On Wednesday morning in the Bassett Forks area of Henry County, a poultry truck hauling turkeys overturned, spilling diesel fuel and killing quite a few turkeys. Due to the wet, muddy conditions, as well as a diesel spill which could potentially be a fire hazard, the SPCA workers were not allowed close enough to the turkeys to help them until the area was deemed safe. Star News will bring you all the coverage of this accident, as well as follow-up reports as soon as they become available.

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BEAVER COUNTY -- A semi truck hauling pigs crashed in Beaver County early Wednesday morning. Utah Highway Patrol spokesman Cameron Roden says a semi truck pulling a load of pigs rear-ended a pickup truck pulling a trailer on southbound I-15 about two miles south of the I-70 interchange.

The truck driver was trapped inside the cab for nearly three hours and was flown to a hospital with serious injuries.

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