Organizing a golf tournament requires managing a host of moving parts, and once you’ve locked in the basics, you still need to consider the marketing aspect of your event. Did you know: with over 1.35 billion users, if Facebook was a country, it would be the second most populated country on the planet?
Not only can you post your golf tournament on your personal page, your tournament’s page (wait, your tournament doesn’t have a Facebook page?
When you work with a Golf Tournament Management venue, you get an array of powerful, free resources to help promote your golf tournament and cause. Many blogs, including those specializing in golf tournaments and charity events, accept user submissions. QR codes can expand your advertising in ways previously unheard of by providing your clients an easy way to view your web site with no typing, no writing down lengthy web addresses, and no searching required. Just a simple push of the button on their smart phones takes your clients to any URL address, Geo location, phone number, video site, or text message that you like. Place a QR coded sticker in your store front window that can send a client to your online shopping site when your closed.
When clients scan the code it direct them to a landing page that has a special discount or promotional offer for of a new line of jewelry. Just set up the code to direct them to a URL landing page that shows the piece and talks about it’s many unique features. No problem, simply set up the code to take them to dial your store’s telephone number. However you decide ultimately to use the code remember to let the client know what will happen when they scan it. Do your clients a favor, tell them where you are sending them and what to expect when they get there. These codes can be saved to your computer and used in print mediums, display ads, or whatever your creative mind can come up with.
Have fun, get creative and embrace the latest technology in advertising with QR codes for your jewelry store.
President of Four Grainer LLC, jewelry business strategist, and host of "Inside the Jewelry Trade" online radio show. Article by / Marketing Success Get Our FREE App Today!Download Our FREE App For "Inside the Jewelry Trade" Radio Show In iTunes And Google Play.
Google has gone from being the little spider engine that could to one of the most-viewed websites in the world. A slice opens in the white background and the new Nexus 7 tablet glides upwards, symbolically giving birth to its new bouncing little baby.
To be on the first page of Google would be incredible for any company, I bet they are getting all kinds of big money offers from major corporations after this. Stealth advertising is brilliant, they do it a lot on TV at the moment, take Big Brother on Channel 5. They do that sort of thing with lots of drama shows to induce interest and desire to know what it is that is coming soon. During the recession, the number one complaint from small business owners is the lack of new customers. Luckily, the cell phone repair business has continued to grow and remains one of the best small business start-up ideas of the decade! Whether you’ve just opened your cell phone repair business or have already hit the ground running, these FREE publicity methods are a sure way to target your audience without having to spend a penny! Company Website – Having a company website should be an absolute essential to your repair business. Online Business Directories – Sign up for free online business directories to increase chances customers find your business online.
E-Mail Marketing – Collect, save and store all of your repair businesses leads, contacts, customers and related e-mail addresses for e-mail marketing. Keep it simple, keep it cheap and try multiple methods over time to measure success with these and other free publicity ideas for your cell phone repair shop.
What other advertising methods do you use to get free publicity about your repair services? Openbucks offers online cash-based payment solutions for mobile and desktop sites by giving consumers more options to pay cash online via top retailer prepaid and gift card brands worldwide. Offering the right payment option impacts everyone - consumers, developers, accounting, support, product managers and sales teams.

Consumers select from a variety of prepaid retailer cards loadable with cash at thousands of locations. We are a global payment solution with cards available in the United Sates, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines and more.
We are a safe and secure payment option to offer your consumers a payment option that does not require personal or financial information. We support a hosted checkout as well as API based integration to enable payments on desktop, mobile, tablet, IVR, USSD or SMS channels. Select your region to learn more about how the Openbucks payment solution can best fit your business needs. Tips and websites to Market your Insurance business in the local market places for USA, UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa, America, and other English speaking countries. Post free ads online for any kind of Insurance business using these 50 great webs that offer free Internet marketing options. Visit every one of the websites listed below and search for the appropriate category and see if the web is accepting the kind of ads you are willing to post. Most of the sites accept classifieds from International locations while a few are country specific. You can advertise your Insurance related business online now on different kind of promotional websites. The end goal of your charity golf tournament is to raise money for a good cause, and you don’t want to spend too much of your projected (or earned) revenue on advertising, especially as traditional promotion and advertising avenues can quickly become cost-prohibitive. And while you won’t reach every Facebook user by advertising your golf tournament on Facebook, you will still get your information in front of a lot of eyes. Create one now!), and the host golf course’s page, but you can also buy ad spots through Facebook that will show up on people’s timelines as “sponsored” posts. Since this site is geared toward networking and the business world, you’re sure to reach potential sponsors and donors through your efforts here.
Each tournament gets a free account to our golf tournament planning online resource, plus advice and assistance from one of our Regional Tournament Experts.
The design, including the tantalizing playground tease, makes you want to click, and that is the point. You could use the same advertising techniques for email marketing to create a multi-channel campaign. Look at the Nexus ad, Google offers enough to get your attention without being overly friendly. The advertising gurus at Google know that too little of a tease will kill the click possibilities, as well.
You might just have to find a completely new email marketing client to handle the traffic increase on your business site. Between ads the Big Brother Eye graphic will suddenly appear and disappear, people know that a new series is coming, it creates an incredible buzz. I am currently planning to talk with Google about placing my companies advertisements on their site. Growing competition might have repair store owners looking for alternative ways to stay ahead while paid advertising can be expensive and have unpredictable results. There are many free services that can help you establish a basic business presence online in under an hour all over the internet.
Remember to reference links in your store, on your business cards, e-mail signatures, website, receipts and any other promotional material or documents that your customers put their hands on. In addition, search engines will give your business website more credibility, increasing your chances of higher natural search rankings. You should start with high traffic areas like the library, chamber  of commerce building, local government buildings, popular  restaurants and social gathering spots.
Volunteering or donating services to a good cause gets attention and those companies’ followers are highly likely to refer and use your company in the future for their cell phone and repair needs. Networking with other business owners is a great way to get customers through direct referrals and word of mouth. Consistently ask customers how they found out about you so you’re able to identify methods that work. Enjoy the mobile industry with specialization in buybacks for used mobile phones and broken LCD screens.
You get well over 50 classifieds sites to advertise Insurance related business or products.

The advertising and marketing websites enlisted in this post offer free advertising facility for Insurance industry related products or services.
The sites mentioned here are mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India. If advertising is a big fee you’d like to avoid, thanks to the internet and growing communities who turn to social media and the blogosphere for their information, there are many ways you can advertise your charity golf tournament online for free.
Send out tweets throughout the days and weeks leading up to your event with updates on the progress of the golf tournament’s planning and organization. If you are hosting your tournament at one of the venues listed on Golf Tournament Management, ask to promote your event on the blog. Apparently, the only suitor good enough to advertise on Google’s homepage is Google itself. The homepage has remained untainted with the spoils of commerce all these years, aside from a few delicately placed product placements that include a 2009 link to the Droid from Motorola and Verizon Wireless and its own promotion of the Nexus One phone a few months later. Any ad going on a stark white background should have clean lines and just enoughA colourA to make it pop. If your business does choose to improve outreach and marketing strategies, email providers such as JangoMail will help get you on the right path. The only thing you know when you see the ad is that this tablet computer from Google costs $199.
Consider sending a blast one to two times a month and offer small prizes for Facebook likes and business directory reviews. This might drive some traffic over time, but usually doesn’t attract new local customers. If your customer says it’s ok, they are likely to reference the blog post on his or her personal social media accounts for all of their contacts to read. Trust us to buyback iPhone, iPod and Android screens with competitive pricing and a hassle free transparent process. If you have your own business website then you should also link it to the advertisements you make at these sites. This is where people who enjoy supporting a good cause will learn about the great things you’re promoting. This will get those who are following you invested and interested in the progress of your event, and when they finally do attend, they’ll feel like they were right there along the way to the final execution of your big day, night, or weekend.
For a company widely known for their Internet advertising, Google has, oddly enough, for the most part left their homepage alone a€“ until now.
These types of service providers are usually easy-to-use and can be effective in developing an email marketing plan, as long as you have a good idea ready to use.
This world is a visual one a€” which means the graphic is the most important thing in the ad a€” but once the viewer stops looking at the pretty picture, you need to entice them with just a few sweet words. Consider generating content about local news and events in your area related to your cell phone repair business. Live tweeting is also a powerful tool to start during your tournament planning process, and on into the big day of your event. If you look at the image of Nexus, the slit cut into the floor has just a little bit ofA colourA to give it texture, but not glitz or glittery sparkle.
By doing this, you’ll attract local customers searching the internet in your area that have a higher likelihood of converting to paying customers.
Create a catchy hashtag and start tagging all your photos, posts, and tweets so that people can always be in the know and join in the fun! If they turn this prestigious position over to the mere mortals of marketing, what would the right ad look like? The viewers get just enough to make their mouths water; to make them want to know more about this little secret they are the first to know about. If the ad just looks good, butA doesn’tA have a personality, well, that gets boring fast.

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