Either way, I believe that time should be used to make things better for the next batch that gets to experience life. I realized many years ago that web development was my outlet to create better things that others could ultimately benefit from.
Web development may not be your thing, but whatever your thing is, do it with passion, and do it with the idea that your passion will create something better for the next generation.
Whatever career path you’ve chosen in life, kick ass and use it to create something amazing.
Those of us in education throw around the phrase “21st Century Learning,” and while the phrase resonates with parents and others who want their children to be prepared for their future (or “College and Career Readiness” as the Common Core State Standards phrase it), they have little understanding of what that means.   You can give a lengthy explanation of what you are doing to ensure students are getting 21st Century skills, but your listeners’ eyes will glaze over long before you are done.
Look for ways to have your students reach out and connect with the world.  Libraries are so much larger than their walls.  How are you explaining and showing this to your community?  Do you need support? Over the past decade, whenever I have lectured throughout the country on “Words That Hurt, Words That Heal: How to Choose Words Wisely and Well,” I’ve asked my listeners if they can go for twenty-four hours without saying any unkind words about, or to, anybody. At this point, I almost always encounter the same objection: “How can you compare the harm done by a bit of gossip or a few unpleasant words to the damage caused by alcohol and smoking? Yet–wounded as many of us have been by unfairly spoken words–when you’re with friends and the conversation turns to people not present, what aspects of their lives are you and your companions most likely to explore? For anyone who has read Rabbi Telushkin’s classic, The Book Of Jewish Values, A Day-by-Day Guide To Ethical Living, you already know that Rabbi Telushkin is one of the greatest teachers of Jewish Ethics today. As a rule, most people seem to think that there is nothing morally wrong in spreading negative information about others as long as the information is true.

It is a very serious offense, one that has been addressed by many non-Jewish ethicists as well. Rena I wanted to say also that this book has gotten my heart thinking about how very serious gossip is. If you say of a rabbi that he does not have a good voice and of a canter that he is not a scholar, you are a gossip. But even moving a little further – these two commands together made me think of the media propaganda and all recent hurt it has brought over the world to so many Jewish people outside the land and to Israel itself. Use it to make life better for someone else, and most importantly, use it to make it a difference. Cory likes to design things, build things and figure out new ways to make marketing less interruptive. Students need to work with each other.  We are in a participatory culture and working alone (or writing a paper for one reader) is not how the world now operates.
Using a variety of online resources they shared their project, connecting with children in an orphanage in Mangalore, India.  Her young students have learned what it is to be a member of the global community.  That’s 21st century learning! In this collection, you’ll find extremely grungy and high-quality wallpapers that you can use to beautify your desktop.
In this book, Words that Hurt, Words That Heal, Rabbi Telushkin again writes a very practical read; one, that if taken to heart and applied to your life, can change your world. But if you say of a rabbi that he is no scholar and of a canter that he has no voice, you are a murderer.

Note on a piece of paper every time you say something negative about someone who is not present. He discusses the damage and lure of gossip, the spreading of rumors or other’s secrets, fighting fair, excessive criticism, lying (is lying always wrong?), and of course words that heal. Perhaps that is why the Hebrew term lashon ha-ra (literally, “bad language” or “bad tongue”) has no precise equivalent in English. I lead a pretty quiet life but when I take the challenge beyond my face to face interactions and to Facebook ~ o’vey. It was a way to better yourself, provide a better life and give you whatever level of accomplishment you’re going for. Also record when others do too, as well as your reactions to their words when that happens. For unlike slander, which is universally condemned as immoral because it’s false, lashon ha-ra is by definition true.
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