Le specialiste de la vente de voyages sur Internet devra verser 427.000 euros aux hoteliers francais. Ces derniers l’avaient assigne, en mai dernier, pour «pratiques commerciales deloyales», «fausses reductions de tarifs» et «fausses informations sur la disponibilite des hotels».
Are you consistent with your message on Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube? Social media enables you to respond directly to any positive or negative post immediately and listen to the consumer on a more individual basis  in real time. With pages emerging with pictures, like Pinterest and Instagram, it pays to have high quality and professional hotel photography. Good article but I think the hotels are coming along with hotel branding, but there is one great branding component completely overlooked by most 5-star hotels, which to me is quite bizarre.. Major hotel brands should be known as the most people-orientated companies, however, they fail to market themselves through their own people. The industry really lacks behind in “branding through people”, however there are some first signs that hotels are starting to realize the enormous possibility this offers. The principles of Blue Ocean strategies capture the current state of play in the know market space.
The first principle of Blue Ocean Strategy suggests that you look beyond your current market for new opportunities for growth. From a Social Media Management perspective, I look at Social Media Monitoring tools and techniques that allow me to keep abreast of emerging market trends. One of the key principles with implementing Blue Ocean Strategies with Social Media is to abandon the traditional strategic planning principles. When implementing your social media plan, you should be more concerned with creating great content that builds strategic relationships, not worrying about how many followers or likes you have.
Challenge two conventional principles; focusing on existing customers and trying to segment your customer into ever more granular demographics.
One of the biggest challenge for many Hotels has been the ability to identify positive ROI from Social Media. To achieve increased direct bookings as results of your Hotels Social Media Campaigns your need systems in place that allows you to act on how new complex markets make their decisions. Metasearch’s rise in recent years to become more than just a search tool (in-app bookings, etc) deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as other disruptive influences on the hotel marketing discipline. DPFOC’s hotel marketing service is focused on increasing occupancy levels while simultaneously driving down cost per reservation. HeBS Digital hosted a successful webinar last Wednesday, October 10, illustrating a step-by-step path toward building a strong 2013 hotel digital marketing budget.

The webinar included tips on how to increase bookings through the direct online channel and make the most out of your online marketing budget. HeBS Digital is the industry leader in hospitality digital marketing, leading the field in both return on investment and return on ad spend. The Q2 2016 Edition of HeBStrategy: Hospitality Digital Technology & Marketing Strategy Whitepaper Now Available!
The problem is, buyers need and deserve (honest and realistic) projections of this information before taking a punt on the hotel condo market. For us, the most telling forecasts of a hotel condos investment potential is the words out of most marketing agents mouths, not the marketing materials they thrust at buyers.
A number of agents and industry analysts we’ve interviewed have said quite frankly that buyers likely will not break even for a long time and should consider hotel condos only if they intend to use the property for personal enjoyment and are prepared to wait until it appreciates enough to sell for a decent profit.
1) The investigation was prompted by a disgruntled hotel union because the developer (Teng) would not hold talks with them.
3)As for the Waterview project in particular, I believe this one will be completed as planned. I agree that when most of these developers began floating their projects, that was the environment.
Et surtout «une condamnation forte des pratiques trompeuses au niveau de la legislation francaise» pour le groupe Expedia. Everyone clicks around to find out more about the hotels they are interested in staying at. The fact is that people buy from people, and this has been long realized by tech companies.
Why doesn’t Ritz-Carlton, Four Season or any other hotel company brand themselves through their management — the people who are ultimately responsible for the service offered in their hotels? A collection of innovative concepts, citizenM a hotel that is driven by one desire: to create affordable luxury for the people. With New Media and Social Media customers has information at the tip of their fingers in a matter of seconds. In other words, if you are in the Hotel Industry don’t continue to compete in this limited arena for increased market share. It’s also a great way to make sure your Hotel interact with Communities that will serve your Hotel brand. Focus on a strategic canvas where the big picture of a goal is crafted in more broad strokes. Although you may have built a sizable audience on one platform, don’t be afraid to experiment with building an entirely different community on another platform, or using the platform you’re comfortable with to build a completely different audience.

It is important to measure relevant metrics to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Presented by Mariana Mechoso Safer, Vice President, Marketing, and Margaret Mastrogiacomo, Senior Manager, Interactive Media & Creative Strategy, the webinar covered a wide variety of topics, including the state of the hospitality industry, a comparison of hotel marketing channels, case studies and sample budgets, and a complete analysis of the core marketing initiatives needed in any successful digital marketing plan for the upcoming year. HeBS pioneered many of the best practices in hotel Internet marketing, social and mobile marketing, and distribution through the direct online channel. Somebody at the Shangri-La Hotel (at Waterview Tower) allegedly was silly enough to give buyers marketing materials projecting the investment potential of the Loop high-rise’s hotel condos.
This is an issue that many Chicago developers have been skirting around for the better part of two years as they try to sell skeptical Chicagoans on hotel condos.
Et le fait que les sites vises faisaient croire aux Internautes que certains hotels etaient complets alors que ce n’etait pas le cas en realite. La loyaute des informations communiquees par les sites est donc essentielle», a-t-il souligne dans un communique. Hotels should like citizenM focus on new principles that take advantage in how a dynamic market enquire their information. Look at other industries or products and services that are just emerging, or that don’t even exist yet. Although the business focus is still a good thing, it takes relatively little effort these days to explore new networks and connections in search of a new customer base. But metrics is just one part of the picture your Hotel needs to know how to act appropriately with the data during all stages of the customer experience. The firm has earned more than 220 prestigious industry awards for its digital marketing and website design services, including multiple Adrian Awards, Davey Awards, W3 Awards, WebAwards, Magellan Awards, Summit International Awards, Interactive Media Awards, IAC Awards, and others.
Now the Illinois Securities Department is investigating the Shangri-La and others, according to Crains, as it’s illegal for hotel condo developers to discuss potential investment returns unless they comply with the necessary registration and disclosure requirements of state and federal regulatory bodies. Indeed, the main reason we have all these hotel condo projects is because developers couldn’t find lenders to finance for traditional hotel projects, forcing them to sell units off as hotel condos.
Honestly, reading this book, I got a completely different view on the brands and being a GM of a small luxury accommodation provider, I learned a lot from the “big guys”.
The main thing is, whenever you post up a photo, it should in  some way provoke some sort of emotion.

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