As I demonstrated during the Kerberos session at the Manchester SUGUK meeting last month, there is an extra step required to enable Kerberos Authentication for SharePoint when using Windows Server 2008.
One of the security changes in IIS 7.0 is that Windows Authentication is performed by default in the kernel. Because HTTP.sys is handling the authentication, it is by default done under the LocalSystem account regardless of the application pool identity. However, it trips up SharePoint as even on a single server SharePoint is currently considered a web farm (should use a domain account). I recommend doing this on a Web Application basis (obvioulsy!) There is no ability to edit this value using the IIS Manager.
Richard:Yup, this is due to a key architectural concept of SharePoint and is related also to how it handles host name mapping.
Overview Today's guest blog post is from ThreeWill, a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner located in Alpharetta, Georgia that focuses on SharePoint development and integration.
Overview Today's guest blog post is from ThreeWill, a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner located in Alpharetta, Georgia that focuses on SharePoint development and integration.

This means that the creation of an SPN is unnecessary because default SPNs are created when the server is joined to the domain.
This way you can continue to use Kernel mode authN, but of course it involves editing applicationHost.config and I know how some of you admins out there are allergic to XML.
SharePoint effectively operates as a 'farm' even when there is just a single server as this enables it to easily scale out horizontally to many "web front ends".
Saved my day :)I have MOSS2007 test setup where SQL 2008 and MOSS 2007 is on one Windows Server 2008 based server and Kerberos works.
ThreeWill recently worked with Microsoft to build a generic Service Request Office Business Application (OBA) using InfoPath Forms Services.
You can of course change the app pool identity without having to register a SPN, and the app pool account doesn't need to be a domain account. Doing this obvioulsy requires a domain account, hence the current requirement to disable this under IIS7.
At least if portal name match server name.I had a problem in production enviroment which is set up on 5 different servers and 2 WFE servers setup on NLB.

The application addresses the need for enterprises to have a no-code way to quickly turn around service request based SharePoint sites (i.e. And this was really giving me a headache as all articles about Windows Server 2003 NLB and a lot of articles on SharePoint setup with Kerberos didn't work for me. The application has a number of key usability enhancements like auto generating form names and simplifying the process of working with forms. You can easily build the forms for the application using InfoPath and there are a number of key services that you can use like pre-populating information from Active Directory or building forms based on SharePoint list data.
Configuration information for the application is stored in a SharePoint list to make it easy and secure to access. Pete would prefer to play golf for a living, but playing with his two sons and paying bills always seem to get in the way.

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