This guide will also teach you the basics of combat and the right strategy to kill most bosses.
When you are first thrown into the world of Terraria, the first thing you have to do is to start chopping trees. Try building shortcuts from one end of the world to the other, with a single shaft down from the basement of your house as the center point. If you chance upon Hearts when digging, hammer it out and use it for a permanent boost to your maximum health. When you are decked out in Gold and Silver armor and bow, and have a ton of health, you are now ready to fight your first boss. If you beat the dungeon and you’re wondering where to go next, try digging ALL the way down. If you’ve read my review, you will know that there is a huge world to be explored and endless things to do in the game, even more than Minecraft I dare say. Don’t be afraid to look up the wiki for Terraria to check out the full list of what you can build. Gather as much wood as possible so that you can build torches, a decent-size shelter around you and a workbench.
When you build a room that is walled up with a light source and a flat surface object (ie table), that room will be eligible for NPCs to live in it. When you spend much of your time building your amazing skyscraper, you don’t want it to be empty, right?
This will make travelling much easier as you won’t have to keep jumping over higher land.

Similarly, during the night, if you find shooting stars landing near you, pick it up for a permanent boost to your mana. It is the easiest boss to kill mainly because there is a lot of room for you to move around, and it can be summoned any time and any where you want. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It can easily take up to 200 hours of your time, or more if you’re planning on building an elaborate castle with electrical wiring and Christmas lightings. The workbench is your first crafting station that you can use to build basic furniture and other workbenches. Build the furnace and the anvil as soon as you can so that you can turn these ores into armor, tools and weapons. Gold ores are the best pre-boss fights, so equip yourself with as much gold-plated stuff before you even think about looking for the first boss.
When digging down, try to dig straight down first so you can easily get back up to the surface. However, be careful not to let your health go above 200 because the difficulty ramps up considerably when you exceed that amount.
As you gather more resources, try to get a good bow (some recommend spending demonite to make the bow) and make a lot of arrows (200+ at least).
Make sure all your arrows and bows and potions are equipped and in the bar at the top for easy access, make sure you have a long flat landing to run around while you kite the boss and always be on your feet, running and jumping around to avoid the boss.
Like before, try to create a long flat landing area in front of the dungeon to run around and employ the same strategy. With this guide, I’ll take through the tough times and get you past the basics so you can join me in being a demonite-armor wearing boomerang thrower.

If you’re lucky, you will find demonite ores scattered in small doses around the underworld. The bow will be very important to you because that will be your primary weapon when fighting bosses.
Keep running away from it, jumping around it, while shooting arrows continuously and it should be dead in no time.
When it is dead, the Old Man will join you at your house as an NPC, and the dungeon is now open to you. If you’re hardworking, you will still only be able to find enough to craft one thing. If you want to be more prepared, you can drink potions that buff you (ie Ironskin potion) before beginning the fight.
You might want to make a bed at the dungeon entrance so that when you die, you will respawn at the entrance instead of far away in your house. There are many many more things to do and bosses to kill, and progression to be felt, so just keep digging and building. The Eye of Cthulhu can be summoned again and again, so feel free to kill it over and over to obtain more demonite ore.

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