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For content owners or distributors, Roku represents a very cost-effective means to deliver their content to a rapidly increasing number of households. An open platform, Roku’s Streaming Player enables content owners to bypass traditional distribution routes and reach views and consumers directly. Roku is offering content owners and publishers the ability to create their own channels on the Roku player and to make those channels available to Roku users.
Public Channels created for the Channel Store should be those intended for the widest possible distribution, without restriction other than as required for business reasons, such as payment of a monthly subscription. A channel may be uploaded to the Roku Developer Site and made available to users through the Private Channel mechanism.
Below are examples of some of our streaming media solutions setup for some of our clients. Super High Speed and Full Screen Video Encoding further brings your videos to life with enhanced clarity and runtime.
Alpha 1 Hosting has been providing web hosting since 1997 and serves thousands of web sites with live audio, internet radio and on demand and live video feeds from our tier 1 data centers in California and New York. With a click of your mouse you may install an application with no programming experience required! With many web hosts taking steps to make moving difficult, learn how to make the best of the situation by planning ahead. When it comes to choosing a web host most business owners or individuals haven't got a clue.

Streaming media is a technology which allows real-time "broadcasting," or distribution of multimedia files via the Internet.
Another bonus of using streaming media as opposed to just serving a file off your hosting directory is its inherent copyright security. This is the perfect low-cost, affordable streaming media hosting solution for a small band, music group, or personal web site. Streaming Applications - The most common implementations of streaming media include using RealMedia, Windows Media Services, and QuickTime.
Both Linux and Windows shared and dedicated hosting packages are capable of using any of these streaming applications, although it may be hosted by a different server.
In the first two years 10  million units have been sold in the US, and there are now over 1700 channels available in the Roku Channel Store, with 10 MILLION subscribers to the service.. Roku has relationships with leading Online Video Platforms and development partners to further simplify bringing your content to Roku. Video content providers can now have a channel developed by FLV 4K Hosting for inclusion in the Roku Channel Store. If accepted by Roku, a channel will be made available through the Channel Store to all Roku users. These channels are not available through the Channel Store, but can be accessed by Roku users by means of a unique channel access code provided to users. We have been a leading provider of video delivery services, software, and application development since 1999. Alpha 1 Hosting provides church hosting, streaming audio and streaming video including live web casting to churches, ministries, missionaries, individuals and businesses.

This is the continuous download of data containing digital media allowing for viewing or listening while the download is still in progress. While any hosting account is typically capable of hosting digital media, making your media "live" and immediately available at the click of a button is much more pleasing to your audience. It is extremely difficult for people to receive your media stream and save it on their own systems for re-use or modification.
Most providers will not sell anything less than a full dedicated server to do streaming media hosting, but since this is beyond the needs of many of our customers we have begun this "shared" service. Roku is the most affordable product for consumers looking to stream video over the Internet to their TV, and the most open for developers and content owners looking to reach new audiences.
Channels intended for a very narrow audience, or carrying restrictions on access such as membership in a group or organization are better suited for Private Channels. We make the entire experience completely hastle-free so you can stay focused on your core Christian work and efforts. The result is clicking a hyperlink and in seconds beginning to see or hear what you requested.
We have teamed up with National Advertiser Agencies to deliver top notch adverts to your channel.
We support 4k HEVC – Netflix will begin streaming in HD 4k HEVC for all streaming video.

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