In order for bike share programs to catch on in cities around the world, there needs to be an effective system in place to make it easy for riders to find and use the bikes. In order to significantly increase bicycle commuting, RAFAA figures that the city of Copenhagen would need approximately 25,000 bicycles. The bicycles are made from a lightweight aluminum frame with integrated LED lighting, a handle bar with a place to swipe a card, and a 26V lithium battery to make the bike easier to ride. Locking mechanisms are easy to use and melt into the urban fabric — bikes can be stored on streets, in public squares, or even vertically on walls or light poles near train stations or other popular spots. RAFFA Arhictecture & Design has developed a city-wide bike sharing plan for Copenhagen that could increase ridership from 37% up to 50% by 2015.
Along with the increased number of bikes, you need a lot of storage (about 20,000 sq meters) and an advanced method for tracking the bikes.

Rental fees for the bikes depend on how long you take the bike and how far, but prices are reasonable and may even be free for a short time. Create a room, where two characters will be able to fully exist without interfering with interests of each other, is difficult, but possible. The green transportation system features real-time GPS tracking, an online reservation system, and attractive bikes that can be stored anywhere -- even atop lamp posts! RAFAA proposes installing a GPS tracking system in addition to a wireless networking system, so the bikes are connected to both each other and to a large reservation system. Ultimately, what RAFAA wants to create is an approachable and easy to use bike sharing system that makes it a snap for people to pick up and drop off a bike wherever they need to. You can share kidsa€™ room in two parts: the first is blue for boy and the second is pink for girl.

The online system would also allow riders to reserve bikes before their arrival, say at a train station, and bikes can be checked out with a credit card or a Maestro card. If you want kidsa€™ room to be in one color then you will be able to use furniture or bedding of different colors.
However, with careful planning and a little creativity, you can design the boy and girl room that is trendy and will make both kids happy.

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