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Location Based Service (LBS) Apps, are apps that technically seek information about your current location, to apps for giving out potential suggestions of stores, ATMs, hospitals, restaurants and others. These apps can then provide location-based solutions to queries or questions on the locations of certain stores or giving out suggestions of a nearby restaurant and more.
In general a location based service app requires four major support systems for them to work in the manner mentioned above. You might trust an app you actually download and if it gives you some information or suggestion, then it is worth it. Nordstrom, an another example that is trying to bridge the gap between the online and physical shopping experiences through Beacon sensors.
The best a small business, a startup or an established business can reap from this technology is through location based marketing through these LBS apps.
Location Based Service apps are the trend of the day as it is beneficial to the user and the enterprises as well.
The growth of mobile advertising is shaking up the way businesses are marketing products and services, and property managers have the ability to draw in prospects with a click of a button.
Mobile users are constantly tuned in to their devices, opening the door for businesses to connect on-the-go consumers with relevant products and services through location-based marketing. Using technology built into today’s mobile devices, marketers are able to target users within a certain geographic area.
Waze, the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app, is leveraging the power of mobile navigation to connect businesses and consumers in a fresh, new way.

Marketers have the opportunity to put their business on the Waze app, putting them on the map to reach a community of millions of drivers on daily commutes.
Property managers have a new, innovative way to target and connect with prospects with mobile, oftentimes without prospects ever realizing they’re viewing an ad. Waze isn’t the only company to offer up its functionality as an advertising platform—Apple Maps Connect also utilizes location-based technology.
SnapChat recently introduced sponsored geo-filters, or digital stickers tied to location that can be added to photos taken in the app. By recognizing the power of mobile, property managers can more effectively target prospects and better qualify leads in mobile. Leah is a Marketing Media Specialist at RealPage Inc., a leading provider of property management software solutions for the multifamily, commercial, single-family and vacation rental housing industries. If you like what you read, please consider subscribing to our weekly newsletter and receive a summary of the week on Property Management Insider every Saturday. 4 Tips for Leveraging Property Maintenance to Improve Resident RetentionMaintenance teams play a critical, yet often overlooked role in the lease renewal process. Going Green in Multifamily Construction is Fast Becoming the StandardThe future for going green in new home building and apartment construction looks rosy. How eProcurement Systems can Help Senior Living Operators Streamline PurchasingTime is valuable when running senior living communities.
Location based service is a software application available only for IP-enabled mobile devices that utilize knowledge about the location of the mobile.
Other apps may also be push-notification oriented wherein they may deliver coupons or vouchers for certain places, to customers who are in a specific geographical area.
Any access of the users’ data made, in order to search for and suggest a nearby store or generate a coupon for a restaurant round the corner, cannot be done without the users’ assent.
For tracking where the mobile device is being held, there is a need for GPS enabled devices. While all of these above mentioned points are important, so is important the content provided for end users’ use.
But with the announcement of LBS Apps like mobile wallet app, Beacons (Apple iBeacon, Samsung Proximity beacon) and other apps have motivated the customers to go in-store purchasing from online shopping.
It cuts short the long process of google searching shops near you and then deciding which is the authentic one.
Using Apple’s Passbook & Google Wallet, they started giving discounts, coupons, vouchers and more. The notable observation was that even though it was early days for LBS, Men’s Wearhouse got a tremendous response. While giving positive reviews to certain places and recommending them, these apps are actually and in short, marketing your restaurant.
When they allow users to show where they have been, with whom and how happy are you; it becomes an indirect promotion of the place itself.
If the user has earned coupons then it is obvious that they will make use of the opportunity and shop at your store.
According to Pew Research, 74% of smartphone users ages 18 and older use their device to get directions and information based on location. It is often more subtle than other marketing initiatives—as the days of traditional marketing strategies alone are long gone.

Owned by Google, the app connects drivers to one another, helping people create local driving communities that work together to improve the quality of everyone’s daily driving experience– from helping avoid traffic and showing others new routes to a destination, to clueing them in to a police trap. Much like the businesses pictured below featuring a Chick-fil-A and real estate company, businesses who advertise with Waze appear to drivers approaching their location or searching nearby. Prospective residents often begin an apartment search by driving around areas they are interested in, with their mobile device navigating the way.
Property management companies can input details like a phone number, website, unit price range, and more into the app, and this information then becomes accessible to nearby consumers. These enable businesses to display ads to individuals in close proximity, maximizing the likelihood of drawing them in for a visit. While these geo-filters were previously limited to names of cities and major attractions, a select group of companies like McDonalds are paying up to have their logos and images appear when the user steps into their business. Companies tap into an advertising platform that never leaves the consumer’s side, and provide offerings relevant to their daily routine.
This means that shopkeepers or restaurant owners or hotel owners would launch discounts of different kind and these will be made visible to you, through the app, when you enter that area. Today, apartment marketers have the opportunity to innovate and cut through the marketing “noise” by using location-based mobile tactics to reach prospects. What if they were to receive a push notification during the drive, alerting them of a property’s holiday weekend discount? After clicking on the company’s icon, the user sees the details provided by the company and gets directions to the leasing office.
Local awareness ads are not tied to a mobile navigation tool, but Facebook utilizes geolocation and its 798 million daily active mobile users to connect businesses with nearby on-the-go consumers. Now, imagine if a resident sitting poolside in your apartment community were able to add a geo-filter with the company logo to their SnapChat photo, then post for 300 of their friends to see?
Prior to joining RealPage, she managed social media strategy for a start up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and for the Texas A&M Center for International Business Studies.
Now with Location Based Services (LBS), you can have benefits for your shops, restaurants, hotels, flights, shopping malls and more. In-app notifications provide a platform to showcase deals and special property features, and simplify the home search for prospects. So if a prospective resident is out for a stroll near a multifamily property, an ad could appear in the corner of their Facebook profile encouraging them to come in for a tour. Chances are, at least a few of these users are searching for an apartment and will want to know more.
Users are now tracked across multiple devices, being recognized on their smartphone as the same user who logged online on their laptop earlier in the day. Geo-filters provide a creative way for property managers to appeal to local mobile users and leverage the reach customers have on their social networks.

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