Each of the above steps can and should be improved step by step to increase your overall revenue and most importantly your direct revenue. In this post we’ll rapidly cover each point to give you, the hotelier, more information on what each means. Popularity The popularity of the hotel is how much search there is for your hotel.
On the other hand, some hotels have a fixed idea that their average price must be at a certain level. It isn’t a minor point, this is how you will make sure that the actions you have done above (Popularity) will generate direct bookings instead of generating more commission based bookings. As a hotelier find out if your marketing people have a plan to protect your brand and verify that it’s being done. To do this a hotel needs to get web design made by designers that have lots of experience in the hotel industry. MapleCommerce delivers top rankings for highly competitive keywords to clients spread across various industries throughout Asia.  Beyond increasing online visitor share in increasingly competitive SEO environments, we also empower clients by tracking and benchmarking all Search Engine Optimization(SEO) efforts, making improvements to key performance indicators(KPIs) and performing competitive intelligence to help you determine how to keep ahead of your competitors. Our expertise lies in utilizing tools (many free) and strategies employed by the big industry MNCs to help small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have big marketing and advertising budgets. While MapleCommerce does fantastic work for enterprise clients in Search Marketing, we also have unique experience in local business, article and social media marketing.
If your online goals are to put in place a SEO strategy and traffic generation solutions that will drive more visitors, leads and product or service sales then MapleCommerce is your perfect partner. We utilize our years of experience on how to set the various local business online marketing, social media like FaceBook and paid-search channels to work for promoting your business. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Through our many years of hotel marketing experience we’ve collected a very large know-how to help hotels around the world increase their direct bookings. We’ve worked with these rules on hotels from New York to Singpore and Argentina to France. It’s a simple factor and can be measured through basic tools like Google Analytics or other site analytics tools.

In fact per Google’s research (Travel Hotel Consumers of Nov 2010) 34% of the people who booked, chose a specific site based on the price. Don’t let you ego dictate your price, it’s not a great news but while your hotel may be well located however the reviews, service and decor may not be up to the level guest require. Some actions that should be done are purchasing the direct link to your website on TripAdvisor and other rate comparison sites, ensuring your hotel comes first with your website on all these sites. Getting a website made by any designer often leads to incorrect priorities that doesn’t generate bookings. Realize that the average traveler spends almost as much time on the site as they do on the booking engine (14 minutes on the website versus 11 minutes on the booking engine). Our campaign management technologies, search marketing methodologies, and web analytics capabilities were designed from the ground up to help entrepreneurs and SMEs leverage on their websites to increase profits.
Our e-commerce and email marketing packages are delivered under the MapleInteractive brand and powered by BusinessCatalyst, an Adobe company.
We’ve made a chart here that we’re sharing in which we have tried to give hoteliers and hotel marketers advice that they can apply today without too much investment. Occupancy is a result of the right rates and the right visitors, both are under your control.
The four key performance indicators of your website are: Turnover generated, visits to site, conversion rate and of course budget spent to make that happen.
The easiest way to increase rates is to increase service and guest satisfaction; because you can’t move the hotel nor renovate it over-night. In the highly specialized world of hotel marketing there are certain points that must be taken into account by any hotelier intending to check his marketing efforts.
The searches for your brand are the most qualified leads you can get and the most important long term strategy is to increase those searches. But that’s not all and you should get your marketing people to tell you what they are doing exactly. We published an article with the key elements of a good booking engine which you should read here.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us just remember to inform us that it’s about this article.

While we could be infinitely more complicated and detailed in this article we’ve summed it up to the four main elements of hotel marketing for use by a hotelier trying to improve their strategy.
There are a multitude of channels that should be used to do that and one of the fastest and most immediate is the billboard effect.
Increasing the hotel’s popularity is something that can take a bit of time, but on the long-term it’s the health of your hotel that depends on it. There are hotels we manage that only compare their rates to hotels which are better located than them, because their service, decor quality and reviews are so much better than any hotel in their surroundings they’re also much more expensive than those hotels. In choosing a booking engine, cost is not all and if the booking engine does not forward the quality of the hotel’s website and image you will lose guests to third parties since their booking process is extremely streamlined. What I have seen is a hotel not being able to raise a price because of bad reputation and bad decor.
Find out how many third parties are advertising on your name and make sure you’re always before them. A hotel’s website has between 3 and 7 seconds to interest the user and convince him to look further and book.
As a hotelier one of your most important tools is word-of-mouth and that means incredible service, what you can do today is make sure your guests leave with more than they expected. Then there’s the other extreme which is doing a site that’s only there to generate bookings and doesn’t help the hotel’s image. Realize that the user visiting your website is also visiting on average 9 other hotel websites, thus design of the site is a key element to convert into guests. The middle-ground is always the hardest it requires extremely good knowledge of the elements that make a website sell while having a keen eye for design. The sales and marketing activities should be the highest during this period.  Prev Next Hospitality Basics Banquet Sales Marketing Sales Formats Looking For Something else ?

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