Uganda’s leading daily newspaper, Daily Monitor, has been forced to fire its deputy managing editor, Mike Segawa, for “his excessive greed for money”. In January 2015, then Monitor managing editor in charge of reporters, Don Wanyama, was fired for allegedly pushing pro-NRM stories in the paper. Mike Ssegawa who had been working as features editor was then named deputy managing editor.
In December 2015, Monitor Managing Director, Anthony Craig Glencross, in a staff meeting demoted Beyanga to the position of digital editor. Segawa’s demotion followed investigations made by the management which revealed that he was “planting paid for stories in the newspaper”.
The saga resembled that of Don Wanyama [now President Museveni’s Special Media Assistant] who having been accused of being on NRM’s payroll, published a fake opinion poll insinuating that Museveni’s ruling party NRM would win by 57 per cent in this year’s elections.
Similarly, Segawa on November 23, 2015 doctored a story titled: “MTN subscribers demand better voice, data services” accusing the South African telecom of allegedly disconnecting 300,000 subscribers for non-registration.
He even claimed to had received a report from the Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] chronicling  several complaints from MTN customers. Apparently, it emerged that some firm based in Entebbe had “paid” Segawa [we can’t verify this] to run the damaging story. UCC’s spokesman and director of Broadcasting, Fred Otunnu, in a letter also addressed to Red Pepper, a leading tabloid, described as “misleading” information on quality of services delivered by MTN. He said the quoted UCC QoS report for August-October 2015 was non-existent since the commission had not issued any QoS report since June 2014.
It was discovered that Segawa had sneaked the story into the paper after designers had already finished their work.
According to an inside source, after subs [sub editors] had finished designing the page and sent to pre-press, Segawa opened the document on InDesign and placed his fake story. It passed without incident until MTN complained; that is when managers started looking into the story and discovered subs did not do it. Segawa was corned but his senior, Beyanga pleaded with management to give him a second chance [its not clear whether it was this that earned a demotion as well]. While management was still pondering what to do with him, new allegations emerged indicating that Segawa was “pushing for promotion of individuals in the company and would in return get cut”. While we cannot independently verify this allegation, we atleast ascertained that management resolved to demote Segawa to a news reporter as a way of encouraging him to resign his office. Segawa was already marked for sacking on instructions of one of the shareholders also the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Hon Wafula Oguttu. It is said last year, Monitor MD Glencross “caught Segawa” planting a pro-NRM story in the paper.
The board decided to instead demote Segawa in such a way he would be humiliated and forced to quit. However, when they later discovered the full extent of his rot, Segawa was finally this week, thrown out of Namuwongo. I would like to thank you for the support, friendship and cooperation in my close to eight years at MPL. I immensely thank Carol who gave me an opportunity to work at MPL and gave me the necessary mentorship.

I am confident the features desk under Angela, Flora and Caesar is strong and it can achieve a lot. Thanks for your friendship Darius, Rosie, Lydia, Sarah, Pauline, Esther, Justine… And all of you guys on team for the things we have done together.
At Mansfield we’re fortunate to experience four distinct seasons - each with its own special appeal.
In fact, 2012 marks the 120th anniversary of the world’s first night football game which was played right here in Mansfield! And in early October we invite you to join us for the 2012 Homecoming festivities on October 12 & 13. Get connected with the MU Alumni and Friends social networks by clicking on each logo below. Update your contact information, submit a class note or send the MU Alumni Relations office a message by clicking here and completing the form. Would you like to represent Mansfield University at an Admissions Reception in your local area?
Share your news and find out what your fellow alumni are up to by checking out the class notes section of the new alumni and friends online community.
Graphic designers use art and technology to create catchy graphics for websites, logos, and illustrations in everything from advertising to aerospace. Animators create animation and visual effects for films, video games, television, mobile devices, and other forms of media using illustrations and software programs. We started publishing US based regional and national lists in 2012 in response to myriad emails from aspiring animators seeking advice regarding the "best" schools in the US. Creating cool characters with enough charisma to captivate audiences of all ages is just one of the amazing talents today's top animators possess. Many aspiring animators gain experience through internships, an entry-level or support position or both.
The animation historians at Disney say that “at most animation studios, the best animators only sketched a few animation drawings, leaving gaps in between.
Today most job descriptions affirm that inbetweeners are responsible for the continuity of movement between scenes in an animated production.
Render wranglers, also called “technical resource administrators” (TRA), are accustomed to high pressure environments.
After working as an animator for at least three years, some animators may advance to key animator—a senior level position. Visual development artists design and develop the look and feel of feature films, animations, videos, and other types of productions.
The Commission, continues to monitor QoS of the licensed service providers and shall soon issue the latest report,” Otunnu wrote. Autumn seems to be the most glorious as we are surrounded with the vibrant colors of fall and a seemingly endless variety of activities and events.
Musical performances, athletic events and reunions, opportunities to socialize and celebrate, and more! The Career Center staff can assist you in creating or re-tooling effective resumes and cover letters, as well as provide career counseling, assessments, coaching and interviewing.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, use of digital filming has changed the work of a large number of editors. Thanks to the wide variety of exciting industries graphic designers serve, graphic design is number 18 on the list of Top 20 Best Jobs for People Interested in Arts and Communications and number eight on the list of Best Jobs for People with an Artistic Personality Type by JIST Publishing.
For people with a passion for technology and interactive entertainment, video game design is a dream job, but even those with a slight interest in video games would jump at the opportunity to become a member of this fascinating industry. Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk3ds Max, and Autodesk Maya are just a few leading software programs for animators. The US-centric lists have been well-received, so much so that we now receive frequent requests to publish rankings of international animation schools. They also have remarkable storytelling ability, superior tech savvy, incredible illustration skills, and much more.
Also called “indie” or “art” films, independent films are typically made with lower budgets and the look and feel is noticeably different than bigger budget productions.
Later on, a person called an "inbetweener" would finish the scenes by drawing in between the areas that the animator had left.” Well, not much has changed about this key position.
Inbetweeners decide how animated characters will move when transitioning between major key movement scenes. This highly detailed job might require the wrangler to monitor and control the rendering process and monitor a few computers or an entire render farm of hundreds of machines. They use models, puppets, or clay to create animated films, television commercials, branded entertainment, and more.
There is no charge to alumni for these services, and alumni are invited to attend the annual job fair and career conference.
Today, nearly all editing work is done on a computer and editors often are trained in a specific type of editing software.
Sure, a good number of today's high-level animators were actually born with these enviable talents, but most successful animators will agree that a degree program helped them refine their skills and learn the ins and outs of the animation industry. Stop motion animation is also called stop frame, model animation, puppet animation, and clay animation. In the animation industry, visual development artists imagine and propose ideas for what the animated world should look like based on the story, characters, and action.
In addition to editing skills, today’s film and video editors have experience in sound effects, special effects, and animation.
They create, plan, and script animated narrative sequences, and assist with background design and production coordination.
Render wranglers communicate with animators, producers, supervisors, resource managers, coordinators, and other artists across various departments. Although higher ranking than an animator, the key animator still does his fair share of creative work, but this position requires more management and directing than an intermediate animation position.

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