We thrive in the complex world of creative and technology applications, using our expertise to develop efficiencies, lower costs and create new velocity within our client organizations. Our considerable technology capabilities allow Webhomes to recommend the right technologies to provide the most value to our customers. The convergence and crossover of screens [2013 saw more people accessing information from their mobile device than their computer] - allows us to identify, examine and qualify current technologies, best practices, information architectures, and digital platforms. Tweet21 Share20 Pin4 Share3 +111Total Shares 59In the “Build A Better Website” series, we’ll dissect a website page by page and put it back together with purpose and great content so that each page of your site can build trust, earn credibility and drive revenue for your business. Let me ask you something: how long has it been since you gave any thought to your Contact page? What if I told you that the only thing standing between you and a new customer is your Contact page? The poor ol’ Contact page is usually the last thing on our minds when we update our websites. Nobody wants to fill out a million form fields, so consider how easy or hard it is for someone to actually complete your form.
As you build a contact form (or scrutinize the one you have) I want you to think hard about each and every field you put there. Unless you have a good reason to ask for more, then asking for a name, email address, possibly a phone number and “whaddya want”? First, make sure that required fields are actually required and that the average person cannot circumvent a required field and submit the form without it. Even if it is difficult, I advise contacting your developer for help because a useless form is… well, useless.
The second piece of validation is not only requiring an entry but requiring a specific format. For starters, make the font on the field labels large enough and align them properly with the fields. If your form must necessarily be long then break it up like all good content with bold subheadings so it’s less intimidating and easier for someone to track their progress as they complete it.
Before you panic, let me ask you a question: when someone gets to your Contact page, would you rather have them contact you or become a Facebook fan? Instead of assuming that someone who visits your Contact page wants to fill out a form, let them choose how they want to reach out to you.
Unlike other distractions that can confuse people, multiple avenues of contact will only help people. Remember, if you can get someone as far as your Contact page, you want to be sure the deck is stacked in your favor so contacting you is exactly what someone will do. Carol Lynn Rivera Carol Lynn is a content creator and marketer who has been in the business of digital marketing since 1999.
On any given day Carol Lynn will wear the hat of project manager, consultant, social media manager and content marketer. But I know people use it because I get a lot of questions through people accessing my contact page. I know I have this issue with not considering what other people are wanting to know, I just think what I want to know or how I view things. Thanks for your input, Adrienne, and I think that depending on the purpose of the contact page it can have more or less information.
And thanks for the compliment, I like this new optin plugin, it gives you a ton of options for customizing it so I am probably going to be playing with it a lot.

Like Adrienne, I do not have a thank you page and I’d have to test my own contact form to see what people see after they clicked on the submit button.
This post is a good reminder for me to check all the lose ends that still exist on my blogs. As for spam protection, I advise people to avoid using things like captchas because they are very annoying to people. You can certainly put your contact info on other pages, like your About page, but I would also suggest putting them on the contact page because that’s where people go and expect to find that info.
As well as the ranges you see listed we also make bbqs, grills and accessories to measure and to your design.. A step-by-step 1 hour video intensive shows the total beginner how build a modern CSS web page from start to finish. Empower yourself to create your own web sites from scratch, using this practical, step-by-step video course. In this 1 hour video intensive, you'll learn how to build a web page from the ground up using Dreamweaver, an industry standard for building web sites. This course focuses on a single real-world project, creating a working web page using pre-made graphics. This course includes downloadable files saved in stages, so you can compare your work to each step along the way, or start fresh from any stage.
PS : If You got an error while extracting while others are working try diferent directory path in your PC.
There is a significant advantage in developing business strategies knowing technical, IT and systems capabilities in the planning stage. By applying a technology agnostic, creative tactical purpose we can deliver almost any idea from concept to working prototype, to functional solution.We were the one of first of the new agencies, to combine the time-proven crafts of MBA business strategies and analytics, with Madison Avenue advertising, evolving new web technologies, and the applications of the internet, cloud-based network systems and todaya€™s digital data worlds.
Multiple platforms, great content delivery, and new web 3.0 technologies are critical today to create effective customer connection strategies. This helps us to advise our clients the most appropriate development path for a truly seamless, integrated system providing excellent user experience a€“ and the ability to connect with and create a customer relationship of on-going, perceived value. And when you did think about it, did you give it any more thought than simply creating a form with a few fields and a ‘submit’ button? Are you asking someone to check off 15 options, answer 9 questions and complete an entire dossier before they can get in touch with you? That may visually tell a person it’s required but you need some programming magic to make sure it actually is. They should have a border or a background color (or both) to distinguish them from the rest of the page. No need to showcase your artwork, fabulous graphics, amazing photos or anything else on this page. Providing your phone, fax, direct email if you choose or mailing address will give people the option to select their favorite method of communication. Her true passion is writing, whether it’s web content, a blog post, email campaign or social status update. People contacting a blogger for example, would most likely only need a basic form, because as you said, they are going there to ask a question or give some input.
Things break for no good reason (that we can see, anyway) and the last thing we want to do is lose the opportunity to connect with someone. I have been thinking out some enhancements that I plan to roll out into my site over the next couple of months.

I’ve found this is really great and informative post to recommend my readers via my contact form creation post too Thank you very much for the information dear. So now I make sure that I’m asking for right amount of information (Hope so) and users can assure the contact reason would be valid before contacting. I think that people tend to forget about the contact page because it’s so common and they just put up a form and forget about it.
This course takes beginners step-by-step through building a CSS based web page, linking it to other pages, and uploading it to a server.
At the end of this course, you'll walk away with a fully functioning, flexible CSS web page that you can later customize for your own purposes.
You may want to know half a dozen things about someone but that doesn’t mean you need to know.
Just a beautifully laid out stack of wonderful fields so that a person can focus on contacting you. The same way you update, rethink and retool the rest of your site, you should do the same with your Contact page, especially if you’ve ever received negative feedback about it. On the other hand, a business needs to make sure they capture that lead so they can begin a sales process.
But if you pay attention to just a few little nuances you can avoid scaring people away or putting them off. It just makes it easy for people to get in touch with you and at the end of the day, that’s what we all want. To solve this issue , as an example just paste the tgz file in C drive and extract (just inside the C drive not with in any other folder). If you use a service like Wufoo or a WordPress plugin like Gravity Forms then  setting a required field is as easy as clicking a checkbox. You certainly don’t want your only chance to contact someone to be thwarted by a typo.
It can give you a chance to throw in a little video that adds a bit of personality and makes you more memorable. Once in a while give it a test and see how much you like filling it out (this will also give you a way to be sure it’s actually working). It doesn’t have to be a work of art but it does have to be neat and usable and of course it has to work. But they do, so make your Contact page the place they can get all your contact information. If it’s a guest posting, advertising or whatever opportunity, I think asking for relevant information is really matters from users. Its the same with our stainless steel grills, ours are catering grade stainless steel, they are not chrome plated that will burn off and very quickly rust.
A form gives (most) people what they want and makes it super easy for you to receive, track and log communications.
Even if you don’t change anything, websites are fickle and things stop working from one day to the next for no obvious reason.

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