We offer a range of professional services, which allows you to concentrate on the running of your business.
As market leaders in the industry we make the effort to provide the best and most effective quality of service for our clients. By chosing RedGlow you will benefit from having specialists in online marketing run your bespoke campaigns efficiently. We are able to target potential customers by specifying Age Range, Gender, Interests & Likes, Location even Marital Status and much more!
Please don't hestitate to enquire about the huge range of demographics we are able to catch within your target market. Facebook is without doubt one of the largest and most influential social media platforms out there so when it comes to promoting your products, brand or business, it makes sense for you to be nestled neatly on the newsfeeds of its very extensive audience. Latest figures shows that Facebook has over 1.4 billion people logging up an impressive 900 million visits every day and with those audience figures, it makes sense to be putting your ads there.
So, how do you do it and more importantly, how do you make sure that your hard effort is being seen by the right people? Well, Facebook paid Ads is the answer and we are here to help you make sure that you get the most out of this feature.
Even better is that these options are neatly within the ad set up page itself and they are very simple to select. And if that isn’t enough, Facebook allows you to upload any data that you may want to use as well, including emails and phone numbers, user ID’s and even people that have visited your site previously. For this you have three options; Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook Mobile Newsfeed and Right hand column. This decision will be influenced by who your target audience is and what you believe is their preferred device for viewing Facebook. By opting for the Facebook Newsfeed post, your ad will be placed within the user’s newsfeed, comfortably resting next to pictures of their family and friends, cat videos and other lovely things and will feel very natural to the person scrolling. Choosing to be located in the right hand column has its advantages as well, as it appears directly under the ‘Trending Topics’ section and is very prominent for the user. Facebook ads has been designed to make promoting your content as easy as possible and you shouldn’t come across too many obstacles if you choose to do this for yourself, however here at Websmart, we offer fully managed Facebook Ad Campaigns in house.
We work with you to sort out the details of who and what and then design your ads and manage the campaign from start to finish on your behalf, leaving you free to deal with the business of doing business. Facebook is fairly tough to search so it doesn’t get too much press from the sourcing community.

Recent studies have shown that clicks on Facebook advertising have increased 50% in the last 12 months. Put these two things together and you have a very powerful and cheap way to get in front of exactly the kind of people you want to find to fill your job vacancies.
Clicks only cost a few pence, so if you target your ad at just a couple of hundred people you are unlikely to pay as much as one job posting on a job board. To start creating your Facebook Ad you will need to scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on “Advertising”. Facebook Ads are very small, you have just a few characters and a picture to play with so make it punchy and very clear. Facebook estimates that there are 1,240 people in the Bristol area aged over 20 that have the keyword “Nurse” or “Nursing” on their profiles. If you wanted to reach more people you could increase this number to 400 people by extending your search to those up to 40km outside of Bristol. Katharine (aka TheSourceress) began sourcing in April 2008 with a small Executive Search business specialising in Renewable Energy and, in March 2010, won the title of Grandmaster Sourcer at SourceCon in San Diego.
Recently I have been speaking to a range of audiences about how social media technologies and practices can be used inside an organisation. The UK Sourcers LinkedIn group is open to all recruitment professionals in the United Kingdom.
It is a resource for UK recruitment professionals to learn more about Internet sourcing techniques. Facebook - stripey stripey The blog from Wisetiger The blog from Wisetiger. Using Facebook's Sponsored Listings we are able to immediately list your website directly to your potential customers. As with any campaign, you need to know what result you want at the end before you can start. You’ve spent time deciding what to say and how to say it as well as designing the perfect ad, but if you target the wrong audience or are too vague with your preferences, it is the online equivalent of dumping your leaflets in the bin.
The best thing about this is you are using data that the end user has willingly supplied themselves; Facebook is merely the go between that hooks you and them up. Facebook ads have ‘budgets’, so you can pre-set the maximum that you want to spend on the campaign, either daily or over the entire lifetime.
With the majority of audiences now choosing mobile devices as their most used way of surfing the net, many ads are going for this option, especially if your demographic is age specific to say a younger crowd.

Facebook is, however, one of the largest people databases on the web with 901 million monthly active users at the end of March 2012. I find myself recommending this to my clients more and more when they have very exact requirements to hunt down.
If you post your job on a job board it might cost hundreds of pounds and anyone might apply, even people that don’t have any relevant skills and qualifications or those that don’t live locally (people are funny that way). You could target all those in the Bristol area that have listed a nursing degree on their profile or those that say they work at other Bristol Hospitals. This might seem like a small number but it is better to put your ad in front of a small number of relevant people rather than a large number of people that don’t fit your requirements. This means that you only pay when someone clicks on your add, it might be displayed hundreds of time, providing you a good branding opportunity, for free! Katharine has also worked in-house with Capgemini Consulting and is now working as a Freelance Consultant and Trainer.
I felt like I was totally in my element, talking to peers and influencers of our markets and shaking hands with industry heroes etc. The use of social media inside an organisation is more commonly being referred to as social business.
I have just been given access to Facebook’s new Graph Search, so I decided to show off what I have learned about it so far.
Members of the group get regular news updates, sourcing challenges and always hear about our events first. This takes out the scary thought of running an ad and ending up spending more than you budgeted for as you are in control before you even set the ad live. It will also depend on whether you website is mobile friendly; you don’t want to advertise to a mobile audience that are going to land on your unresponsive page and have a bad user experience so bare that in mind. This means that both users and advertisers are getting much more comfortable with the notion of advertising on Facebook. In this example I have also chosen to limit to those over 20, as you need a degree or a diploma to be a nurse. During our discussions we inevitably we came to the topic of direct sourcing and began talking about it.

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