Ia€™ve got a confession to make: Even though Ia€™m PCWorlda€™s gaming and graphics editor as well as a compulsive hoarder of in-game screenshots and video clips, very few of those gaming momentsa€”practically none, if Ia€™m being honesta€”make their way to my social media feeds. As it turns out, Ia€™m not the only one who feels that way, and that realization has led Raptra€”the service powering AMD and Intela€™s PC game streaming and optimization effortsa€”to create a new social network devoted solely to PC gamers.
Plays.TVa€™s genesis has its roots in the gameplay recording introduced in the Raptr client and AMDa€™s Gaming Evolved app nine months ago. The Raptr and AMD Gaming Evolved clients will be able to share clips to the new service, but Raptra€™s also taking a page from Facebooka€™s playbook and is rolling out a standalone Plays.TV client devoted exclusively to capturing and editing your gameplay videos, so you dona€™t have to clog up your PC with all of Raptra€™s software if youa€™re only interested in the new site.
The Plays.TV clienta€”which also launched today, albeit in beta forma€”keeps its focus narrow. Raptra€™s Plays.TV client can actually suck in videos taken with alternate video capture programs, to facilitate easier editing and sharing to the network even if you prefer to not use Raptra€™s software, but the official client automatically detects which game a video is associated with and slaps the appropriate hashtag and classification on it. All in all, the beta Plays.TV client is a handy, streamlined video-sharing solution, and one that removes a major barrier of entry for sharing game clips. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
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Plays.TV revolves around sharing and talking about video clips of glorious gaming moments, complete with hashtags and a central feed of clips from the people you choose to follow. While users have captured more than 4 million gameplay videos since then, Raptr noticed that only around one percent of recorded videos were shared using the social tools baked into the client. The sitea€™s been being tested in beta by a small percentage of Raptr users over the past few months before its big rollout today.
Twitch is built around sharing a live stream of your active play sessions; Raptra€™s site displays short, curated clips of moments that gamers find interesting, discovered via your feed, by browsing a general list of games, or by finding clips via hashtag.
The streamlined interface is split between two straightforward tabs: My Videos and Replays. The My Videos tab, meanwhile, stores clips youa€™ve manually saved, either by pressing Crtl + F2 to save the last 20 seconds of gameplay or Crtl + ; to manually start and stop a clip. Shadowplay and OBS force you to use a third-party video-editing program if you want to tinker with footage youa€™ve captured, but the Plays.TV app comes with a basic video editor baked in that lets you select a specific portion of the clip to share.

I spent the weekend mucking around with Plays.TV and even though its community was limited due to its secret beta status, I found myself strangely drawn to the service. But after following a handful of a€?featured gamers,a€? I found scrolling through Plays.TVa€™s feed somewhat addicting.
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Rather than scrapping the social-sharing feature, Raptra€™s team dug into the root cause and discovered that most gamersa€”like mea€”are reticent to share their clips on traditional social media.
Various settings let you change the video quality and length of saved clipsa€”you can configure Crtl + F2 to save up to your last 20 minutes of gameplay, for instance. The barrage of short, interesting clips gives the site an almost a€?OK, just one morea€? feel thata€”as any Civilization player who says a€?OK, just one more turna€? can attesta€”can quickly turn into hours wasted if youa€™re not careful. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Plays.TV, like the primary Raptr client, utilizes hardware-accelerated video encoding to save the footage without impacting the gamea€™s performance.

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