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Ford SVT Raptor General Discussions [GEN 1] What did u do to your raptor today?This is a discussion on What did u do to your raptor today?
Cleaned fish parts and Osprey shit off the truck after parking next to one of it's favorite poles. Moved onto the interior with Adams total interior and got everything including the seals and door jams. What really sucked is we have large oak trees and there was a yellow pollen constantly on the truck during all of this. And 8 hours later, I finished with the sun going down so drove away from my shaded driveway and took some pictures.
Oh, wife comes out at the end and says, wow this truck is really shiny and then goes on to say why are you cleaning this when we are going to Baja next week and then you are going to that raptor thing (TRR) in a couple more weeks.
Also, since it seems that you may not enjoy this as much as some of us, perhaps you might consider dialing it back a bit next time. Dropped it off at the dealership this morning and told the service advisor how it reacts to hard braking.

I thought switching to S corp is effective when you make the switch but not retroactive to go back in time for the whole year? I ask because I am LLC and considering changing too to save on taxes but have been informed you can only go back 75 days.
Took 3 attempts but finally got my rebuild shocks oncant say enough good things about Adam and the Raptor shock rebuild community. Moving is a hectic job and so that it is done without any hassle and in a smooth way packing plays an important role. Drove to the local car wash and rinsed all the dirt off and wash and rinse again, no brush. I have some left over King Ranch leather conditioner and applied that with my bare hands so it all goes into the leather. Now to the tires, used Adams washless wash on the wheels as that Adams deep wheel cleaner leaves a film unless you use it when washing (I forgot).
If you are planning for a relocation, here are some smart things that you can do before you move. Basically went from us oweing $12k (what we have been for the past 9 years with our old accountant) to a rought estimate of $7500 by switching to the new one then a few days ago switching from an llc to a s corp and estimating about $4000 to actually inking down today at $2010.

Purchased the red lube and treated all the icon knobs and adjusted them to general off-road. Used Adams SVRT on the trim, decals, flares, bed rails, rollx cover, grill, mud flaps and wheel wells.
While I was doing this I kept thinking I need to sell all my Adams stuff and just pay someone to do this. Wife takes care of all that crap so all i do is go to work, hang out, help some people, go home. Well at least I can step back and look at it all clean and watch the next 3 days of rain bounce off it. Put a coat on and boy this is the first time using this and it goes on like olive oil and trim friendly unlike the buttery wax.

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