Ever imagined of being a samurai prince fighting against the devil and crime of the world, with the best of a weapon you can think of Katana. Its three years now since the end of Genji: Dawn of the Samurai and from here on story of Days of the Blade continues. Critical reception of this game was very good, with scoring above 70% on most of the gaming critics. A new melee system is also included in the game giving Lara an option of direct fight to keep herself from her attacker. Just like the other games of the franchise Tomb Raider: Underworld received wonderful reception.
Racing gaming genre evolved a great way, from traditional circuit racing in the earliest games to drift and drag racing of modern times. The game is about fictional reality TV program where participants race for money and glory. Vehicles, and locations that will affect the gameplay will be highlighted with a blue glow and the player must time action accurately in order to hamper the opponents to the extreme level. Master Chief this is not just a name it is a legend in the gaming world, saving our dear earth from some freaking aliens. The Halo trilogy has been praised as best first person shooters on a video game console, and are considered as Microsoft Xbox’s “killer application”.
The Halo franchise has been highly successful critically, commercially and with its audience. Just like sales critics also breaking the records for the greatest trilogy of gaming world ever. Just Cause 2 will be released with a new version of the famous game engine Avalanche Engine, Avalanche 2.0.
As it is, a sandbox style game player is to be free to roam anywhere in the open world at will without having to focus on the games storyline, just like Grand Theft Auto series.
Just Cause 2 also features an adaptive difficulty system; it gradually manages the difficulty as the game proceeds. Continuing the legacy of the previous game there will be two races in the game aliens and humans.
The development of Mysteries of Westgate ended in late 2007, but the game was not released due to some copy protection controversy. Stormrise is a real time strategy game developed for all the three leading game platforms PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows & Xbox 360. Even after featuring revolutionary idea of verticality the game received average reviews from the gaming media. Need for Speed Undercover is the 12th game of the most famous racing game series of the world Need for Speed.
Undercover features a new free roaming world map consisting of 130 km of road, and large highway system. Games story revolves around a police officer going Undercover into the criminal underground of Tri City, a fictional City where game is set. Compared to another games of Need for Speed franchise Undercover is more innovative and has a better gameplay. Once again you’ll have to stand against the most fearful enemies you ever want to fear the Living Deads.
Dead Rising was a proven hit from the first day of its release; a sequel was in demand after the release. If you want to feel, the eternal feeling then try your hands on one of the most prolific game of the century Genji: Days of Blade.
The heishi clan, was nearly vanished in the end of Dawn of the Samurai, has returned with its military strength boosting by the use of unholy magic, which gave them power to change into devilish demons. Tomb Raider series is on of the most successful and more importantly adventures series of the era.
Lara’s environment is an “interactive world that reacts and remembers.” For example, footprints left in the mud or mud transferred to Lara’s knee will be washed away by rain, the bodies will remain where she killed them and destruction caused by her will remain permanent. Lara is in her mansion when she is attacked by Zip, because he and Winston are attacked by a woman same as Lara Croft. Both the factors are working on its reception game its quality of content and difference from previous Lara Croft games. A new genre evolved from racing is action-racing with some best known games as Burnout and Ridge Racer series. This character is role player round the globe for gamers, not just for teenagers but also for children to mature. There are around 800 planets colonized in 200 years, and categorized as “Inner colonies” and “Outer colonies.” Inner circle are the one closer to earth and outer being away.
After just two months of releasing Halo: combat evolved was their on the fifty percent of Xbox, it sold a million units. Halo: combat evolved had received Game of the year as well as it was named best game on Xbox ever released. It was different from the other sandbox style games as it provides you different environments, more playable areas and more realistically. As it uses updated version of the game engine it is expected to be more detailed in graphics then the previous one. According to the lead designer of the game, Peter Johansson Just cause is loaded with new improvements and additional features. For the First time players were offered a different and wonderful blend of first person shooter with Real-time strategy gameplay.
Development was handed over to newly established Natural Selection’s creator Unknown Worlds. It will have different voiceovers, assets and music when compared to previous games of the pack. According to Atari, they were facing copy protection solutions that met Atari’s requirements. For the Windows version of Stormrise it will require Windows Vista, since the engine has been designed and built around the new version of DirectX – DirectX 10.1. In this game you will get a chance to feel the heat of battlefield by leading your troops from the front. Reason given by the Edge Magazine for the scores was due to the releasing the game so close to Halo Wars is like a commercial suicide, and most of the progressive ideas will be ignored and the game will loose as a result of minor tragedy. Players take on dangerous jobs and compete in races in order to infiltrate and take down an unconscionable international crime smuggling syndicate of street racers and car thieves. It’s an action game available only on PlayStation 3, released on November 11, 2006 in Japan and November 16, 2006 in North America.
Yoshitsune and his friend Benkei have to fight against the newly and more powerful devil army of Heishi.
It will not only give player for the effect they are having on the world, but to give them navigational aids.
However, it was later solved that the one who attacked them both was not Lara but was Lara’s doppelganger, created by Natala. A “powerplay” meter fills up while performing stunts in the race such as precision driving and passing very close to objects, stunt jumps and drifting. Now the decision will be on players whether to choose the less affective first level, which will be available as soon as the meter resets itself or they can save powerplay points for longer and build them further to use the top tier actions.
This led to the use of term “Halo killer” for a game, which is considered better than Halo. Halo 2’s first day sales were US $125 million, which was twice compare to the most grossing movie of that year- Spider-man which earned US $ 58 million on its first day of release.

Now they have a new game for you Just Cause 2, just like its predecessor it will also be a sandbox style action video game.
For the development status of the game the developers are maintaining a blog as well as they are active on Unknown Worlds Entertainment forums. Concept artwork was handed over to Cory Strader and Charlie Cleveland was once again working on main core of the game. As the Natural Selection 2 is set to be based few years later in the future weaponries are said to be believed to be more advanced and have alternate fire. This report was not well received by the fans and it produced an outrage in the fans community.
It was reported official magazine of PlayStation the PlayStation: The Official Magazine, that one of the designer of Creative Assembly Vispi Bhopti is designing his favorite unit type Stormrise. However not like all the traditional real-time strategy games, it will not be played from the above detached view point. The imagined city is called Tri City, and consists of four boroughs called Palm Harbor, Port Crescent, Gold Coast Mountains, and Sunset Hills. The player’s only contacts to the police are federal chase linh, played by Maggie Q, and Lt. It was stated by experts that Undercover has drawn inspiration from action movies like Transporter. She has to discover the belt, gauntlet and Wraith Stone in order to stop Natala who wants to take the history back in seventh century by triggering apocalyptic levels of volcanic activity through volcanic activity throughout the world. As the meter builds up special events will be triggered and they will further create obstacles in the race. There will be several powerplays that can be used in the next level like the bombs dropped from the police helicopters. You can simply say that it is the most known and one of the most famous character of the gaming world. Master Chief is a cybernetically enhanced human super-soldier, and his artificial intelligence (AI) companion, Cortana.
Supported by the success of Halo: combat evolved and by immense marketing from publisher Microsoft, both the sequels went on to create history as both the games broke various sales records. Conclusion was drawn that Halo 2’ record will remain intact for a very long time and is very difficult to break. It is developed by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios and will be published by Eidos Interactive.
You can buy vehicles and weapons from him and get them delivered to specific locations via air transport.
Few screenshots of the game were released by game designers Max Mcguire and Charlie Cleveland, on August 31, 2007.
Most famous and mysterious grounds of Fantasy world the Forgotten Realms, locale of Westgate will be the base for the game. The player will find themselves possessing a powerful but cursed treasure that threatens to destroy them. The game was released on 24th March in North America and Australia and on 27th March in Europe. It was described as a Spider or a Crab like beast unit known as the Matriarch, largest land unit for the Sai. Instead you will control the troops in the air, across rooftops, on the surface of Earth and underground also.
First one The Echelon is a technologically advanced that bear the planet’s fallout by using the way of self-induce hibernation. This is an attempt to overcome critics, which blamed Electronic Arts for unavailability of games prior to NFS Undercover on various platforms.
The police vehicle includes helicopters, which are not aggressive as they were in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It confirmed the games existence rumors and the viral video, which was the first look of the game. This time characters can access to real time weapon change feature that lets them switch between their main weapons quickly and without disturbing the flow of combat. While it was criticized for lack of lack of camera control, which causes difficulty determining where you should you go next or where the enemy was.
From the top officials of the game it was stated, “You’ll be able make Lara to do anything you want.” It is left to the own intuition of the players to decide what Lara Croft will be able to do and what she can’t?
It is developed by Black Rock Studio, previously released other such games like Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge, MotoGP ’06 and ‘07 and Pure. Not just obstacles these special events can alter the race course entirely and create shortcuts. Opposite to this there will be few powerplays which never will reset unless and until you quit the race or restart it. Anyone from the gaming world still not got his hands on Halo is missing a whole era of games. Master Chief helps future humanity in battling a theocratic force of aliens known as Covenant. Halo 3 sold copies worth US $170 Million  in the first 24 hours of release, breaking the record set by Halo 2 three years ago.
Until July 2008 the Halo series includes three main games, the games were released in chronological order, with each new game continues following the events of the previous game.
Over all this game was the main reason for the sales of Microsoft’s gaming consoles Xbox and Xbox 360. Earlier it was planned by Eidos Interactive to launch the game on Christmas 2008 but because of some reasons it was postponed and now, Just Cause 2 will be released at the end of 2009. Like enemies can take cover behind objects, use environment to their advantage, and they are adaptive to the objects around them. Vehicles and weapons keeps on adding in the black market as the player advances in the game.
The unnamed game engine for the game was originally developed for loading Source engine media. The game will feature Night Masks, previously seen in The Cleric Quintet novels and The Harpers series novel Masquerades.
Even after the release of 1.13 Mysteries of Westgate remained unreleased with no official word on its status. The Unique idea of “verticality” introduced multi layers that will help to master the strategic advantage.
Other faction the Sai is a tribal society, they have adapted to the new environment and evolved. It is also stated by EA “there are some modes which gave you access to the range of police cars, and they are available in many certain campaign missions. You can gain reputation points to access new missions simply by participating in side missions. Many new things are included in the game that can be used to attack zombies like motorcycles, slot machines, and a giant hamster ball. The player has to fight zombies in fictional city called Fortune City, a gambling paradise inspired by Las Vegas. The game is once again in the hands of Inafune, who is serving as game’s producer as well as Capcom’s global head of research and development. Like if, the environment is wet and Lara is negotiating wet ledge chances of her slip are more. Split Second will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, with the Microsoft Windows version to be published by Disney Interactive Studio.

In order to stop the player from wining the race these triggers can also be used by AI opponents.
In this science fiction saga, the term “Halo” refers to Halo megastructures: large, habitable ringed structures, similar to Larry Niven ringworlds. Then September 2007 saw the release of the epic game Halo 3, within its first day of release it was making US $170 million. Main objective of Rico is to overthrow Evil dictator Baby Panay and face his former boss, Tom Sheldon.
One handed grenade launcher, a remote triggered C4, detachable mounted mini gun and laser-controlled rocket launcher are few of the new weapons included. Just like the previous game, it will be a multiplayer computer game blend in real-time strategy and first person shooter. In these audio updates developers discuss about the funding, development process and other basic information of the game.
Later a video containing an example of Dynamic Infestation’ was posted on the development blog of Unknown Worlds.
Sometime Night Masks are considered as the most furious characters of the fantasy based settings. The treasure will attract players into a city and causing clashes between military factions from both the sides. Nothing was revealed about the release dates of the game even on websites like GameSpy and IGN. Many ideas have been suggested for additional abilities, like ability to spawn crabs that will dash apart and attack at their will. The experience is enhanced further with the help of a simple and effective control system designed specially for consoles. As the player advances through the game and blends with the gangs doing, different jobs like stealing cars and later ends up taking put the bosses and their thugs. This time however instead of fighting zombies in a shopping mall like the it’s predecessor, Dead Rising take place in open space’s of Las Vegas.
Publishers for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are still to be announced by the developers. Only elements on the HUD will be powerplay meter (most important of all), lap and position of the player in the race.
Strong sales have led to the franchise’s expansion to other items including novels, sound tracks. The games of main Trilogy are first-person shooters, with players experiencing most action from the protagonist’s view. Halo 3 broke the previous record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history, making US $170 million in its first twenty- four hours.
Objective or the motive of the player is to break the curse on the treasure and uncover the dangerous plot that threatens Westgate itself.
Finally surprising everyone Ossian announced on April 17, 2009 that hat Mysteries of Westgate would be released April 29, 2009. Stormrise is different from Empire: Total War as rather then featuring a general’s armchair view of the battlefields, you will assume the role of frontline commander. Many characters of other games of Need for Speed franchise also listed to the main villain’s acquaintances. Undercover was considered extremely easy because of wider roads and spares traffic, while this may be a design to target a wider audience. You are given the option of installing a large portion of the game on the hard drive reducing load time.
The game was revealed in March 2009 for the first time and will be released in Q1 of the year 2010. Using the reality TV shows premise the game is broken in 24 episodes and one episode will have three races each. World-wide sales of Halo 3 for the first week was US $ 300 million helping to more than double the sales of the Xbox 360 when compared with the weekly average before the Halo 3 launch. Reason for the change was a balance in between flexibility needed and some problems in the cost of license.
Physics is said to support multi-player experience and I supported by many third party libraries. Worst reviews for the game were given by the Gamespot commenting on the game as ‘most horrible RTS in recent years’ only positive review for the game were given by the PSM3 Magazine UK. A vinyl similar to the vinyl of BMW M3 GTR in Need for Speed: Most Wanted is also added as a bonus from EA. Like Jonathan cross ex-police officer of Rockport City and Isabel “Izzy” Diaz, one of the Blacklist member of Most Wanted, and Caleb Reece, the main villain of Underground 2. Although it received average marks everywhere, but it still leading in sales compared to its rivals such as Rockstar Games’ Midnight Club: Los Angeles and EA’s own Burnout paradise. The protagonist is still not named, but according to Inafune the new protagonist is more interesting than the previous hero, Frank West. As the game is from the genre of action-racing main feature of the gameplay will make use of special actions and destructive environments. Even if only one bar is full from three bars on HUD first level of events will be available and the most extreme events will be available only when the three bars are filled.
It slow downs or freezes the real-time combat and action is played from various camera angles.
Fro example on a flat road sports car is best for driving, but on a rough off road area, it will be worst. The gameplay of Dead Rising is a mixture of survival horror video game with RPG and action adventure elements. Many things which are destructible and which are ready to pick up and used against zombies. Difficult y of the races will very greatly, first level races will be extremely easy to play and the races on the other end will be extremely difficult to play. Before the release of Neverwinter Nights 2 the engine was promised to have faster graphics and pixel-based shading technology and very efficient with that settings. After enjoying fame in sports game’s like Major League Baseball 2K8 2K Sports Major League Baseball Front Office Manager, Blue Castle decided to go for other genre’s of gaming.
But everything was proved wrong after the release of the game, the engine was criticized by many experts. There first stop was Survival Horror and everybody knows what is the status of Dead Rising in the genre. The engine was specially criticized for running sluggishly on many machines and lack of optimization. Blue Castle Games got the support of some former members of Dead Rising team, like Keiji Inafune. The most awkward control of the game is using left click to aim the gun where most of the games use right to aim. If you’ll arm them with weapons they will act like cowards and run for their lives instead of fighting. The game will be available for the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 platforms. Multiplayer option is not involved in the game, may be because of the fact that single player itself seems so exciting and interesting.

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