The use of glass balustrades to create a sense of light and space in cutting edge design-led new-builds, conversions and refurbishments is increasing. Supporting professional businesses within the joinery and construction industry with quality products and outstanding service since 1987.
I was recently approached by my colleague – Jane with a request to produce custom luggage tags with a quick turnaround time. So back to the project, the end product turned out quite well considering the tight time frame! Step 01: Involved laying out designs in order to gauge what shape and look Jane envisaged the end product to look like. It became clear during the design process that I would need to liaise with Jane and the leather manufacturers to ensure that I left the gap in the wood wide enough to ensure the leather straps would feed through comfortably.
I also learned that it is a good idea to have any font in your design file converted to outlines.
Step 03: Involved selecting material at the Fab lab, we chose 3mm birch as it was quite thick (Luggage tags need to be quite sturdy to be functional). Microsoft Excel is, perhaps, the most popular business analysis tool; countless organizations across all types of industry rely on Excel each and every day to make sense of their sales, customer metrics, and other data.
Using a reporting framework like Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services, which include built-in options to export reports to Excel.
Turning to a third-party library, of which there are many commercial and open-source choices. Figure 1: A spreadsheet is a collection of sheets, which is a collection of rows, which is a collection of cells. Converting the NPOI-representation of the spreadsheet into an actual Excel spreadsheet, which can be saved to the web server's file system or streamed directly to the visitor's browser.
Next we need to create the header row, which labels the data points displayed for each user – Username, Email, and so forth.
We're now ready to add the data rows – namely, those rows that represent the user accounts on the website.
These three steps are handled by the code in Listing 7, which starts by creating a new MemoryStream object.
Figure 3 shows the effects of the code in Listing 7 when viewed through Internet Explorer 9.
Details, which lists every single sale for the year – the order, date, price, quantity, and total – grouping the sales by product. Step 1 is accomplished by calling the workbook's CreateCellStyle method, which creates and returns the object used in steps 2 and 3. Listing 8: The cell style for the subtotal row is created, configured, and assigned to the appropriate cell.
You can also use the style object to define a format string for the cell's value via the style object's DataFormat property. Listing 9: The style’s DataFormat property is used to display the cell’s text as a currency. In the examples we've seen thus far, we've assigned a value to a cell using the SetCellValue method.
Because the cells in the D, E, and F columns in the subtotal rows use formulae and not a hard-coded value, if the user manually modifies the detail values in any of those columns the subtotal values will automatically update to reflect the change.
After my posts about creating monograms, labels, and banners in Word, I have received quite a few questions asking if it was possible to make other graphics as well.
Have you ever searched and searched for a background graphic to use only to become frustrated that nothing is “just right”? You can now use your graphic as a background in Word or another program or to fill a shape, like we did in the bunting banner tutorial. I wanted to make sure the circle was defined, so I drew another circle of the same size and put it directly over my existing circle. Finally, you will want to follow steps five and six above to group the graphic and save it as a picture using PowerPoint. If you’re just starting to experiment with graphic design and aren’t ready to invest in designing software, Microsoft Word has a surprising amount of options available and is SO easy to use!
Wow Abby, you are very talented with graphic design, who knew you could do all that in Word? Create Photo Collages Using Pictures of your Facebook Friends Tech Guides About Us Work 10 Feb 2012 Create Collages with your Facebook Photos Create beautiful photo collages with your own Facebook photo albums or using pictures of your friends. Cantilever stairs are also becoming popular and are being specified by architects and interior designers to deliver the appearance of floating in the space.Ultra-modern interior design using glass and wood in combination looks great but it presents a challenge to joiners who are required to create and install glass balustrades and panels in conjunction with many stair projects. With a few referenced image to work from and after a few rounds of edits, the simple design below was decided on. Certain colours and point widths need to be assigned to the different line areas of the design file depending on how the item is being cut. NPOI is a free, open-source library for creating and reading Excel spreadsheets and started as a port of the Java POI project.

Before we dive into the meat of the article, I'd like to take a minute to define the terms I use in this article so as to help avoid any confusion. For example, the Workbook interface defines the properties and methods necessary for a spreadsheet. In particular, let's create an Excel spreadsheet that lists the details about each user account on the website. NPOI's HSSFWorkbook class models an Excel spreadsheet; consequently, programmatically creating a spreadsheet using NPOI starts with creating a new HSSFWorkbook object.
To add a row to a sheet use the Sheet's CreateRow method, passing in the index of the row. This is done by looping through the collection of MembershipUser objects in userAccounts and adding a new row with cells that hold the values for each user's fields of interest – Username, Email, and so on (see Listing 5). Do we want to save it to the web server's harddrive or do we want to stream it directly to the visitor? It is composed of a single sheet, employs no formatting, and does not require the use of any formulae. Listing 8 shows the code used to create the style for the subtotal row in the Details sheet – namely, the style used on row 20 – along with the code that assigns this style to the cells in the subtotal row.
Keep in mind that this style is also assigned to the other cells in this row – cells C through F – but these assignments are omitted from Listing 8 for brevity.
When applying styles it's important to create the shared style once and then assign it to the needed cells rather than creating a new style with identical settings for each cell. Listing 9 shows the code used to create the currencyCellStyle style object, which is is used for the detail records in columns D and F. This works well when displaying a static value in the cell, but part of Excel's power is its ability to use formulae. This article explored one particular approach – using NPOI, a free, open-source library for working with Excel 2003 spreadsheets. This way you’ll have a guide to help you make sure your patterns are straight and evenly spaced. I can’t really imagine doing this in a word processing program, but you did excellent. In fact, I have used Word to create text boxes of color, that I save as a picture and then use as backgrounds in my collages in Pixlr. I hear ya–I’m always trying to find ways around needing expensive programs and equipment! I use Photoshop some too, but Word is great if you don’t have a specific design program! How do you fix the timber components to the glass balustrades or stairs neatly and securely without detracting from the spatial effect of the design?Toolfix has the answer with its range of specialist hardware designed for fixing glass and wood.
Similarly, the Sheet, Row, and Cell interfaces define properties and methods for the sheets, rows, and cells. The System.IO namespace is useful because very often you'll want to take the spreadsheet created via the NPOI library and either save it to disk or to a MemoryStream whose contents will be streamed down to the browser. The rowIndex variable, created and initialized to 0 in Listing 4, is incremented at each step through the loop and instructs NPOI where to place the new row. The workbook object has a Write method that will save the Excel spreadsheet to a Stream of our choosing. Next, the Response object's Content-Type and Content-Disposition HTTP headers are configured (steps 1 and 2 above) and then the contents of the spreadsheet are streamed down to the client via a call to Response.BinaryWrite (step 3). On postback, the Excel spreadsheet was created, saved to a MemoryStream, and streamed back to the browser. Let's look at a more interesting example.The demo available for download includes a sales data report from the Northwind database.
The reason is because each style object you create – even if it has the same settings as another style object – is recorded in the Excel spreadsheet, and Excel has a limit on how many different cell styles it supports. Specifically, the style uses a DataFormat property setting that formats the cell's value as a currency. If this format exists, its ID is returned and assigned to the style object's DataFormat property. With NPOI and a bit of code, you can create spiffy looking, multi-sheet Excel spreadsheets rich with formatting, styling, and forumlae.
Today I’m going to show you a couple examples of how to create your own graphics and let you in on my little graphic-making secret. I actually make a lot of them in Photoshop Elements, but the same thing can easily be accomplished in Word as well. An extensive range of stainless steel glass adaptors, stand-off glass adaptors, floor mounted glass balustrade clamps, glass clamps and Juliette balcony adaptors give joiners plenty of options for bespoke stair and landing installations. This particular spreadsheet was generated by NPOI using code that is part of the demo available for download. Using this row object you can add one or more cells to the row by calling its CreateCell method.

The browser then prompts the user whether to open the file (MembershipExport-4-29-2011.xls) or to save it. Cells D20, E20, and F20 each use Excel's SUM formula to sum the figures in their respective columns. Consequently, if you have a spreadsheet with many cells and you create a new style object for each cell you may bump into this limitation. If the format does not exist a new format object is created by calling the workbooks' CreateDataFormat method and defining its format string. Listing 10 shows the code used to assign the formula to the D column in the subtotal row of the Details sheet, which is the summation of the unit price values for the current product. And, while not explored in this article, NPOI can also be used to read the contents of existing Excel spreadsheets.Happy Programming! Toolfix is able to provide high quality, cost-effective hardware solutions at very short lead times.Hardware can be directly fixed on posts or newels to mount glass panels.
I used be under the assumption that if I did not know how to do something then I should be upfront about it, and refer someone who might be better suited to the task. In particular, the spreadsheet reports product sales from the Northwind database for 1997.A spreadsheet contains a collection of sheets. There is a row for each user in the system listing their username, email, the date they joined, their last login date, whether or not they are approved, and any comments. And the figures in the D and F columns are formatted as currency values.The remainder of this article shows how to create and apply styles to cells and how to have a cell's value computed via a formula. This is accomplished using Excel's SUM formula, which takes the format: SUM(startCell, endCell).
It took a while for me to understand that it was only when I ventured out of my comfort zone and was truly uncomfortable was when I learned the most, and learned at a much faster pace (as it was usually necessary). Also due to the limited time on the laser cutter, only the format of the tags were laser cut. The cell object has a variety of methods and properties, one of the most germane being SetCellValue, which assigns a value to the cell.The code in Listing 4 generates the header row.
However, I did learn what best practice was when printed double sided items on the laser cutter.
Once you have the assembly, you'll need to add a reference to it in your web application by right-clicking on the website in Solution Explorer, choosing Add Reference, and then browsing to the assembly. For example, the spreadsheet in Figure 1 has two sheets, Summary and Details, with the Details sheet being currently displayed.A sheet is a collection of rows. For instance, for the 1997 sales report for Alice Mutton the resulting formula is SUM(D2:D19).
Minimalist design is now fashionable and the combination of glass and timber stairs, especially cantilever stairs, delivers crisp leading-edge design. The spreadsheet in Figure 1 shows rows 1 through 32, although in this particular sheet there are a total of 1,290 rows. Next, the row's CreateCell method is called six times to create the six cells for the header row.
Cells can contain static values – text, numbers, dates, and so on – or they can hold formulae that report a computed value. Cells D20, E20, and F20 in Figure 1 have forumale that compute the summation of the Unit Price, Quantity, and Total amounts for the product (Alice mutton, in the case of cells D20, E20, and F20). This is a useful shortcut if you don't need to call any other methods of the cell or assign any of its properties.
Loupe generates a relatively small image of your collage that will probably look good only on a mobile screen.
To add the first row – which is labelled as row 1 in the Excel spreadsheet – you'd call CreateRow(0). Photo Collages and Facebook Privacy Any photo collage that you create with Loupe is public and currently there’s no option to change the visibility to private. Thus, if you have any private photos on Facebook that you don’t want the world to see, it may not be a good idea to turn them into collages because others may then find them through search engines.
Also see: Create Picture Collage in Picasa Tweet Comments are closed but if you want to respond, please send me an email or tweet. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.
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