These days, with the popularity of streaming music and digital download stores, most of us don't have any need to manually add MP3s to iTunes. Step 3iTunes will process the file (you'll see a progress bar for importing the file in the top window pane in iTunes) and automatically categorize it by name, artists, album, etc.
Using a little known folder buried within the iTunes directory, you can automatically add any compatible media to iTunes, be it songs, music, movies, just by placing files into the directory. Next you will want to point downloads to that aliased folder, so open your torrent clients, SoundCloud, web browsers, or where ever else you are getting media files from, and change their respective download directories. Once you have apps pointed at the folder, all completed media files will now go directly to iTunes with no user involvement, copying, clicking, nothing, everything is automatic. You can set it in the metadata using a tool like metaX or iDentify before adding the file to the folder.
Passbook, which has been rebranded to Wallet in iOS 9, is one place where you can store all your passes and credit cards for use in different locations.
At this point you must be wondering why you would want to add your iTunes Pass to Passbook or Wallet?

This gets even better when you point downloads to that directory, because all downloaded media is then immediately synced to iTunes with no user interaction. This is an excellent way to have files downloaded from the web, newsgroups, torrents, etc, synced directly to your iTunes library, which can then go right to iOS devices.
While the guide is geared towards Mac users, the folder probably exists and works the same in Windows too, though you’ll have to make a shortcut instead of an alias. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I’ve put a few things in there now and they just sit there, never getting added to iTunes.
But little do people know that you can actually add your own iTunes Pass straight to Passbook or Wallet using a few simple steps.
Open Passbook or Wallet app to confirm that the process was successful. You can tap on your iTunes Pass to make it entirely visible on the display along with a QR code. First of all, if you’re living in a supported country, you can actually use your iTunes Pass to top up balance to your account.

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We’ll walk you through the process of how you can do just that, and explain the advantage of having it just a tap away. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.
Now click on the “Selected playlists” button, then tick off the new iPhone music playlist in iTunes created at above step 2.
Every single time you make a purchase on the App Store or the iTunes Store, your credit will be updated on the fly, giving you a quick glimpse of your financial situation when it comes to all things iTunes. In iTunes 10 and earlier, the MP3 will have a plus sign next to it to indicate that it is being added.

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