Cinematico es una de esas pequenas joyas open source, casi desconocidas pero que en desde su sencillez nos abren un sin fin de oportunidades de uso. Desde YouTube podremos integrar a Cinematico un usuario, canal o lista de reproduccion, con Vimeo podremos integrar un usuario, canal o album de reproduccion.
Una vez que hayamos descargado la plataforma de instalacion iremos a nuestro Smart cPanel para subir el archivo a nuestra cuenta de hosting. Desde esa opcion solo elegiremos el archivo de cinematico en formato zip que acabamos de descargar y esperaremos a que concluya el proceso. Al ir a esta direccion la primera vez nos saldra un pantalla en donde agregaremos las opciones de configuracion de Cinematico.
Los Channel ID y Video ID son valores que viene en la URL del video o canal que hayamos creado en Youtube. Tambien es necesario configurar nuestro usuario y contrasena para administrar la plataforma una vez que hayamos concluido con la reproduccion le daremos clic en el boton verde ubicado en la esquina inferior derecha.
Una vez hecho lo anterior nos saldra la ventana de login para poder entrar a modificar mas opciones de la plataforma.
Si elimina la palabra settings ya puedes acceder a tu lista de reproduccion mostrada desde Cinematico. Cinematico es una plataforma muy interesante, aun hay algunos aspectos que puedes configurar para personalizar mas la presentacion del canal. Lo unico malo que le vemos es que, al momento de escribir esta nota, no esta disponible la seccion de temas para cambiar el aspecto de Cinematico. Creating video content is a great way to keep in touch with your audience and show your customers a face they can relate to. There are several reasons why you’d want to host your video on a Youtube alternative.
To get more engagement, shares and up-votes on your videos, they should be professionally shot and edited using software such as Roxio and make sure your audio levels are not too loud or too soft.
You may not associate Facebook with video hosting, but with over 1 billion users uploading millions of photos and videos every day, Facebook has become a powerhouse in media hosting.
Vevo is a great Youtube alternative video hosting site for music artists and music lovers alike.

The downside of uploading videos to Vevo is that you cannot opt-out of the advertising shown alongside your videos. Dailymotion is a real contender as a Youtube alternative that allows users to search videos by tags, channels, or groups. Veoh is an Internet TV service for independent producers and studios with unlimited length videos that can be embedded in any site.
Metacafe is another great Youtube alternative that features it’s own algorithm to ensure high quality videos are surfaced more frequently and that no duplicates exist.
You can actually earn money through Metacafe for posting videos, for example, if your video reaches 20,000 views, you can earn $5 for every extra 1,000 views.
Flickr is mostly known as an image hosting site, but it does also provide video hosting where a free account allows for 2 videos per month and the paid account has no limit except videos are to be less than 90 seconds and 150MB. Break is known for funny videos, movie clips and funny pics but videos are limited to 60MB in size.
Viddler is more geared to companies and offers business tools such as analytics, customized video players, upload straight to iTunes and split revenue with advertising.
Posts related to 10 Youtube Alternative Video Hosting Sites12 Ways To Increase YouTube Views Without Begging Your Family5 Windows Media Player Alternative Applications That Dont Chew CPUSpare A Billion Dollars? It seemed like youtube was such a good website for the longest time, then they got these programmer geeks to come up with algorhythms to identify audio and video. It’s not recommended to dispute and appeal because your whole account could get banned. Puedes realizar una prueba de instalacion de esta plataforma de manera gratuita con Smart Free Hosting. Una vez concluido solo es necesario ir a la direccion de nuestro sitio y agregar el nombre de cinematico (esto en caso de que hayas descargado nuestra version modificada).
La parte mas importante es la de Video Service Options desde donde deberas indicarle a la plataforma de Cinematico cual sera la fuente de los videos. Es una herramienta muy practica para mostrar una lista de YouTube o Vimeo desde un sitio permitiendo que no tengas que ir al sitio de Youtube o Vimeo para ver tus videos lo que ayuda a reforzar la marca.
There are several big name Youtube alternative video hosting sites with established audiences and there is no need to feel trapped by the king daddy of video sharing.

One of those reasons is that Youtube is very strict when it comes to copyright material such as using music and video snippets in your videos. Youtube is also the 2nd most used search engine on the web, the first being Google of course.
Sign up for a free limited account or usually pay $200 bucks per year (50% OFF Coupon) with advanced options and larger space allocation. Dailymotion uploads are limited to 2 GB or 60 minutes in length with resolution of 1280*720. Veoh has a vast community of like minded individuals that rate videos and drop comments in channels and the forums.
Metacafe has short videos in multiple categories such as music, sport, video games, movies and TV and receives tens of millions unique viewers every month.
Cabe mencionar que toda actualizacion que hagas al canal o lista ligado Cinematico se reflejara en automatico.
In a lot of cases, you are allowed to use copyrighted material under fair use laws, however Youtube may still restrict your video regardless.
Everyone who has liked your page will potentially view your video as soon as it’s posted. Due to content restrictions and the country you are in, the site may block you from watching music videos that are not licensed to your regions. If you get flagged once, you’ll likely be under more scrutiny for every new video you upload. Its free!closeGet the latest articlesto your email inboxdaily or weekly.Delivered by Google; 100% Spam Free!

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