Cinema 4D Prime is an ideal choice for all graphic designers looking to add 3D to their toolset. Sven Hauth and Holger Schonmann were itching to create an animated short film but just weren't able to come up with a fitting script.
Movie posters are one of the best thing you can do to your film for promotion, or even to make a money. Attractive movie based concept theme is very important to make your film poster stand out in film marketing, and there are many ways you can create professional poster for your film.
First you need to consider about title, target audience, message, layout design, fonts and images. DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to  customize your home movie with transitions, one or multiple songs, a theme. Go to DVD Menus tab, you can select a menu template, and customize the menu with background image, background music , title and more. This entry was posted in DVD Photo Slideshow and tagged create a home movie, create a movie with family pictures, make a home movie dvd on May 24, 2013 by Sarah Jablich. Each year Halloween gives us a great excuse to hack at our designs with the most grungy brushes and textures in our collection to create the most raw and gory artwork we can. The horror movie poster design we’ll be creating as part of this tutorial features a scary looking infected zombie fellow. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and increase the contrast by dragging the shadows marker to darken the photo. Fill the poster design document with a black fill then double click the zombie layer and add a red Color Overlay.
Our zombie character is currently wearing a pair of stud earrings, so roughly draw a mask around them and fill the selection in order to remove them. Add a Layer Mask to the blood splatters layer and use similar spraypaint brushes to paint away the excess that hides the facial areas.
Creating the text by hand helps avoid any duplicated letters that can result from using decorative fonts. Paste the title into the main poster document and add a Color Overlay to match the red theme of the design. Use the spraypaint brushes, this time at a much smaller scale, to add a range of drips and splatters around the text to give it more of a gory horror style. Use the spraypaint brushes once again to paint away the lower portion of the character using black on a new layer.

To relate to the old school B movie theme we’re aiming for with this poster design, a folded paper texture is perfect for creating the appearance of an old poster that has been folded up in a back pocket for decades. Paste the texture on the top of the layer stack, desaturate and invert it then change the blending mode to Screen. Finally, to give the design a slightly more retro and aged appearance, add a new layer filled with a very dark blue.
Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. Hey in that colour range thing if I copy and paste the highlights it does nothing… And the red overlay just makes the whole image red and looks naff. Just wanted to say a huuuge thanks, whilst i slightly drifted of track with my work, the theme is there, and it was awesome! But if you are creating lot of poster, a good idea is to use a image editing software like Photoshop, which will save your money in long run. Since the 1980s, the standard film poster size in the United States has been 27-inches wide by 40-inches high. MeMoov is a free online animation studio that lets you make full animated videos without needing any tech skills. Take pictures or film videos for your family members, or collect all the meaning photos together, then create a family movie DVD for generations to preserve and share memorable family stories.
There are various transitions for choosing, also you can select a beautiful theme for your movie. Also you can save it on your computer in different video formats, such as mp4, mpg, avi, etc. For maximum impact the design is created with red on black and has a grainy quality to relate to the low-fi printing techniques used on old school B movie posters. Press CMD+C to copy the selection then paste the clipping into your main poster design document. Choose a small hard nib then alter the Size Jitter and Spacing in the Brush options to create a rough and irregular line. Also, being a horror movie design the titles are often engraved, carved or created from blood splatters, so they’re easy to create manually. These spraypaint splatters do a great job of matching the rough texture of the zombie layer. I purchased and downloaded the Billing Block template from Graphic River and quickly pasted the default wording into my design, but the whole block can be customised with your own movie info.

Adjust the opacity to fine tune the effect so it’s prominent enough to see the paper creases, but not too overpowering. Change this layer to Screen to give the black areas a subtle blue tint, which helps capture the faded ink effect seen on old prints.
The grainy texture from the photo clipping and the spraypaint brushes do a great job of creating a raw and gritty horror movie theme, while the red on black scheme and creased paper texture helps give the design an old antique appearance.
Their story revolves around a character who simply can't think of a storyline for his animated short. You can choose a scene, make people walk, have them make faces, and even use your own voice to make them speak! You can organize photos by dragging and dropping.  If you like, you can click Text button to add narrative or quotes on photos. Add one or more songs as the movie background music, if you like you can record sound and use it. We’ll create a low-fi print effect with red on black and use a range of splatter brushes to rough up the design and capture the horror theme. Don’t worry too much about painting over the facial features, pay more attention to the pattern of drips and splatters. I don’t own Illustrator, nor can I afford the whole adobe suite, so these Photoshop tutorials are killer. Within just a few days Sven and Holger had written a script and started drawing the storyboard and designing the character and set.Finding someone to synchronize the script turned out to be more difficult than expected.
Due to budget restraints, they first tried to find the right speaker among their English-speaking friends but soon realized that this was indeed a job only a professional speaker could master. Pretty much every available Cinema 4D module was used, from MoGraph to Sketch and Toon to HAIR, proving once again that MAXON products offer high-level performance coupled with an optimized workflow. Nevertheless, each time a project is completed we are taken by the fact that we never have to worry about stability, performance or other critical issues when working with MAXON software", says Holger Schonmann.

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