Moreover, you can also save your photo collage so created in your Facebook account in your Album or timeline.
If you would like to make an offer, click Enquire Here and follow the prompts on the displayed page to submit a bid or Buy It Now. If your offer is accepted by both parties or you have completed the Buy It Now process, you will receive a notification advising you of the next steps. Make a Photo Collage Online Using Images from any Web Page Tech Guides About Us Work 19 Jul 2012 Create Photo Collages Using Online Images Shape Collage Online is a free online to for automatically creating photo collages using images and pictures found on public web pages.
Shape Collage is an automated photo collage maker that makes collages in different shapes in seconds!
Add photos, or even an entire folder of photos, by clicking File > Add Photos and then browsing to the location where your photos are saved.
Select the shape, and use the preview button to see the layout before creating the collage.
You can change the spacing of the collage to make the photos closer together or further apart.

The great thing with the Shape Collage, is that it exports the image at 300 dpi, so you can print it out and put it in a frame. I just tried out this app and it sucks because after 7 collage attempts it starts putting the watermark in the middle. If you save the collage as a PSD file, you can open the file in Photoshop, and move photos around, change the ordering, rotate the photos, apply filters, and more, as each photo in placed in its own layer.
What a beautiful way to do a gallery of photos – and it was such fun to go to Hong Kong with you!
You can add photos from your Facebook account, your Twitter account, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. The best part of this collage is that it has emotive qualities… because I was next to you when you took most of the images!
You can also add photos from any URL, or from the Internet by searching photos using the desired keyword (search is conducted with the help of Bing). As mentioned above, you can select photos from your Facebook account (that includes your own photos, or your friends’ photos that are allowed by their privacy settings), your Twitter account, Searching on Internet using Bing, Instagram, Tumblr, URL, etc.

When you login to your Facebook account using this free Loupe app, it allows you also to add photos from your Facebook friends’ accounts also. Thereafter, select the Shapefor your collage, from out of several shape options available on the site. You can even edit the photo collage, which means you can move or delete individual photos in the collage. Within seconds, the tool pulled all the photographs of Obama found on Google Images and turned them into a nice photo collage. This collage is interactive because if you click any of the thumbnails in this pile of photographs, it will open the full resolution picture on original website so you don’t miss the context. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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