Note that YouTube has a storyboard section, where you can add multiple videos or add the same video multiple times and trim the desired portion of each of the selected videos. YouTube Video editor is cool to mix and match videos and mix some cool audio to it.It probably lacks video effects, but is still an effective online tool to edit videos.Enjoy the free online YouTube Video editor!
Photoshop CC is ideal for creating promotional video pieces, portfolio-based slideshows, and sellable videos for your photography business.
Photoshop links to video and audio files, so start by gathering video clips, stills (including your logo), and audio files into a project folder.
Herea€™s what a video project folder might look like, including the master PSD youa€™ll create next.
Youa€™ll spend lots of time in the Timeline panel (top) so increasing thumbnail size is helpful (bottom). Onscreen duration of any clip (video or still) is determined by its length in the Timeline panel. Anything inside Video Group 1 will play in succession, so to stack other content on top of ita€”making the other content play at the same timea€”you can add them to another video group.
With the Type layer in Video Group 2 active, choose File > Place Embedded and navigate to where your logo lives and click Place.
Tap your keyboarda€™s spacebar to play the video and then adjust clip and transition lengths as necessary. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. There must be a better way using the keyboard, but I haven't figured out how to do it keeping the audio in sync, and not cutting out a portion of the audio underneath the video I need to remove. In the former post “How to Convert Your Pictures into a Short Movie”, I have talked about how to turn pictures into a video. VideoFlick provides four kinds of Greeting Cards styles which can be used to decorate your videos.
If you want to upload your video to YouTube, you can click the “Share” button and choose YouTube upload. Until recently, we used to download the YouTube video, edit it using windows movie maker and upload it to YouTube again. Grab the trimmers on either side of the clip and drag them to your desired entry and exit points. If you had chosen multiple videos, you can choose to trim each of the selected videos and the trimmed videos will be mixed in sequence. Best of all, you dona€™t have to learn another programa€”youa€™ll use tools youa€™re familiar with.

Happily, linking results in nondestructive video editinga€”Photoshop applies your edits to a copy of original clips upon export. While you cana€™t extend a video (or audio) clip beyond its original length, you can extend other content indefinitelya€”say, an image, text, shape, or adjustment layers. To trim it, position the playhead where you want the clip to end, point your cursor at the clipa€™s end and when the bracket faces left toward the clip, drag it to the playhead (the clip activates itself when you start dragging and a preview window opens). To split a clip, position the playhead at the desired split point, click the scissors icon in the Timeline panel, and Photoshop splits it in two.
Click the triangle at upper right of the still clips in the Timeline panel (increase the panela€™s zoom level if you cana€™t see it). This works for text, images, shapes, video clips, and adjustment layers, which are handy for altering clip tone and color.
In the Timeline panel, drag the clip rightward until ita€™s at the end of the video, atop the Solid Color Fill layer you added earlier.
Click the musical notes next to the Audio Track in the Timeline panel and choose Add Audio. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
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In this post, I will tell you how to edit the videos and share them online or with your friends.
Enter the editing interface by clicking the “Edit” button below or choose from the above category “Edit”. However, YouTube had recently introduced an experimental video editor that lets you do some very basic video editing like trimming the video, adding an audio to the video and giving it a good title.Thus you don’t even have to download the YouTube video or convert it to WMV format to edit it!
You can browse by genre, artist or search for a track by name in the toolbar at the top.If you use an audio track, YouTube may overlay ads on your video, to compensate the copyright holder. In this column, youa€™ll learn how to create a wedding video by mixing stills, video, and text. Photoshop plops them into a folder named Video Group 1 in the Layers panel and they appear in a single video track in the Timeline panel, where theya€™re referred to as clips. Point your cursor at the end of the first clip (a still of roses) and your cursor turns into a bracket with a double-sided arrow (circled).
To trim the beginning of a video clip, position the playhead where you want the video to start, point your cursor at the clipa€™s beginning and when the cursor bracket faces rightward toward the clip, drag it to the playhead.
To delete a clip, activate it in either the Timeline or Layers panel and press Delete (PC: Backspace).

In the Motion menu that opens, choose Pan & Zoom, specify a zoom angle (say, 20), and pick Zoom In or Zoom Out. Position this layer at the top of Video Group 1, which puts it at the end of your video, creating black frames onto which you can place text or a logo. To extend the transitiona€™s length, point your cursor at its end (circled) and drag rightward. In the Timeline panel, click the filmstrip icon next to Video Group 1 and choose New Video Group. Adjust clip position and length so it appears slightly after the fill layer transition resolves. In the resulting dialog, choose Adobe Media Encoder, H.264 from the Format menu, and High Quality from the Preset menu, and click Render. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Note that you can add the same video to the storyboard to trim a different section of the video and mix it. The bracket points toward the clip thata€™ll be affected; when ita€™s facing left toward the roses, drag right to extend it. Position the playhead atop the first clip slightly past the transition and press T to grab the Type tool.
We provide complete features that other consumers do not have, such as burning video to CD and making pictures into DVD or Album. Enlarge the Timeline panela€™s clip thumbnails by choosing Panel Options from its fly-out menu (circled).
Photoshop activates the next layer in both panels, which is the first item thata€™ll play in the video. Click atop your document and add some text (to see the text, position the playhead atop the text clip). Adjust the duration of the text clip as described earlier and then add a Fade transition to the beginning and end of the text clip.

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