HP's announced the Pavilion tx2000, a significant upgrade to its consumer line of tablet PCs. The Pavilion tx2000 is a full-featured convertible notebook, with a 12.1-inch display that rotates and folds flat. HDX buyers can chose between a WSXGA (1680x1050 pixels) display or a WUXGA (1920 x 1200) display that offers a native 1080p viewing experience. In addition to the Blu-ray ROM, The HP Pavilion HDX can also be configured with a standard-def DVD burner, HD DVD ROM (player only) or an HD DVD burner. HP will offer the latest Intel Extreme mobile processors after they're announced at CES 2008. There's no word on when you'll actually be able to buy a phone or notebook with one of these projectors integrated, but I'll be first in line. 3M is now providing consumer electronics manufacturers with a revolutionary advancement in the emerging field of miniature projection technology.
With the expansion of digital media now accessible by mobile devices, consumers need the convenience of larger displays. The OQO Model 2 is a petite handheld, and at first glance you wouldn't want to use it to edit high-res photos. I was chatting with some pro photographers at CES today and one of them busted out a OQO model 2 and showed me how he edits and uploads his photos with the device.
Andrew works for the European PressPhoto Agency and him and his crew use OQO because it's compact and gets the job done efficiently. There was an AP photographer in line and he was a bit envious of Andrew's OQO and my VAIO TZ. I keep a 500GB Seagate Free Agent Pro with a backup of all of my photos and critical documents in a Sentry safe already, but these are going on my wish list.
The Lenovo Internet device plays back multimedia content and has a slick, but iphone-esque, user interface. The mylo COM 2 boasts a 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD (800 x 480 pixels), 1GB of flash memory and integrated camera.
The communications tab includes chat clients for Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger. While it's a nice device in many ways, it's a product that's hard to define and faces competition on several fronts. Given that most students already own a mobile phone, personal media player and a computer, I doubt that a significant number of them will buy a mylo COM-2.
It's certainly a fun device and has a lot of functions the Apple products don't have, but it doesn't have the same sex appeal. The mylo communicator uses a lithium-ion battery that offers up to 20 hours of music playback, six hours of continuous Skype talk time, and up to seven hours of video playback. Another amazing thing about it is that you can use your iPhone, iPad or Android device as wireless microphone. This nifty application lets you free up valuable disk space and enhance your computer speed. If you do not want to cough up hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Office, you might to give the totally FREE Open Office a try.

The Pear Note application for Macbook Air lets you record everything with it and integrate text notes with audio, slides and even videos. Apple announced the new MacBook Air as the world's thinnest laptop at MacWorld in San Francisco on January 15th, 2008. If it weren't for the price, I'd take this laptop over many others, but, alas, I already have it.
The tx2000 features an active digitizer for improved hand-writing recognition compared to last year's tx1000 series. The display is touch sensitive, which is useful for controlling media applications while in tablet mode.
This updated 20.1-inch notebook starts at less than $1,999, but extras can push the price tag to more than $4,500. Relatively few people have purchased this 15.5-pound beast, as it is definitely geared towards enthusiasts. It's nice to see a 500GB 2.5-inch drive, but what's the point if it can't even fit in most notebooks? I love small devices, but watching movies and other multimedia content on small screens isn't very satisfying. 3M scientists developed a breakthrough ultra-compact, LED-illuminated projection engine designed for integration into virtually any personal electronic device.
Andrew runs Photoshop 7.0 on the OQO since it requires less resources and he only needs to adjust levels, sharpen and crop. If you've ever seen all the gear wire photographers schlep around, then you understand why some of them prefer the OQO over a compact notebook. The waterproof hard drive can be completely submerged in water and can withstand 1550-degree heat for up to 30 minutes.
If you are serious about protecting your data from physical damage it's a small price to pay.
The device looks pretty sleek and is another example of how Lenovo's shifting some of its focus to the consumer marketplace.
The mylo COM 2 does have Adobe Flash, which means you can watch videos from YouTube and other popular video sharing sites.
With only 1GB of memory, the mylo 2 is extremely limited in the amount of media you can load onto it. The touch interface isn't as smooth and it's ridiculous that a portable device only has 1GB of memory in 2008. So we thought why not share some of the must have paid software for Macbook Air that me and my team use on their computers. Multiple transcription sources are allowed that allow one user to manage different recordings. It features perspective guides, flip book and an excellent layer editor with blending modes that makes it an indispensible tool for all artists around the world. Clean My Mac applications keeps track of all your applications and allows to correctly and completely uninstall the ones you don’t need or those that are no longer compatible with your Mac.
Open Office on Mac is very reliable and offers a software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more.

It can jump straight to the point in the recording where you typed that notes, so you can listen to what was going on at the time and use the recording to interpret your notes. It lets you easily manage your digital photographs and edit them using advanced yet-simple to use techniques. Available as digital download, it brings the much needed full Microsoft Office functionality to the users. While you can't deny how cool this laptop is because of its thinness, I think this is more of a response to the consumer's irrational obsession with "thin" products.
Graphics are provided by an integrated NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 graphics card that shares up to 128MB of RAM. Roughly the size of a wireless earpiece and less than half an inch thick, the 3M mobile projection engine delivers brilliant VGA resolution images and is available today. Sentry's also selling a safe that has a USB cable that runs through the door so you can connect your USB drives and keep them connected to your PC.
Sentry will help you recover your data in case your home is flooded or burns to the ground. The company introduced the IdeaBook line for consumers this week and may announce this MID at CES 2008.
Depending on how much time you spend stuffing Big Macs into your face, this could be one of the best value propositions of the mylo COM 2. This was my favorite part of the mylo as all of the chat apps worked well and I could open several of them at once. The mylo allows you to upload and download content, something that's sorely lacking from Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. I can see this doing well as a PC alternative for people who have to share computers with other family members, but want to chat all night.
It features a 13.3" LED backlit display, a full-size backlit keyboard, and an oversized multi-touch trackpad. I would preferred a sub-compact laptop that was also smaller in the LxW dimensions as well that would weigh less than that 3lbs.
I've found that now I want a laptop that will do word processing, surf the net and a bit of other productivity stuff and be as light as possible. When the digitizer is placed near the display to write, the touch-screen functionaity is automatically disabled. You can personalize the device with attachable face plates, which are sold in two packs -- red with gold or blue with pewter. Apple has made use of several new technologies and design features to create an ultra-thin form factor laptop. I also like the built-in mic and cam, as well as light sensors that adjust the backlight and keyboard light automatically.

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