The good old days where men were men, evil stepmothers dreamed up dreadful ends for their stepdaughters, and monsters were monsters and did monster things. The Souls resemble centipedes and medically insert themselves into the back of the necks of their hosts.
When a Soul takes over a body, it absorbs the memories of the host, and very often continues the life of the host.
Everyone helps one another, there is no more war, and there is no longer any need for money.
Wanderer is a special Soul who earned her name by living on almost all the other worlds that the Souls have taken over. My OCD is making me list the ones I remember: She has been a giant thousand-eyed undersea flower, a bat-like flying creature, something resembling an ice bear, and, and, I think a spider?

Under the influence of Melanie, Wanderer goes looking for Melanie’s boyfriend and brother. The cult lives in a large series of underground caverns, which is where the majority of the book plays out.Meyer definitely did her research on brainwashing. Wanderer is subjected to the typical mind control techniques that cults use to program inductees. She is purposefully malnourished, deprived of sleep, and ritually abused (both physically and emotionally). Wanderer is held captive by the cult, and is forced to live like an animal for many of the early chapters as part of her programming.
Wanderer unfortunately sees manual labor as a way to gain the love of the cult members, many of whom still pretend to dislike her.

Instead we watch in growing horror as Wanderer and Melanie continue to make bad decisions, like accepting physical abuse from people who claim to love her.
She knows how to pace a story, how to create cliff-hangers, and how to keep a reader turning the pages.
I say three quarters because at some point the melodrama got a little too thick for my tastes. I ended up wishing that more of the action happened outside the caves, but also see that it wouldn’t work so well for what she was trying to do with the book.

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