SlideShare utilise les cookies pour ameliorer les fonctionnalites et les performances, et egalement pour vous montrer des publicites pertinentes. In this session we’ll be walking through the process of building a business website, from initial planning to site launch, for less than $100. If you are thinking about outsourcing the building of small niche sites or adding extra sites to your private blog network, then STOP.Looking to build yourself a niche website, but don’t know where to start? If you are thinking about paying a designer or web development company a lot of money to build you a website, then STOP. This is something that with a few hours and a very modest budget you can build yourself your perfect site, and you have the added benefit that you will learn some new skills, so you aren’t reliant on paying through the nose every time you want to change something.
I will personally show you step-by-step how you can do this yourself, as I will actually build a new site and document the entire process with screenshots and every single little detail. I’m assuming you have already decided a niche and know the list of keywords that you are hoping to target. I’ve chosen a fairly generic niche, one that will be suitable for either adding to my private blog network, or one that I can actually monetize and build a small recurring income from.
These have just been picked fairly quickly and all have between 700-1500 exact searches a month. I will be writing an in depth tutorial on picking your niche and keyword research later on.
Normally with one writer if you requested 10 articles it would take a while because he has to process them all sequentially, but if you had ten writers available, you could get them all done at the same time. We are going to purchase 6 articles for this site, two 300 word articles, two 500 word articles and two 1000 word articles. If you dona€™t want to pay for articles to be written, that’s totally cool, youa€™ll just need to write them yourself. I like to suggest titles for all my articles as it gives the writers a good idea about the type of article you are looking for, plus it allows me to choose a headline that is a little bit magnetic.
For the keywords we are using on the example site, I’m going to be requesting articles with the following titles. After you have deposited the money, click a€?Request Articles To Be Writtena€™ on the homepage, this is where we really get the ball rolling. Because we are suggesting a title for each article, we need to fill this form out 6 times, but it wona€™t take you long. You’ll easily fill in the details, choose Premium Writers, and fill in all the other fields.
Also please follow these guidelines clearly, or articles submitted will unfortunately be rejected. Many thanks, if you write well I will add you as a favorite writer, so you will get better rates when writing for me next time. Once you have requested all six of your articles, sit back and enjoy your morning cup of tea while these are being written and then, we can then move onto the next step. Here you get to spend some more money, and buy a nice cool domain name and some whois privacy.
If you are just building a personal blog to learn a little about internet marketing or building websites, then it isna€™t important to get a domain with existing authority, so you can skip this first step and simply choose any available domain to register.
Wea€™ll be using an expired domain with an existing back-links profile to give our site a head start. In the First Tab, tick a€?only new last 24 hoursa€™ and specify a minimum of 100 back-links on the a€?min Backlinksa€™ part. Next click on the second tab (Additional Filters) and tick a€?only available Domainsa€™ as we dona€™t wanna see domains that arena€™t available.
In Open Site Explorer, you are ideally looking for a DA of above 25, but anything around those sort of level would be a nice head start for the site. Once you have found an available domain with existing back links, you want to make sure that those back links arena€™t going to have given the domain problems. Visit ahrefs and again plug the domain into this search bar and pull up some back-link statistics. If you are happy with the back-link profile that point to the domain you are interested in, then ita€™s time to register your new domain! If you cana€™t find anything that will be appropriate then you might have to consider pausing this and coming back in 24 hours, or choosing a brand new domain (of your choosing) and just registering it. Add your domain to your cart, and before you finish and pay at the checkout, open another browser and Google godaddy coupon and choose one of the top results.
When I registered my domain, the coupon I chose gave me a domain and whois privacy for the princely sum of $4.18. Because we arena€™t going to be hosting with godaddy, youa€™ll want to update your name servers. If you are following this guide exactly, and using Media Temple (as I recommend) – youa€™ll want to enter their name servers for your domain. Youa€™re all set now for this part of the process, the domain is registered and pointing at our hosts name servers. There are a load of great hosts out there, but there are also some stinkers – I would suggest going with a host that is recommended to you personally, and not just picking one at random. Once signed up – log into your media temple account, and on the main page click on the a€?Add Domaina€™ button, and then click on the new Add Domain button that appears.
You will want to enter the details just like I have shown below, except of course using your the domain you have just purchased at GoDaddy and not mine! On the next screen, just tick your Grid Server and click Next – and that is it, the hosting is now set up! You can easily tell if this has happened yet, by visiting your new site and pressing shift while you click the refresh button. Come back every 15 minutes and hard refresh the webpage and when the DNS changes have all been applied you will see a forbidden error message instead of the GoDaddy landing page. Finally the Database table prefix: This can be left as default wp_ but for security I ALWAYS add a few random numbers, just to people cannot immediately guess my table names. Youa€™ll want to enter the details in the next screen following the on screen instructions, and, if done correctly (ita€™s pretty hard to screw this step up!) will result in your WordPress install being successful.
You should use a strong password for your WordPress install, you can generate them for free here.
Four articles have now been written, I have rejected one for being rubbish, so still waiting for 4 more to be delivered. Once you are up and running with your WordPress install you can start getting down to the fun stuff! Once you see the plugin, click a€?Install Nowa€™ and click a€?OKa€™ on the dialog box that appears. Youa€™ll see a message saying that the plugin has been successfully installed (yahoo!) so click on the a€?Activate plugina€™ to well, activate it. Then you should click the button below, to open my comprehensive guide to all the plugins you will ever want and need installed on your site. Wea€™re going to browse through the available themes and pick one that seems appropriate to our niche. For this tutorial, Ia€™m going to be using the theme Morphic theme as it seems to be a very clean and professional looking theme and is completely responsive, meaning it will render correctly on small devices like tablets, and smartphones.
I think that this is a somewhat subjective point, and that the free templates have actually been getting a lot better recently.

Because we are going to use the WP-Insert plugin (that we installed earlier) to create these for us, it saves us a decent amount of time. Here is what my contact me page looks like on the site, yours should actually look very similar.
Even if you still have a couple being written you can start publishing them now, and adding some graphics to the posts.
For simplicity sake Ia€™m going to assume that all your articles are available, and all are wonderfully written and useful (we did choose premium writers remember, and gave them specific instructions) so the next step is to publish them on the blog. Select your articles subheadings and format them with a€?Heading 2a€™ – You use heading 2 because you only want one Heading 1 (or H1) tag on the page, and your main title will use the a€?H1a€™ tag. When you find your bulleted list, select it completely and click on the bullet button to nicely format it for you. I’m going to spend a few minutes searching these sites, and will hopefully find some really nice big bold images to use with my posts. Once I have found and saved them locally, I’m going to insert them into my posts in two ways. The reason we added the picture in two places, is so that the homepage will display a thumbnail, whereas the post itself will show a main image to go with the article.
And when the visitor visits an article page, they will see the full image that we have uploaded.
To really put the finishing touches on your blog, it might be a nice idea to have one made. Head on over to fiverr and do a search for a€?Logoa€™ and then order the results by a€?Ratinga€™. These guys like to up-sell speed of completion, so wea€™re going to have to be patient while this logo is created, but it doesna€™t stop the site from being functional – which is perfect for us. Well after a long wait, and seemingly one of the slowest logo designers on Fiverr, I finally got the logo through for the site. Will upload it to the site in a few minutes to give it a really polished and professional look. We’ve just ticked over 5 hours from start to finish, which is easily inside the six hours time limit that I set myself. Good luck in building your new website and thank you for spending the time to read through this mammoth tutorial. Over the past 15 years I have accumulated a lot of internet marketing knowledge as well as some extensive web development skills.
I'll be showing you exactly how to save time and money, by building your own website, building your own private blog networks and quietly earning recurring passive income every month. Thanks a lot John, it was nice to chat to you on facebook – really pleased that the guide helped you. The result of four long years of research, the dwelling, which is built using heavy-duty paper, boasts a simple, modular design that takes only a day to install. Finally, the exterior is covered with eco-friendly waterproofing material, and lined with robust timber paneling.
According to the developers, two Wikkelhouses have already been constructed at FabCity Europe. With several years of writing experience under her belt, Sukanya likes to delve deep into the intriguing, yet complex, world of science and technology.
Look for Opportunities to CustomizeJPDA Creative Director Darrick Borowski applauds density and supports living on a smaller footprint. These graphics illustrate how Borowski might custom design a 220-square-foot microunit for a client. Felice Cohen, who has since moved from her 90-square-foot unit (this photo) into a 500-square-foot apartment just two blocks away from her old home, thinks that microunits and tiny homes in general enable people like herself to achieve their goals."Microunit living can actually contribute to a better quality of life if your quality of life isn't rooted in what's inside your apartment, and if you know that you won't be in the space forever. Build UpArchitect, writer and Houzz contributor John Hill has a few years of tiny-space living experience. Interior designer Leslie Banker designed a tiny bedroom for a client in which the desktop was on a hinge, just like on a ship.
Attendees will walk away with an actionable list of to-do items that they can follow to build a business site for themselves or for their clients.
You’ll be surprised that with a little process streamlining you can churn through this list quite nicely, not forgetting to have plenty of tea breaks. The competition on these keywords didn’t look to be very difficult either, so there is a chance we could rank for those keywords with minimal back-links and some good on page SEO. If you would like to be informed when that article goes live and when we publish other awesome tutorials – simply enter your name and email address in the box below. The reason we do this is normal sites dona€™t just have a slew of 500 word articles, so we want to chop and change it a bit and make it look more natural.. You can skip this step entirely, but remember to write useful engaging content that will satisfy your visitors.
You want to have titles that actually sound a bit interesting, so that if people see your site in the SERPS, they will be tempted to visit you. Youa€™ll need to deposit money before you can get articles written, so deposit $41 right away.
If any take your fancy then copy the domain and paste it into the Open Site Explorer search bar. If you have a specific niche, you might also consider doing this, just as an extra step to ensure your domain is on target.
Too many spam links, or links from Russian blog networks is not good, neither are links with pharmaceutical type brand names. Yes I know there interface is a little clunky, and yes I know there CEO shot an elephant – but they are keenly priced if you have a few minutes to search for a coupon.
If you are going to host with GoDaddy then you won’t want to update your name servers. Wea€™re gonna be installing some nice plugins to help protect us from spam as well as one to help us create a bunch of legal pages easily and quickly. There is no point leaving them on the server, so just delete them from your Plugins dashboard. I also personally really like this type of theme, as you can really enhance the simpleness of it with a splash of color or a brilliant image. Take a look at the free themes in your WordPress dashboard, and see if any take your fancy. If you were publishing a lot of content you would want to make extensive use of categories.
The inclusion of such pages has become a requirement now as many advertisers (clickbank, adsense etc) insist in their terms and conditions that these legal pages are present on your site. Go ahead and try it, to see that it works – you should receive the email on the address that you set up WordPress with. When you get the emails from iWriter saying that they have been completed, follow the detailed instructions that they provide and either approve or reject the work that has been submitted. It will take a little bit of time for each one, so the writers might deliver extra articles while we are working. They don’t need to match exactly, as long as they are somewhat on target with the article topic. In this box, we’ll add all our menu items and then literally drag them around until they are in the hierarchy that we are looking for.

I left this step until last, as youa€™ll want to show your site and colors to the designer so that they can get you something that fits in well. This ensures that you only see the best logo designers – and should have a fighting chance of getting something nice. If you want to leave a comment below, please feel free to do so – I will read and respond to every single comment personally, so if you need any help at all, with any of these steps then just shout. The brilliant minds at Netherlands-based Fiction Factory have constructed full-sized, livable modular homes using cardboard as the primary building material.
Construction begins with a giant machine, where a layer of special, eco-friendly adhesive is applied to a single roll of recycled, corrugated cardboard. Incredibly easy to install, the structure can be erected anywhere, in your backyard or even on the beach.
The issue has special relevance in San Francisco right now, as the Board of Supervisors gears up for a November 2012 vote on a proposal to allow the construction of microunits as small as 220 square feet.
The city was and still is my backyard: I go to shows and meet friends at restaurants instead of staying at home watching TV on the couch," she says. There is no doubt, that every tenant, landlords or property in general would prefer a bigger dwelling, but life is life and there's simply not enough such properties, especially where I live - London.. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. In this tutorial, I won’t be going into the process of choosing a niche and picking keywords as I want to just use this site as an example to show you the process involved in getting your website up and running with targeted content. You can either reject it (where it will be re-written by someone else), have it rewritten by the same guy, or approve it.
By default WordPress uses web URLs which have question marks and lots of numbers in them; however, WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives. You don’t want to have too many, but you should use them so that a visitor can quickly locate articles of interest. You want to find royalty free or creative commons images that fit your niche and site, that you can use without any restrictions. You can add and remove elements as you see fit, so have a play around with the menu builder. You will have spent just under 51 bucks, and now you have a damn fine looking blog with over 3,600 words of content and some groovy images for each post. Following that, the material is wrapped around the structure’s frame for a total of 24 times to lend it durability, strength as well as a proper shape. Lover of classics of all kinds, she can be found spending her days reading and rereading To Kill a Mockingbird, Crime and Punishment and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
It arrives unassembled and assembly should be completed by at least two people with at least handyman level building skills.The design can be used for a variety of functions such as a home, studio, office, guest house, resort accommodations, low-income housing, or even as a disaster relief shelter. Small-space living can be an economical choice, but it's also a lifestyle choice, says Felice Cohen, who has lived in a 90-square-foot apartment in Manhattan for almost five years. Cohen is quick to point out that there isn't anything wrong with staying home and watching TV, but that microunit living forced her to "find a reason to get up and go," she says.
My friends used to say that I could cook breakfast without getting out of bed a€” which was almost true," he says.
She has a small stool to sit on when she uses the desktop, so it tucks away easily," Banker says.She adds that high ceilings and at least two windows would let in plenty of natural light and give access to a view a€” preferably an attractive one. You can reject articles as much as you want, so don’t worry about not getting an article you like, you can just reject it, or get it rewritten.
You can quickly and easily buy any of them, and set them up according to the extensive documentation that usually comes provided. Change yours to something nice as well, and then paste the body of the article into the big box in the middle of the page. The last thing you want is to get some legal action taken against you from one of the big agencies for using an unlicensed copy of a photo that they own the rights to. You can continue to buy content for your site, or write your own – or you can concentrate on marketing your new site, and building links to it to start getting a bit of traffic.
Thanks to its ingenious modular design, it can be expanded to house a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen and a toilet. Although the skeptic in me is concerned how these units will benefit landowners and people with money, another part of me looks at this as an opportunity to create small homes that are bespoke and reflect the way people are living in cities like San Francisco."Borowski points to Michael Pozner's studio, here, as a great example of a space with hardworking multiuse and disappearing furnishings. Hill suggests putting storage up high and keeping closets and other service parts away from the windows of the apartment, to make the space as open as possible. Here, professionals share strategies on how you can live a full life in the tiniest of spaces.
Cohen says that living in a tiny space requires a kind of discipline and self-awareness that living in a larger home may not foster.
Hill, who drew the plans for a 220-square-foot space shown here, says that a rolling ladder is essential for the scenario to work. He added a planter box to the window in the kitchen for growing herbs and other plants, lending the space some indoor greenery and giving the microunit dwellers access to some homegrown food without depending on the availability of a garden rooftop. By incorporating an innovative staircase and varying ceiling heights as well as maximizing natural light, Ian was able to prevent this home from being claustrophobic. My goal was to produce an efficient yet cozy home with minimal impact on yard space and the environmenta€?.
You know it is not just the younger generation that are interested in footprints, we geezers are too. A little on the large side as far as tiny homes are concerned, but we’re eager to address the strong demand for an affordable two-bedroom home.
Perhaps each step could be a few inches thick allowing the construction of a drawer on the under side of each step. LolReply Wendy saysAug 30, 2013 at 8:58 am Marie- I love your idea about the drawers under the steps- it’s brilliant! Or- simply have the sofa be a hide-a bed or futon and sleep downstairs, save the upstairs for storage. Great for shoes!Reply Heather Fournier saysAug 28, 2013 at 6:59 am What a lovely, airy design in such a small space! There’s also enough head room to put on your socks and underwear while sitting on the bench, and a built-in clothes closet is located in the far corner of the higher ceiling area. Sliding louvered screens, one of NOMAD’s listed website options, can be added to the exterior face of the large window and moved across the opening accordingly. So, depending on the weather and the inside temperature at any given moment, shade or sun can easily be selected. NOMAD wants the journey to the upper level to be safer than a ladder, so it provides a actual stair with a wall-mounted handrail… safer and more home-like!Cleanliness is hugely important in any home, especially in a tiny house. Well done guys!Reply tammy saysAug 28, 2013 at 2:18 pm Are the shipping prices to the u.s available?

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