The paper summarizes the findings of four country case studies: Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, all of which produced ‘rapid and remarkable results in delivering total sanitation coverage in their formative stages as nation states’.
I would underline a couple of things emerging from the summary: firstly, stuff that you might expect to be important, but wasn’t – leaders did good things to build the nation, even though there was no bottom-up pressure. But there’s a big question that the report doesn’t answer (and in that it resembles many other attempts to raid history for policy ideas): what were the politics that allowed this to happen? So while I applaud the attempt to oxygenate today’s policy debates with a sense of what has worked in the past, ignoring the power and politics discussion in here seems to paint a very partial picture.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the buzzword of the moment, but the world it proposes; of connected devices responding autonomously to environmental changes, is already familiar to substation engineers. A precise definition of the Internet of Things is hard to come by, but the hype around it is easy to spot. Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Relays are all connected things, spewing fountains of data about the electrical network onto fiber-optic cables for aggregation in supervisory control and data acquisition systems.
ABB’s AFS range of Ethernet switches automatically suspend all other communications when a GOOSE message is detected – the GOOSE message may be throwing a breaker or sounding an alarm, and “best effort” isn’t good enough.
Bluetooth Socks (I kid you not) feed data on toe-and-heel pressure to a connected smartphone, to reveal the style of the runner. An IED, fitted in substation, can be programmed to send sensor readings only when they fall outside predetermined limits. Facebook and Google are big enough to develop analysis tools in house, but for utilities, there’s ABB Historian, a new feature of MicroSCADA Pro 9.3 that archives gathered data for later analysis. An electricity grid is, arguably, the largest and most-complex mechanism created by man, so the fact that’s it’s also the most intelligent shouldn’t be too surprising. Last year, an unknown assailant cut the communication attached to a 500kV substation and the proceeded to sabotage the station’s transformers and associated gear. The repair bill for the substation was significant, but without the intelligence of those local devices, it would have been a lot higher.
To realize its full value the Internet of Things needs more than just sensors feeding data into massive control centers, it needs autonomous intelligence shared between things capable of communicating with each other as well as a central, controlling, database. The IoT and the electrical industry are developing rapidly, but there remain many networked devices with limited intelligence and many industrialists trying to work out what to do with the gathered data. This article was first published in Network, the customer magazine of ABB’s Network Management business unit. If you are like most people, you probably spend hours online, looking for the next distraction from your long day’s routine. Takeaway: Everybody loves to play and grown ups appreciate a good game just as much as kids do.
Takeaway: Understanding and designing for your target audience is key in delivering a seamless user experience. Wix is any amateur designer’s candy shop, a place where dreams come true at the speed of light. Takeaway: When building your own website, particularly if you are a nonprofit, remember that having a clear, positive mission is very attractive to users. ListVerse is an enormous collection of top ten lists, ranging from the strange (10 Bizarre Situations There’s Actually A Word For) to the funny (10 Consequences Of Being A Superhero In Real Life) to the informative (10 Famous People Who Did Great Things In Other Fields). Takeaway: If you write a blog, take a cue from this great site and use numbers in your headlines.
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America’s fifty states have a lot in common, but if their internet search histories are any indication they also have significant differences.
Analysis:  Wu-Tang Clan and The Dave Matthews Band exchange Pepperidge Farms gift baskets during the holidays. Analysis:  A first date in Michigan consists of meeting for fast foot and telling each other knock-knock jokes. Analysis:  You can pet New Hampshire’s cats when you pry them from their cold, dead hands! Analysis:  A lot people in Ohio wondering what the Weight Watchers points are for a grilled raccoon. Analysis:  Texas asks a lot of questions, has a worrisome level of interest in crystal meth, and probably a sore that should be looked at by doctor, but the Lone Star State also has a boatload of tacos.

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Check out the excellent new WaterAid report: Achieving total sanitation and hygiene coverage within a generation – lessons from East Asia.
Here we have dirigiste one party states in Singapore and Malaysia, and military governments in the early years of take-offs in South Korea and Thailand.
Governments around the world are spending serious money striving to attain a cultural lead in the field they are convinced is about to explode, while the energy industry is leading the way in the real work of gathering intelligence from things in and around their networks. Many of those devices are using packet data too; not on the “Internet” as such, but certainly forming an “intranet of things,” and showing the value of data collection, and learning some important lessons along the way. Control networks aren’t the same, so packet protocols used in substations prioritize certain kinds of data. The internet will need similar techniques if the flooding data isn’t going to obscure what really matters. But most of that data is redundant as the runner is only interested in steps that fall outside the ideal.
Facebook is fitting racks of Blu-Ray discs to archive our photographs and associated musings, but making sense of big data takes serious software as well as storage.
That enables users to spot trends which might not be obvious when they’re happening, but can matter once they’ve happened. The quantity of data sloshing around fiber-optic rings is astonishing, but equally impressive is the ability of devices to make decisions without it. Clearly the assailant believing that without a communications link, the central control the substation would be unable to act, but even as the temperature of the transformers began to rise, local systems were talking to each other and decided to shut off the current before more-serious damage could be done.
The future will see numerous devices flooding the Internet with their incessant chatter, we can only hope the end result will be as well run as a modern electrical grid, or at least learns some of the lessons the grid can teach it. He previously worked for the scurrilous internet rag The Register, prior to which he made phones, at O2, and set-top boxes, at Cable & Wireless. A parody of the irresistible game show Family Feud, Google Feud invites you to guess how Google would autocomplete search queries in several categories. Keep your content fresh and engaging and don’t be afraid to use your own unique voice.

The site is a collection of useful, fun and interesting things – all available for sale. Like Pinterest, which has a 70% female audience, Fancy can safely assume that most of their web visitors will be female. If you want to learn more about creating a sticky website that converts more customers, check out this beginner’s guide to mastering UX.
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Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website. Estately ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other. We human beings are made in such a way that, if we flood the information in our minds we cannot understand anything and become confused. I thought that, education plays a very little role in making money…But latter I discovered that, the education that we have and the education the millionaires have is totally different.
He started his journey with lot of struggles but when he got these 5 easy steps to success. Whenever the rains came, the main roads flooded, turning the city into an insanitary swamp. It’s no good just focussing on their policies while ignoring the politics – would such policies have been possible with more inclusive, democratic governments and if so, how? One day Bluetooth Socks will be equally clever, but, for the moment, every step generates transmitted data, clogging up the network. He's authored two technical books on Java and now spends most of his time trying to understand the power business. However, if you’re already spending some idle time on the web, you may as well learn something.
You can easily create amazing websites that are perfectly unique, publish them to the web, share them on social media and ask your friends for feedback. The site offers trivia questions with an alluring incentive: for every correct answer, they donate 10 grains of rice to hungry people around the world. This site works because it is simple, innovative and offers users something they rarely find on line: An easy to achieve challenge that will help them relax and take a breather.
Search through millions of homes for sale and get updates on new homes in your area every 15 minutes. Need to get onto the democratic developmental state discussion if this is to be genuinely useful.
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