Several years ago, the idea about watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl or Twilight during the lunch break for some people was only a dream. Nevertheless, these websites have to live somehow and if they don’t ask the money for watching their shows, it doesn’t mean that they are not earning the money. Project Free TV is one of these websites that are mostly promoted as “free TV” or “Internet TV.” There are many people on the Internet who use this site for watching videos or downloading them to their computers. If you are one of these people who have been banished from Project Free TV because of its ads, you should know that you can block them. There are multiple jailbreak tweaks available which block ads, whether on the web or within apps. By unlocking premium content for free, StreamEnhancer does indeed chart into unethical, and possibly illegal territory.
Disclaimer: CupertinoTimes reminds its readers that we cover iOS news, apps, tips, and tricks for educational purposes. StreamEnhancer is available for free under Andrew Wiik’s own jailbreak tweaks repository. Like we mentioned, this only works for apps and games, but what a difference it can make in the playability of free and lite versions where ads can be hovering over some of the app screens, and in the worst cases those hovering advertisements interfere with gameplay.
The AirPlane mode trick came our way from the fine folks at Lifehacker who mentions the exact same idea works on Android devices too. The trick is handy but it does effect the revenue of the developer, which is important to him.

However, today the Internet is full of various offers to watch the latest TV shows and movies on a computer or mobile device without paying a penny. In order to be able to stay online, they rely on these commercial ads that mostly show up as soon as you click the Play button.
However, they also report about annoying ads and notifications that show up as soon as they enter this site. Finally, download add blocking program, which could help you prevent additional ads on Project Free Tv. Since I have to use a VPN service to access some of the biggest streaming websites, the ads often simply do not target me at all, so why should I have to watch them?
If you wish to remove ads from video-streaming services like the ones mentioned below, look no further than StreamEnhancer. Using said apps, tips, and tricks for good or bad is entirely up to, and the responsibility of, the reader.
Of course you have, and though you can’t quite block ads in Safari in iOS, you can block ads from many apps by using AirPlane Mode or turning off Wi-Fi. This is obviously a completely different approach than that taken by an ad blocking plugin for a web browser (though they usually block the servers too), but it works.
The wi-fi method we assumed would work too and after testing on an wi-fi only iPad it did indeed perform just as well, though a few apps might wind up displaying a blank rectangular block where the advertisement usually lays. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

No matter how trustworthy they look, these ads seek to make people visit specific websites, install specific programs or make them complete similar tasks. According to Project Free TV, people should receive one advertisement per video but it seems that they are forced to see much more of them.
While it did block ads, remove featured channel watermarks, and stream HD without WiFi, it did not remove age restrictions. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix (or Hulu, or BBC, etc) on your iPhone. However, for smaller websites and services, I use AdBlock’s white-listing feature to let them display ads. Perhaps it has something to do with using my personal, hosted Google Apps account instead of a standard Gmail one.
Comments and online reports do say that it works correctly, so you can go ahead and install it with confidence.

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