt, and the funny part about that whole video is all talking about WooCommerce.
So the first one is VideoPress, and you may not know this but VideoPress is made by Automatic. So if you’ve got something that’s two hours and it’s more than one gigabyte, you have to somehow compress that down to a smaller size file. So you see a lot of times if you’re Googling like how to tie my shoe or how to wash my windows or whatever it is, usually there’s one or two results that send you to websites. I know that in the past I’ve actually housed my videos in several different places and just put them on YouTube so that people could discover my content on YouTube, but then maybe I used one of the other servers like Vimeo or something to actually put them on my website. Now, I think I heard somewhere you had to have 10s of 1000s or even 100s of 1000s of views before you can actually start making some significant money with YouTube ads.
And they can watch it and what not, but it will not be found if somebody is searching for it on YouTube. You can also say to only embed them on a certain page, so for a while when I was running a membership site or I had a class that I was teaching, I said only let the videos be embedded on this page. And then I knew that all those videos were locked down, and they didn’t actually have to go in and use a password every time they wanted to watch a new video, which I really like which was really cool.
And so a lot of times when I was creating webinars and I wanted to embed them on my website, I would embed them from Vimeo.
So after they get so long, maybe you say five tips, and after the second tip they have to enter their email so that you know they opt into your list.

They don’t give you near the in-depth stats and what not, but you also have to have a player that has a little Wistia icon in the bottom right hand corner, which isn’t a deal breaker if you want to go ahead and start trying it out. And you can get a feel for doing some video editing without actually having to open up these heavy operating systems, Adobe Premiere or things like that to render them to be different colors and what not. So if they want to load up a bunch of your videos and then watch them on a plane, that’s absolutely up to them, and you want to give them that easy option.
And then if somebody clicks on the link, you won’t actually have a real, real good player inside of your WordPress site. And if you have 100s of 1000s of people watching that video, then it’s just not gonna scale.
So those are the options out there if you’re interested in adding video to your website, and I know a lot of us are moving more to multimedia. Picking a host is not really all that important; there are a ton of them out there and you can easily stick with the free ones. Once you have created a location for hosting your video it is best practice to have a blog or website where you can embed your videos and make it easy for viewers to find your work. Write a 250 word reflection on the process of creating a video hosting account and blog (or website) for embedding videos.
You also need to chose a web hosting platform   If possible, pick  one that you plan to use for a long time. The best parts of this course are that the technology tools that we learned about were applicable to our own classrooms and the feedback that Michael gave was timely and detailed! All the resources, especially the video tutorials which made the learning process go by a lot smoother.
I particularly enjoyed the book and research project as they made me think most critically about how I teach.
The professor always took the time to answer my questions and provided feedback on all of my assignment responses.
Mike was very good at giving quick feedback on assignments, answering emails quickly, and creating assignments that I will use in my classroom. A delicious hotel breakfast is just an iron, a coffee pot, and a roll of aluminum foil away. Remove lipstick stains and prevent hangovers with a hack line of defense against bachelors. Kevin and Brooke exchange views on height, time travel, and talking to animals in a game of Would You Rather. Brooke and Kevin dish on the first season of HACK MY LIFE, and take a quick trip down memory lane. Would you believe me if I told you that — in terms of your own eyes — you saw better at night than you did during the day? Conversely, when your pupils constrict, they let light in, and you can’t see to as high a resolution. In order to catch the same number of waves of a longer wavelength, you need a bigger aperture!
Someone looking at short wavelength (blue) light can resolve things nearly twice as well as someone looking at long wavelength (red) light! Now, in a mirror telescope with a wide open aperature, it’s true that there is more light gathering on the mirror and you can see fainter celestial bodies. Someone can correct me if my trigonometry is wrong, but assuming a minimum object distance of 20 cm, that means someone with perfect vision could make out details as small as 12 microns–only slightly larger than the average eukaryotic cell, and smaller than a white blood cell! Recent CommentsNarad on Ask Ethan: Can We Use Quantum Entanglement To Communicate Faster-Than-Light? TRAVEL TV HOSTING REEL, TELEVISION PRESENTER DEMO VIDEO: HOST ON FOOD NETWORK, DISCOVERY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. There’s much more to come, including my NHK Kawaii TV episode, which airs in January.
It took a lot of years to build up… basically, companies started contact me to be a Tokyo guide on TV shows, finding me through my blog and books.
A fan is being credited with saving a TV personality's life after noticing a lump on his throat. Gene Parker, tour guide and owner of Snorkel with Manatees, spotted a momma manatee with her newborn twins in Florida, and he could barely contain his excitement.

Radiolab' creator and co-host Jad Abumrad explains how Ahmed Mohamed’s arrest for building a clock reminded him of similar prejudices he faced during his own childhood.
As word of successful production projects such as this spreads, it can only mean good things for the local film community and Las Vegas as a whole,” said Alexandra Epstein Gudai, executive vice president of the El Cortez Hotel & Casino. We have some of the greatest celebrity photos you've ever seen so check us daily for the latest news about Las Vegas! YouTube videos will appear in Google search results so it’s a good idea to host your video on YouTube. It was also broken down quite well; the step-by-step process went at a pace that ensured that I was learning.
I felt very supported through the whole course and learned an incredible amount about different video production tools and how to use them in the classroom. Is it a motorcycle with one headlight, a car or truck with two, or (I hope not!) a train with three? I mean you need to let more light in to your eyes, and the way you do that is to dilate your pupils. Amazingly, your eyes operate under the same principles as a telescope; the bigger the aperture, the better resolution you can get! Since your eye can only get to a maximum size, that means you can see the shorter-wavelength light at a higher resolution than you can the longer wavelengths. In fact, animals with large eye pupils and good UV vision can beat even humans as far as resolution goes. Admittedly, the telescope is less expensive than the lasik and the pupil dilation, but your eye is an amazing tool. I love my work as a TV host, especially when it involves travel and my frightening friends.
Flip or Flop is a popular show on HGTV where Tarek and Christina El Moussa buy rundown houses and fix them and flip them. He posted the video on Facebook that in 15 years of working in those waters, he's never seen newborn twins in the wild. Director, Emil Nava, who is most notably known for his work with artists Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran and Jennifer Lopez powers the creative force behind the video and once again brings his visceral vision to the screen.
You can accomplish this in a lot of ways, but the easiest way is simply to let it get as dark as possible, and your eyes will do this naturally. Compare an optical telescope that you’re used to with, say, a very long wavelength, radio telescope.
This includes some of the largest rats (!), many reptiles, and perhaps the best example of ultraviolet vision combined with large pupils: the owl. Also, human night vision falls back to blue-greenish monochromatic one-color vision, as there is only one type of that highly sensitive rod cells – opposed to the three different not-so-sensitive daylight vision cone cells, with one type for each long (red), medium (green) and short (blue) wavelengths of light, allowing for trichromatic color reception! I always assumed that because my glasses are quite strong that light at different wavelengths is refracted at different angles, known as chromatic abberation. I’ve compiled my clips from the past two years in a new pop culture and travel hosting reel. If you’ve ever had your pupils dilated at the eye doctor (by an anticholinergic agent such as atropine), you know that it becomes hard to read until the drug wears off. AND, as Tom mentioned in the comments, the depth of field is reduced by the greater diameter of the eye’s iris, rendering a possibly (or physically?) increased resolution useless, since only a small portion of it would actually appear sharp! Your eyes can’t accommodate to focus on near objects due to the reduction in depth of field. If I look right through the middle of my glasses then it’s not very noticeable, but if I look through closer to the edges then the distortion becomes more and more pronounced. Even looking at the right edge of my monitor, if i turn my head to the left it looks reddish, and if i turn my head to the right it looks bluish.
Fortunately, thanks to that viewer his thyroid cancer was caught in the nick of time and is now in remission.

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