Google Docs is a online, free word processing with Google documents, where can create and share documents on the web and access them from any computer or smart phone. Editor are defined by gmail addresses, each time you add or revoke a editor grant Google Docs automatically sends a mail to the user.
If you click on cancel checkout button the document will be checkout in OpenKM repository and remote Google docs will be deleted. If you click on checkin button the document will be checkin in OpenKM repository and remote Google docs will be deleted.

Finally click on button create, the document will be checkin to OpenKM repository and deleted from Google Docs. The selected document will be imported to OpenKM and converted to one of these available formats "doc", "txt", "odt", "pdf", "png", "rtf", "html", "zip", "pptx", "swf", "xls", "ods", "csv", "tsv". For security reasons any document created or edited from OpenKM using Google docs integration is definitive deleted from Google Docs, after edition or creation. Each document created temporary in Google Docs has security restrictions to be only available to Google Docs account owner.

Note that only the user who started the edition is able to cancel checkout or checkin the document.

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