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Thirteen hours of presentations, 20 hours of interviews, and 34 speakers share one common theme: The right marketing technology can help marketers stimulate customer engagement and drive ROI. Top emailers are phasing out messages that customers would consider spam, says Return Path, though there's still room for improvement.
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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Description: Land Rover asked us to handle various graphic based projects, web ads, inventory imaging, and marketing assistance for new and used inventory. Description: The Manucaturer of I-Heater hosts seasonal weekly events as well as Direct Response Advertising. Description: We produced simple TV ads and collected video footage for this new Chiropractic clinic in The Woodlands. But with the FDA proposing to crack down, mom and pop vendors are holding their breath to see if regulation will stomp out innovation.

The FDA proposes permitting blends, limiting vending machine sales and free samples, marketing with health warnings and imposing a strict age limit. Local vape store owners says although e-cigs and vapes haven’t been thoroughly studied, the type of customers who walk through their doors are proof that the products help people quit smoking.
Although he worries new regulations could discourage people looking for cigarette alternatives, but concedes there are parts of the industry that need more oversight. For one thing, an unbridled market has allowed the proliferation of clones, the fake-Gucci knockoff equivalent of luxury vaporizers. There’s also the fear that the unintended consequences of FDA regulations would help big tobacco companies corner the craft juice blending market.
Vapers who know what they’re doing will go to the right people for the right products, but if big tobacco takes over the industry, McCool says, that could destroy small juice blenders and local vaporizer builders. McCool says if FDA regulations open the door for a sin tax, he might have to set prices on his products that bring them closer to what cigarettes cost now, and that could deter smokers from making the transition. The Vape Summit, the nation’s largest e-cig and vaporizer trade show, is coming to Houston on November 7. We designed portions of their website and created web advertising to promote special deals and incentives offered by the company.
We produced Radio and Television ads for each market in English and Spanish and buy the advertising based on our interanl demo research for each market. Ads claiming that e-cigs and vapes are healthier than regular cigarettes will require the backing of direct scientific evidence. Anyone who tries to regulate vaping like smoking hasn’t learned enough about the new trend, says Justin Lybyer, a self-identified vapehead who bounces around shops customizing vaporizers and teaching walk-ins about what goes into the juice.

With the growing popularity of high-end designs for mods (battery packs) and atomizers (the vapor-creating apparatus attached), mass producers in China have fed cheap mimics into the local scene. The big companies have capital to certify their flavors and advertise mainstream e-cigarettes like Blu and NJOY, which pretty much taste like shit.
Some mom and pop shops will mix blends with up to 36 milligrams of nicotine, which is a lot even for serious smokers, and he just doesn’t see the point in that.
Local vendors will show off their latest innovations and flavors, and speakers are expected to educate the masses on what the FDA regulations could really mean for consumers and businesses. From 4x6 postcards to booklets and catalogs, we can be your one-stop graphics and print shop along with postage for your direct mail solutions!
A regular pack of cigarettes will average eight to 20 milligrams of nicotine — New Element Fine Vapors and the Vapor Lair only sell up to 18 milligrams per bottle of juice. Let us take care of the demographic homework to find those customers that fit your criteria for maximum direct mail success.
Consult with us and we can find that winning postcard message or offer that gives your future customers a reason to find you!

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