A revised application to build new student flats at Murieston Crescent in Dalry, Edinburgh, has hit planner’s desks with Kenneth Reid Architects proposing to reduce room sizes to allow an increase in the number of self-contained studio flats from 101 to 123.
Private landscaped gardens will fill an interior courtyard to the North West with provision for 100 cycle spaces also being made. The scale and massing of the proposed flats have been conceived to tie in with Edwardian tenements along Murieston Crescent.
There will be more space in one of those train carriages that float so elegantly by the front door.

The stats aren’t limited to mobile news though, Google says Chrome loads 771 billion pages every month. Someone needs to tell their Part 1 student that it's possible to switch off profiles and increase the output resolution so that these renders look less amateurish. Thanks to search autocomplete, the browser also saves us from writing 500 billion characters per month.
And Google has shelled out more than $2.5 million in rewards for the security research community for helping them find and squash bugs.

Just the usual improvements and bug fixes — which you can find more information on here. All that top-notch security has protected users 145 million times from malicious web pages.

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