OK, girls, many of you have expressed that you LOVE our hairstyles, and would like to see some of the more complicated hairstyles done on one’s self.
Perhaps one of the more complex hairstyles is the Waterfall Braid, and so many YouTube viewers have left comments wanting to know how to do this if you do not have anyone to help you with it. What I love about this style is that it can be done on short hair (like mine) as well as long (my daughters). Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, one hair elastic or 2 bobby pins, hairspray or accessory {if desired}.
This is the best tutorial I’ve seen – it finally makes sense about dropping the second piece! I tried this on my hair just this morning, and it survived to my gym class and my cheerleading practice.
I was wondering what this hairdo would look like if you did the braid inside out or if it would work at all.
If you are looking for classy and cute short nail art designs, which will complete your ideal looks and will add some more amazing and perfect final touches to the nicely worked out combinations of your, then the list we are going to present to your attention is just the thing you need! Classy with renovated can be your choice for nail art, particularly matching ethereal shades like black and white coming with some abstracted design interpretations and interesting shape solutions especially putting the accents on the proportions of each shade. Animal print motives can also be your choice, matching those pattern ideas with colorful interpretations and just as interesting color combinations.
One more creative idea that you may try out is the combination of a monotone solution for short nails, matching it with the colorful interpretation of just one nail out of the whole five. Cute and sweet floral motives are the designs you may always go for when picking girly patterns for your short nails. You can also try out the combination of some patterns with monochrome solutions not putting them on separate nails, but combining those patterns for the one and the same nail, for instance matching the tribal patterns with a nude background.
In order to create some more impressive contrasts with your nails, you can also go further with the design interpretations, creating some nice design solutions with thematic prints like eye patterns, and, of course, some monochrome options for a visual background.
Golden details and design interpretations do look great when implemented correctly, but when those designs turn into super scrupulous and flabbergasting 3D patterns with mini beads and meticulously elaborated textures then the effect is really incomparable. Picking one single design for each nail yet preserving the overall color palette is just another thing that you may do, for instance, picking some cards themes featuring hearts and spades and keeping all within the thematic color palette of white, black, and red. If you are for super abstracted, then the blurry and painterly printed nail art is just for you. Another creative combination with trendy shades is the synthesis of stripy patterns like navy blue and white matched with tones like red and glam golden. In order to create more intense and darker toned designs you can go for final accents of black tone over colorful pairs like those of turquoise, blue and white.
Creative and funny motives like those of cartoon characters can also be included in the offer list of your nail art variants. Design patterns may also be quite useful for your nail art options, featuring some black or glittery dark green background for all the nails except for two, being the carrier of the unique design image, which may be a simple flower or a scrupulous design pattern. Ombre themes also seem to have a moment right now, suggesting you alternatives like those created with tones like fuchsia, blue and purple, also having some glittery themes made of colorful tones and overall appealing designs. Simpler combinations with tones like black go on as we see the perfect pair of half moon black and golden shades, with clearly shaped out outlines and neat edges. Other forms of floral design patterns also include some more diversified and multi-colored alternatives, which range from yellow, orange and green to blue with pink. Especially for those interested in fashion and politics Katy Perry suggests going for having some trendy nail color and pattern combos matched with real images like she did matching the blue, pink, and white stripy patterns and images of stars with the image of President Obama. The renovated design of such patterns as the French manicure is probably the following most impressive and noteworthy thing that you may opt for if you want to have something unique and creative. Messy and abstracted can also have different forms and patterns, coming with a variety of colors and design combinations, for instance matching the white background with some messy navy blue and red dotted and blurred patterns.
Going for the classiest yet most proficiently worked out options covering the whole length of the nails with monochrome colors be those of shiny texture or not is one more thing you may do with your short nails. One more great thing that you can do is matching calm and soothing tones like orange with classy combinations like black and cream and finishing all off with some metallic accents creating borders between the color sections.
For some more diversified and interesting combinations including black and white tones you can use silver glittery texture as a background matching it with the tiny dots on the white backdrop and finishing up all with the crisscrossed patterns. Black works with red perfectly, too and of course the patterns and proportions you use can be various and really different. One more thing that you may do with the combination of pale pink and white shades is arranging them into various overlapping zigzag patterns and finishing all with a segmental or a stripy line of white shade for the absolute effect. If you would also like to have a thematic Valentine’s Day nail art then going for the traditional heart shapes designed in a non-traditional way is probably a nice thing you may do. Cartoon heroes and cartoonized characters can also become a part of your nail art, featuring various faces of the most famous or maybe not too famous characters, yet contributing to the creation of really unique and interesting looks and images eventually. In addition, you may also go super-duper diverse and imaginative themes picking something extraordinary from the most different and interesting sources and themes and combining them for your nail art, thus having a huge variety of colors, images, and motives joining even the most unexpected ones together.
Dark shades also work nice with the design patterns of shimmery textures made with tones like silver. One more extra chic and flabbergasting option that you may try out is the combination and the design play of matter black with some violet accents, for instance, creating some really glam looks with black tones being an ideal accompaniment for the classiest events and combinations.
Adorning the nails with tiny rhinestones, 3D design patterns, holographic images and a variety of other experimental alternatives of this type you will also create unfailing images and combinations of tones and styles, joining shades like black and gold, and black with silver. Super creative and cool interpretations can be enriched with some more awesome designs too, for instance opting for kitty images filing the tips of the nails and matching the golden background with their black outlines, golden rhinestone encrusted eyes and white nose! Other imaginative patterns can also accompany your coolest Halloween looks, suggesting such design interpretations as images of spiders put on the orange background and coming with black shades and some white dots to complete the color contrast even more. One more interesting alternative for the Halloween theme you may try out is that featuring tiny bats covering the whole nude background of your nails! For more soothing and universal combinations you can also go for the classy combination of the pale pink background with the studded dots placed in the central part from the tips to the bottom. Blurred and colorful can also be interpreted in the way of combining tones like gray, purple, and pink putting all on the classic white background.
Picking curious tones like a glam and chic shade of lilac can also be a nice solution for the creation of catchy and unique tones solely.
Catchier shades of neon can also be included in your choice, especially when coming with brighter options and again possibly combining that with the black and white patterns picked for one or two fingers out of all. In order to pick something time-proof and unfailing, you can also go for the simple, bright, and colorful patterns, putting the shades in the gradient manner and thus creating some catchy and curious looks with the colorful combinations and overall monochrome solutions for each nail. If you like such combinations as those of pink and silver shades, then you may also try out the arrangement of pink central section with the silver outlines all around the pink part. Matching silver undertones with shades like pastel blues and pinks is also a good and try-worthy idea especially when you are good at picking suitable colors for shades like shimmery silver. Simple and abstracted can also be matched quite successfully with pastel shades, thus creating some catchy looks like the duos of lilac and mint green.
However, you can also go for the most minimalistic and simplest alternatives creating just tiny leopard motifs on a nude background. Mythical and mysterious motives can also find their reflection in the arsenal of the coolest nail design ideas for your short nails. If you are a real fashion maniac you may let everyone know about that from the very first glance thus decorating each nail with the logo of the most popular and gigantic fashion houses picking one for each nail thus creating color diversity joint with the shape varieties. Apart from the texture plays created with darker shades, we may suggest you playing with the tones and textures of lighter tones, too, for instance picking the creamy shades of different undertones with randomly picked patterned like dots and abstracted motives.
High contrastive color combinations can also be included in the list of the catchiest looks for your short nail art options, for instance matching light crimson with variations of blue and coming up with really impressive and creative results for everyday energizing looks. It may also be all about patterns, involving the most diverse and incredible alternatives and design variations of course not leaving aside the imaginative interpretations for color variants, too.
If you are ready for the boldest and the catchiest combinations then you may decorate the whole texture of your nails with super sizzling studs creating the sizzling iridescence and overall happy and energized design, thus making a super ideal play pair for the festive occasions and corresponding combinations. Experimenting with the textures you can also come up with quite interesting and imaginative combinations, for instance playing with black and matte red shades for the sophisticated effect, finished off with the slight white touches for really bright looks. Nevertheless, if you have a particular favorite shade and if you really like to have the classy interpretations only, then going for tones like classic red for the nails is one of the most unfailing and greatest ideas for you.

Calm shades do make an ideal background themselves and you may just go for the most incredible and stunning experiments and interpretations ever, which range from picking something unique for the whole texture to matching that soothing background with the rainbow-like color stripes for spicing up the looks a bit. Still, lilac can make a good combination with shades like purples and all you need to do in this case is again concentrate on choosing the exact tone and the exact design patterns.
Prints and patterns with floral motives are generally super-stylish nowadays and you may come up with a couple of options if they have something unique and creative for the perfect outcome.
Other creative options may also be introduced with peacock motifs featuring color combinations of lighter and darker shades of green and coming up with cool abstracted patterns and undertone plays, which will be noticed even better if created professionally. If you like darker tones of blue, then you may also try out the combination with the darker blue nails one having something different, something unique and something special most often created with the help of awesome palm tree patterns.
Marine themes are other alternatives for you especially when coming up with the various shade plays of blue including dark and light blue and white background. Multiple color tone plays can be made with really close color shades, too, for instance picking tones of the blue and lilac, matching them with each other and then covering the whole texture with sweet patterns for the maximum glamorous effect.
Classic checkered patterns created with black and white tones can’t be left out of the attention, either, creating some really great and stunning looks and design combinations. Houndstooth pepita pattern is also here created with the dark tones of blue and possibly black, yet the absence of lighter color shades is probably one of the trickiest aspects about such combinations, making it compatible with the elegant garments or the casual garments shaded correspondingly. The third eye motives as we noted above can be used both for forming just one of the variants for the nail art coming combined with the rest of the design options, as well as forming the core of the design patterns used for the whole nail art of the fingers. We also present the classiest and most amazing nail art designs with blue and golden shades, thus having the blue background and the golden outlines nicely matched with black.
Combinations of three matching shades are also quite successful especially if taking the classic and enigmatic black shade as one of those options, for instance, matching it with pink and white and arranging the trio in the abstracted and geometric form. Picking a neutral background and painting the cutest and brightest prints and patterns on it will lead you to one of the trendiest nail designs for short nails. One more interesting interpretation that you may try out is the creative combination of gold, black and white, creating the overall catchy color contrasts and the really energizing images and looks, enabling to combine that with the most lavishly and diversely picked garments and styles.
Dots and dotted patterns are the following curious and noteworthy variants that you may consider, for instance, combining the black and light pink shades with either regularly or irregularly arranged design interpretations.
Nude with golden is another formula that you may experiment with, creating some really chic and universal nail art designs for any occasion and combination and presenting wonderful and tasteful looks with the classic graphic manicure accents. However, if you would like to go even further with more complex designs and color combinations, try out this ethnic inspired nail art design, so perfect for short nails.
If you like thematic images like the flag of the US, then you can split the image between the two hands, thus creating the starry designs for the fingers of the one hand leaving the stripy prints and patterns made of red and white for the other. Polka dots plus bows plus cute floral designs appearing on one of the nails is yet another cool nail art idea for short nails.
Color blocking and mosaic images can also find their place in the arsenal of the best short nail art designs for you and what you can do in order to make those images even more vivid and attractive is picking the right shades and creating nice color contrasts, the identical repetition of which is not at all necessary for each nail taken separately.
The choice of the nail color is just as important and can become the key to the creation of unique and interesting nail art options even when taken with the monochrome interpretations for the whole texture of each nail. If black is the background and milky white is the play pair, then the ideal interpretation and combinations are guaranteed. For more specific themes like Christmas, we may also suggest a nice alternative for you, again characterized by the diversity of motives, prints and patterns and, of course, introducing the widest diversity of color combinations, too. One more interesting option of Christmas nail art designs is the snowflake pattern coming with the combination of blue and white tones, possibly also interchanging with rhinestones as the tiny central aspects of those scrupulously worked out snowflakes. Going even further, we may also suggest creating the catchy interpretations of the Christmas themes using the same color duos for all the nails. Especially for the fans of music we may also suggest going for combinations like that of the designs featuring musical notes and coming created on the white background, which completes the black patterns just perfectly. Finally, you may match tones like coral and black in a simple combo with half moon designs, thus creating multi-layered and quite impressive combinations, making a good match with the correspondingly shaded garments and clothing combinations. Sticking to our curious nail art designs for short nails you’ll probably solve the problem of finding some try-worthy alternatives for your nails not risking to misuse any elements of the style or create incompatible combinations in terms of the shades, the designs, and the overall looks. A common-size financial statement is simply one that is created to display line items on a statement as a percentage of one selected or common figure. The common-size strategy from a balance sheet perspective lends insight into a firm’s capital structure and how it compares to rivals.
Below is an example of a common-size balance sheet for technology giant International Business Machines - IBM (NYSE:IBM). It is important to add short-term and long-term debt together and compare this amount to total cash on hand in the current assets section. In similar fashion to an income statement analysis, many items in the cash flow statement can be stated as a percent of total sales. The key benefit of a common-size analysis is it allows for a vertical analysis by line item over a single time period, such as a quarterly or annual period, and also from a horizontal perspective over a time period such as the three years we analyzed for IBM above. The biggest benefit of a common-size analysis is that it can let an investor identify large or drastic changes in a firm’s financials.
A common-size analysis can also give insight into the different strategies that companies pursue.
As the above scenario highlights, a common-size analysis on its own is unlikely to provide a comprehensive and clear conclusion on a company.
I’m only 13 years old and have no sisters so I do my hair on barbies but barbie heads are too small for this hairdo!
This is probably the most comprehensive and in-detail list of the trendiest options and variants you may experiment with, finding some really creative and nice ideas and synthesis of various vibes put together. So go for matching leopard prints with shades like light pink and gold and you will really like the results. So you will get an interesting contrast of different shades and design patterns, securing the colors and the tasteful combos. So you may combine the nude background with a simple background and appropriate colors, creating some really catchy and appealing looks. The inspiration probably comes from pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and it does look effective. So this is what you may also try out, picking a neutral shade like blue as a background and creating some really impressive designs. For instance, you may match the diagonal stripes with bright color shades like green, keeping the stripes white and really managing to create catchy looks. This way you will be able to create some really catchy nail designs for your short nails just by means of going for blurry and abstracted color prints, which solve the question of creative motives and nice color combos at the same time. The traditional colors are, of course, black, red, and white, but the patterns and the silhouettes may vary according to the creativity and intention of yours. The color synthesis is really noteworthy and try-worthy and will fit any occasion and combination. So do try out the combinations with different matching tones of blue, putting all into the classic forms of French manicure.
In addition, you may also start with the nail primer to secure the long fixation and long-lasting chic.
In this case if you have a good feel of color compatibility you may also experiment with the color match for black and white from the arsenal of soothing colors. For instance, you may go for the half moon designs matched with some stripes on a transparent background for a minimalist and edgy effect.
Still, what makes this design special is the way the hearts are created and the place they appear in, thus outlining the classic red fill of the shape with a white stripe and marking the heart on the side of the tip of the nails leaving the rest with the natural tone still gently covered with transparent lacquer. So you may pick a dark shade close to black and add some glittery studs creating a quilted tetxure. The arrangement of those design details can be both symmetrical and randomized according to the abstracted principles.
The trickiest part will probably be making the eyes of those tiny spiders without blurring the shades with each other. Letting these tiny scary bats become the nail art creators for you, you’ll be able to create some really amazing and cool combinations with the rest of your images.
All you need to do is just create the greenish silhouette of the famous scary buddy we all know, and be careful with the proper decorations and color combinations and, of course, choose the proper thematic accompaniments for the rest of the components like garments, too.

Probably this is one of the best and most imaginative nail designs for short nails matching both the classy and formal and the casual and everyday looks perfectly. What makes this look different is the big proportion of the other colors almost entirely covering the white layer. Furthermore, if you combine that with some small and just as imaginative details with other shades, for instance, putting that for one finger only, you will get even better images.
Still, you may also combine the zig-zag patterns with other colors like pink, green and blue and play with the proportions a bit, thus having some really curious and catchy designs. Taking inspiration from the most various and interesting sources like palm trees is a good idea. So all you need to do in this case is choose the right shape and the right stylish combinations.
So if you are for the classic and beautiful accents this design may be quite suitable for you. So matching the black patterns with the pastel yellow background is what you need to do, combining all that with the enigmatic thematic prints, which can be taken from the most diverse sources and places.
So it may be a third-eye motif, something including diamond patterns, or combos of random circles and waves arranged with black stripes on a white background.
If done professionally you will really have irreplaceable combos especially when matching them with the identical tones for lips. Just think over including some colorful solutions for your monochrome pastel lilac background and enjoy the results especially if you like light shades. Thus you may create the whole thematic focus of the nails based on the motives like this, for instance picking shades like blue and white. So if you are a real cutie pie and if you like pastel shades, then this design is just the exact thing for you.
So don’t hesitate to combine the classic duos like that of course adding some modern twists, be those the unique shade of the white color or the design patterns used.
A good idea is focusing on red and white used with the most diverse patterns with each other, also possibly matching that with just one other color synthesis probably for the creation of lively and creative looks. This will make a great accompaniment both for special and everyday occasions and will make a strong statement about your personality, too. The good feel of style and the clear understanding of the compatibility of those colors is the key to success. Good feel of the occasion and the good taste will also contribute to the creation of successful and noteworthy options, some of which you may find in our top list of short nail art designs meant for various occasions and seasons. Creating common-size financial statements makes it easier to analyze a company over time and compare it with peers. Financial statements in dollar amounts can easily be converted to common-size statements using a spreadsheet, or they can be obtained from online resources like Mergent Online.
Based on the accounting equation, this also equals total liabilities and shareholders’ equity, making either term interchangeable in the analysis. An investor can also look to determine an optimal capital structure for an industry and compare it to the firm being analyzed.
Running through some of the examples touched on above, we can see that long-term debt averages around 20% of total assets over the three-year period, which is a reasonable level. It lets the investor know how much of a cash cushion is available, or if a firm is dependent on the markets to refinance debt when it comes due.
We will cover it in more detail below, but notice the R&D expense that averages close to 6% of revenues. This can give insight on a number of cash flow items, including capital expenditures (capex) as a percent of revenue.
It generated an impressive level of operating cash flow that averaged 19% of sales over the three-year period from 2010 to 2012. Rapid increases or decreases will be readily observable, such as a rapid drop in reported profits during one quarter or year. For instance, one company may be willing to sacrifice margins for market share, which would tend to make overall sales larger at the expense of gross, operating or net profit margins. It must be done in the context of an overall financial statement analysis, as detailed above.
My mom has tried several times to do my hair in braids and braided buns, but because my hair is shorter and thicker than it would need to be it doesn’t work as well. So just think over creating some nice combinations with creatively laid diagonal stripes with just as memorable background tones and enjoy the effect.
In the end, you may just sprinkle some golden touches over the monochrome texture like red in order to have exclusively great and fabulous results.
You need to start with the red layer, and go on with the rest of the shades delicately applying them one by one not distorting the arrangement. Using common-size financial statements helps investors spot trends that a raw financial statement may not uncover. Below is an overview of each and a more detailed summary of the benefits, as well as drawbacks, that such an analysis can provide investors.
It is also possible to use total liabilities when focusing on liabilities to indicate where a company’s obligations lie and whether it is being conservative or risky in managing its debts.
Then he or she can conclude whether debt is too high, excess cash is being retained on the balance sheet, or inventories are growing too high.
It is even more reasonable when observing that cash represents around 10% of total assets, and short-term debt accounts for 6% to 7% of total assets over the past three years.
For instance, a net profit margin is simply net income divided by sales, which also happens to be a common-size analysis.
Share repurchase activity was also impressive at more than 11% of total sales in each of the three years. But looking up and down a financial statement, using a vertical analysis, allows an investor to catch significant changes at a company on his or her own. I decided to film a tutorial to show you exactly how I handle the stranding as well as the falling pieces in this waterfall braid.
In addition, you may also use your imagination for creating some impressive design patterns with tiny heart designs layered delicately over the shiny texture.
So this will be an ideal option for special occasions like evenings out, as well as more casual and everyday settings requiring less formal combos and looks. The goodwill level on a balance sheet also helps indicate the extent to which a company has relied on acquisitions for growth. Debt issuance is another important figure in proportion to the amount of annual sales it helps generate. You may also notice the first row, which is net income as a percent of total sales, which matches exactly with the common-size analysis from an income statement perspective. One item of note is the Treasury stock in the balance sheet, which has grown to more than a negative 100% of total assets. While we looked at IBM on a stand-alone basis, like the R&D analysis, IBM should also be analyzed by comparing it to key rivals.
A short-term drop in profitability could only indicate a short-term blip, rather than a permanent loss in profit margins. Do you have any suggestions for what I could possibly do with my hair besides things like the water fall braid or headband braids? The common-size method is appealing for research-intensive companies, for example, because they tend to focus on research and development (R&D) and what it represents as a percent of total sales. Because these items are calculated as a percent of sales, they help indicate the extent to which they are being utilized to generate overall revenue.
But rather than alarm investors, it indicates the company has been hugely successful in generating cash to buy back shares, which far exceeds what it has retained on its balance sheet.

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