Nuestra filosofia se basa en desarrollar proyectos que combinen emociones, sentido comun y estrategia, desde un estilo de comunicacion asertivo. Realizamos analisis de impacto social de su marca en los medios, y planificamos una estrategia de comunicacion social media que mejore tanto su influencia como su reputacion corporativa. Proporcionamos servicios de gestion de ‘content marketing’ o marketing de contenidos que le ayudara a diferenciar su marca para atraer al publico objetivo, fidelizar al actual y generar mayores niveles de engagement. Si ha decidido avanzar hacia una version mejorada de su empresa y le gustaria reforzar los niveles de sus estandares de servicio, la opcion que le planteamos es la creacion de un sistema de gestion de aprendizaje (LMS), o plataforma de formacion online, para ahorrando gastos de formacion presencial. Nuestras herramientas de Internet Hotel Marketing y Social Media Branding son herramientas con exito contrastado por las mas grandes companias del sector, estas soluciones nos garantizan una eficaz comunicacion ademas de un aumento de la influencia y reputacion de marca en los diferentes medios digitales durante las fases del proyecto.
A pioneer in the industry for more than 18 years, Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc provides cutting-edge digital marketing solutions.
Encompassing teams of expert designers, programmers and e-strategists, Milestone designs responsive websites that drive ROI. Milestone's high-performance social campaigns connect businesses to social channels, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more for maximum presence and engagement.
Our digital media advertising solutions include pay-per-click on search engines, local directories (i.e.

Our expert teams are certified in Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Omniture and other analytics platforms, allowing us to go beyond the numbers to deliver strategic reports on conversions, traffic drivers and more.
Dubai is one city in the world that has proven to the world that there are industries other than oil reserves on which a city can earn a living. The Sadaf Hotel is one of the best, centrally located, hotels for business and leisure guests in Dubai. The internet isn’t short on neither, content management systems nor hotel reservation software. Nuestra marca empresarial no es solamente un nombre y un logo, sino tambien la actitud, las palabras y el tono empleado para emocionar a la gente con nuestro trabajo.
Ofrecemos Analytics de su presencia en internet y generamos informes con multiples nivel y ratios estadisticos que contribuiran para conocer mejor los habitos de sus clientes y competencias. We offer synergistic online products including website design, social media marketing and dynamic SEO strategies delivering enhanced visibility, engagement and ROI. Our websites feature high-quality digital assets, effective navigation and compelling content. Our robust tools and strategies deliver high visibility, relevancy, ranking and profitability.

Known as the shopper?s paradise, the city of Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Today, in Dubai, the tourism and construction industries are the main sources of revenue generation.
It is easier to work with content management systems than it is with normal html pages because changes can be made side wide and a cms is usually connected o the web by rss feeds.
These campaigns help businesses reach relevant audiences while improving overall organic search rankings. People from all over the world choose Dubai not so much for its history or natural beauty as much as for the man-made marvels. With 50 rooms and suites in three different classes favourably decorated, we provide the latest standards of comfort and cleanliness for our guests.
With buildings and man-made islands in the pipeline, Dubai has taken architecture to heights where the sky is the only limit.

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