2) You should now be at the “Home” to be safe click on the “Home” link top right-hand corner. 3) Move your eyes over to the left-hand narrow column and then go down the menu until you see “Ads and Pages” menu option. 5) Now look on the left-hand side of the page for the “Offical Page” section and ignore the “Groups” and “Community Page” sections. July 29, 2010 Jennifer BournSeveral business do one thing that absolutely drives Facebook users crazy and it is using a Facebook Personal Profile for their business instead of a Facebook Business Page, which is what a business page is meant for.
Now I know the idea seems simple enough, and easy to understand, but for some reason I continue to receive Facebook Friend Requests from businesses as I am sure you do as well. Note to businesses: Using a profile for your business means you created a FAKE PERSON and a FAKE PROFILE. In this post, I am going to clarify this whole topic for you and provide you step by step instructions on how to create a Facebook Business Page.
You have to have a Facebook Personal Profile or a Facebook Business Account to create a Facebook Page for your business. Click Add information to this Page underneath the profile picture and fill out all of the information completely for your Facebook Page. When you’re ready, publish your Facebook Page by clicking the Publish This Page link. You can optimize your Facebook Page’s performance by clicking the Edit Page link right below the Page Picture in the upper left-hand corner and customizing your settings for a variety of controls. First, you need to be aware of the Facebook Page Resource where you can learn more about creating a Facebook Page for your business, organization, band, group, product, etc. If you already have a Facebook profile and you are logged into Facebook, there are a few other places you can click to create a new Facebook Page.
The first place you can click is the Ads and Pages link in the left-hand sidebar of your Home screen (screen shot below). Another place you can find the link to create a new Facebook Page is at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar on any other Facebook Business page.
Similar to the tabs across the top of Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages offer tabs you can customize for your business.
For example, I chose to remove the Boxes tab from the Bourn Creative Business Page, and instead add the Notes tab for my blog feed, the Photos tab to show photos and portfolio images, the Tweets tab to show my latest tweets, and the Welcome tab for new Page visitors (using the FBML application). As the owner of a Facebook Page, you have the ability to send updates or messages to your community by clicking Send an Update link in the right sidebar of the Facebook Page Editing Window under the heading Promote Your Page. Your Facebook Page can be a powerful tool to help you build your brand and build relationships with your community. When not obsessing over pixels, margins, and type, Jennifer manages the Bourn Creative brand and the creation and iteration of our internal systems and processes. It could be a few different things – You may have too many tabs there already, or the names of the tabs are too long.
We love working with enthusiastic clients who are as passionate about their business as we are about strategy, design, and development. Q: How do I create a page for my youth group, youth retreat, youth work program or youth organization? Due to the public nature of the page, you may want to consider creating a Facebook group for your youth group. Take some time to look at the other options in the left hand tool bar to make further edits to your page. Creating a FaceBook fan page is a great way to strengthen your presence…as a person and as a brand. This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged FaceBook, Social Media, social media marketing on February 26, 2010 by Sarah Watts.
When you agree with terms and condition and click on “Get started “ it will lead  you to details pages.
For your not-for-profit to setup a Facebook Page, you need an account to get started – but what it you don’t want to tie the Page to someone’s personal Facebook account? However, there are things you can’t do that you can if you administer the page from a personal Facebook Profile.

Once you have logged into your new Facebook Business Account you have access to some basic security settings that are available to Facebook Profiles. If your not-for-profit already has a Page (maybe it was set up by a volunteer or staff member), you can add the newly created Facebook Business Account to the Page as an administrator. Type the email address of the new Business Account in the box provided and click ‘Save.’ You will need to re-enter your password to approve the change. Step 3: You may want to either delete the current administrators or change their ‘roles’ – limiting what they can do on your Facebook Page.
You now have a Facebook Business Page and administrator access to your existing (or your newly created) Facebook Page. Be sure to check out our Facebook Timeline for Pages Super-Guide for more information on using your Facebook Page and our other Facebook articles. Note: make sure you select the correct business type for the page “Local Business, Brand, Artist” etc… as you will not be able to change them once the page is created. Submit your articles to us and we will not only publish your content to our blog hub but we will also broadcast the post to our social networks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and the other 40+ social networks we have a presence on. I can’t be a friend to a business offline, but I can like a business and be a fan of the business.
It’s because Facebook doesn’t make the information about creating a business page easy to find and they confuse people further by referring to Facebook Business Pages as Business Profiles in several places!
This is because every business page must have an administrator in charge of and assigned to the page.
Once you have multiple administrators, you can remove Facebook Page administrators as needed. Your page name cannot be changed and you’ll be stuck with it once you create the page.
If you are an entrepreneur and you are your business, consider using a combination of your logo and your photo to differentiate your Facebook Business Page from your Facebook profile or maybe use a different photo. You can do this by sending them an invitation through Facebook, or like some of my clients have done, you can promote it in your email newsletter, or send out a solo email blast about your new Facebook Business Page. For instance, you can control the default landing tab for users who are not yet fans of your Page. You can also learn more about using your Facebook Page and how to advertise your Facebook page using Facebook Ads. Your Facebook Business Page by default, has a Wall tab for you and your community to share content, an Info tab for you to share information about your business, and a Boxes tab for applications etc. For example, if you are a retail store, you need a consistent supply of high-quality inventory and you need new and fresh items to arrive frequently to keep your customers coming back. Sending your community updates are a great way to let them know about an big announcement, upcoming event, special, sale, or new product.
Even though you have the best intentions, sending updates too often can quickly start to resemble Facebook SPAM! She speaks often on podcasts, summits, and live events, and writes for our blog, WP Elevation, CoSchedule, and the GoDaddy Garage.
Profiles have privacy settings that keep your information private from the public. Pages are designed for businesses, organizations and famous people to have a space on Facebook so that people can receive their updates, offers, etc.
Go through the steps and upload your photo, import your friends from your email and add info about your organization.
It’s not just big business and corporations that create a FaceBook fan page, even individuals have them. You normally don’t see a link and you need to look around on various websites in order to come across the right link. You finally get this page and you can use various links to make it more presentable, like putting a logo etc.
With 1.15 billion monthly and 669 million active users it has the potential to drive enormous free traffic to your website. We may have financial relationship or business collaboration with some of the companies or service mentioned here and being an affiliated member we might be financially compensated to promote their service. You can think of them as stripped down Personal Profiles that don’t have a public presence.

If your not-for-profit already has a Facebook Page, you can create a ‘dummy’ page to create the Business Account, then add the Business Account as an admin to your Facebook Page and delete the ‘dummy’ page. Each of these options have slightly different ‘about’ sections that allow you to add different types of information. You will then be sent a verification email so make sure you use and email address that you have access to. If you do not have a Facebook Personal Profile, Facebook will require you to create either a Personal Profile or Business Account before you can complete your Facebook Business Page creation. Make sure you pick the closest match if you can’t find an exact match and know that you cannot change the category once it has been set. You can also choose whether or not to allow fans to share Wall posts, photos, and more; allowing these will enrich your Page and increase its reach across Facebook. You’ll also notice in the screen shot below, just below that link, is the Share button that allows you to easily share the Page you are visiting with your friends. I place a lot of value on my inbox space and yours too, so Brian and I made the decision to only use the Send an Update feature for major announcements and that they would be no more than once a month. If you do have a Facebook Business Page, I hope you found some great nuggets of information this post that are new for you! As founder of Bourn Creative, Jennifer is an award-winning designer who has been working in the design trenches since 1997.
You can select from a drop down list to ensure you create just the right page for your needs. If you are a famous person and you have more than 5000 FaceBook friends (the upper limit friends you can have over there) it’s better that you have a fan page because there is no limit to your fans. Not having a Facebook page for your business means you are certainly not taking the full advantage of this huge advertisement opportunity. Try to use your brand name if that is not available then try adding something unique with it.
As it is one of the prime thing which will attract the visitors attention, so invest some extra time to choose the right one for your website logo. If you are a business with employees, think about using a photo of your storefront or a group photo of the staff with your logo.
You can change your published Facebook Page to back unpublished at any time to hide it from all users, including your fans. The more content you add to your page that is personal, relevant, and valuable, the more successful your page will be.
In the past year, I have only sent four updates and instead choose to encourage our community to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on workshops, training events, and more. Creating and maintaining a successful Facebook Business Page requires time and dedication and the willingness to interact with your community. Today she consults on branding, website strategy, and digital strategy, leads all of our graphic design and web design projects, and specializes in WordPress theme design.
You can be reported for creating a fake profile and you run the risk of having the profile shut down and frankly irritating other people.
Just make sure that when the image is reduced or cropped to thumbnail size, it is still clear and easy to understand.
You are not allowed to have both a Personal Profile and Business Account, but a Business Account can be upgraded to a Full Personal Profile at any time. If it is a brand, product, or organization, consider using the name of the item it represents. The more variety there is in your posts, the easier you will make it for your community to interact with you and share you page and content with their friends.

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