Advertising is communicating via mass media such as TV, radio, outdoor, and web where it hits a broad audience and is generally short lived. Sometimes larger companies will use advertising just to keep their name out there positioning them as a “household name” people easily recognize. If you are looking to get more traffic to your website and generate more leads and sales then having an effective marketing plan will help your results. I’m sure you have heard it already by now but being on social media is a great and fun way to engage with your customers and help them with any questions that they have.
Twitter is great for getting traffic to your website, networking with other like minded businesses, seeing what’s trending in your area and answering questions quickly by direct messages.
Facebook Pages work well if you would like to share your goods and services with your future clients. Even if there isn’t a creative bone in your body, you can still create beautiful and engaging videos. After your article or blog post is posted, share it to your social media and also use social bookmarking sites to get your content out there quickly. Top Social Media Managers in OttawaAre you looking to hire a social media manager in Ottawa? Top Qualities of a Social Media ManagerIf you are looking for someone to manage your social media presence in you area then here are a few tips to know before you deicide to hire someone. The Best Ways to Use LinkedIn for Marketing Your BusinessThe first step when using Linkedin to promote your business is to create a detailed profile. The Best Ways to Use Google+ for Marketing Your BusinessHere are some of the best ways you can use Google+ for marketing your business successfully online. Why You Should Hire an SEO Company in OttawaThere are many great reasons why you should hire an SEO company in Ottawa. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Only a few days to go until Christmas, and Santa and his elves are busy preparing for the worldwide journey.
Advertising’s strength is in the sheer mass of people that see it and its frequency – we can all think of an ad we’ve seen too many times. If you are a new company or need to hiring those workers quickly, advertising can get your message out quickly and then be turned off when you don’t need it.
A shotgun shoots a wide spread of pellets hoping they’ll hit something as opposed to a rifle that shoots a single pellet aimed at a very specific target.
Add your business, listing description and address on Google places for business and your customers will be able to find you quickly and easily. Add local users to your circles, engage, share and join some groups that are related to your niche. You could show a PowerPoint presentation, do a screen capture of a tutorial or even try out some whiteboard animation videos. If you are looking for quick results then perhaps Adwords will get you there faster but remember with articles, blogs, videos and social media; it all creates organic content and will help your site get ranked in the search engines.
Since we generally discuss branding, let’s talk about advertising and marketing (we’ll focus next week on traditional marketing). Companies do this because they know their buyers prefer to buy from a company they have heard of and feel good about hiring.
Proud to launch their new site - Mobile, Responsive, and focused on Brand and Differentiation! If your marketing budget is tight, you might be looking for some free ways to advertise your business. You might need to update the listing every month so be on the lookout for those emails and stay on top of it.
If you would also like to be listed in the Bing search engines then add your site to Bing local listings .

With a page, you can create a Vanity URL and it will allow your customers to find you easily. Make sure you connect your other social media profiles to your Google+ profile and google+ pages. Unless you have a product or service for the masses, advertising should not be your primary vehicle to reach prospective buyers.
You will need to submit your address and postal code and wait a few weeks to receive your pin card.
The same process applies, you will need to enter your business information and address and when your postcard comes in the mail, verify the listing online.
Share your page with others, engage with your fans, ask questions and thank them for following.
Once someone views you as an expert in your field, they will more likely remember your business and come to you for service or help.
If you do not think you have the time to use these techniques to help your business get ranked in the search engines then we can help!
However, if you are an engineer that works on university theaters or a construction company that builds football stadiums, advertising to the masses is just a waste of money since only one out of a million people that see your ad are in the position to buy your service. Some article sites require 400 words or more and might take up to 7 days to approve your content. In that case, you want to hit the masses to get the most qualified applicants and instead of one in a million being your audience, it is probably one in 1,000-10,000.

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