But most of you know today’s homeowner is spending most of their time on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In Buddy Media’s study they stated, “the less people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook!” And so by the end of the week, they’re more inclined to work a little less and check their updates a bit more.
Besides selecting an optimal time for your business to post content, you need to make sure that you make it a regular occurrence.
About improveit 360Our business management software was purpose-built for remodelers, replacement contractors, and home improvement companies to help you grow your business and your bottom line.
This post originally appeared in our SAS Voices blog, published by my colleague and fellow blogger Courtney Peters. It’s no secret that marketing analytics helps large organizations determine what offers are best for their customers and their business, but can powerful marketing analytics be harnessed for small and medium business success? Oberweis, like many SMBs, wanted to do more than just simply increase customer loyalty rewards - they wanted to better understand consumer behavior across the board. In the paper, Using Analytics to Drive Customer Loyalty: Three Real World Examples, Bruce Bedford, Vice President of Marketing at Oberweis, outlines three projects where analytics played the pivotal role in driving customer loyalty.
The home delivery business at Oberweis makes about 1.4 million deliveries of farm-fresh milk annually across six states in the Midwest and Virginia. Welcome to Customer Intelligence, a blog for anyone who is looking for ways to improve the business of marketing and communicating with customers. The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS. These businesses work with many clients remotely, and in order to effectively provide services, they must understand the client’s needs, which often requires constant interaction.
Successful business owners must find ways to enable their teams to collaborate by removing obstacles to do so. In today’s business environment, globalization and expansion force companies to rethink their communication techniques. To stay organized small businesses can subscribe to web-based project management tools to manage to-dos, share files, post messages and communications, create schedules, and track milestones. To really make Basecamp efficient users should put everything related to a project on the site so that everyone who needs anything has immediate access to the right information. The calendar page can be utilized to view each project’s deliverables, deadlines and delivery expectations. With Basecamp and other project management tools, tedious tasks to stay on track are streamlined, ensuring that business leaders won’t have to spend so much time and effort to manage projects and employees. Online video conferencing via web cameras, also called virtual meetings or video chats, allow the opportunity to conduct more productive meetings leading to efficient and effective communication and decision-making. Google+ Hangout is a free group video chat that can include as many as 10 people, or 10 locations with any number of people at each place. The video chat system in Google+ Hangout is very user-friendly, so you won’t be worried about how to operate the program while trying to conduct the meeting. Learn how to improve your search engine performance dramatically and do more business online!
It all boils down to engaging an online audience through a medium that is growing in popularity.
If you want your content pinned more often, you need to make it easy for visitors to take action. In this article you’ll discover how to optimize your images for pinning and repurpose your most popular pins for increased engagement. Pinterest offers a free widget that allows you to add a Pin It button to your images on WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and Wix.
When visitors want to pin something from your site, all they have to do is click the button, choose the board they want to share to and confirm the pin. To maximize the effectiveness of the Pin It widget, it’s a good idea to add it to all of your images—not just the first one. Keep track of which images are pinned most—it’s a good gauge of which ones are most attractive to your audience.
Three months after Allrecipes added the Pin It button, more than 50,000 recipes were shared to Pinterest. As you go through the widget installation process, customize your button to reflect your brand aesthetics. An important part of increasing pins and repins is making things seamless for the user, right? In many cases when a user pins an image, the default text is uninspired, nondescript or missing altogether. That means the user does one of two things: pins the image with the lame description (which hurts the chances of repins and subsequent click-through traffic), or they take the time to write their own description (which may not include a brand or product mention). Now it’s possible that people over on Pinterest will repin your image based on how attractive it is, even if the description is awful. Increase your likelihood of repins by providing a description with pertinent information about your product or blog content. Ultimately, these insights help you make more educated marketing decisions and drive engagement on your website. You can also use the keywords to optimize home page headers, product descriptions and product categories.
When your audience pins your images, they are essentially telling you which of your products matter to them and which image they think best represents that product. Or take a cue from Nordstrom and use those popular pins to create a top pin board on your own Pinterest account. From here, shoppers can browse products by category, making it even easier to explore, save and potentially purchase items that have been voted up by Pinterest peers. OK, so you’ve optimized your pins and repurposed them to increase traffic and engagement.
Keep a close eye on Pinterest data to identify bad referral links and pass that information along to a team member on the ecommerce side so he or she can reroute users to active landing pages. Those landing pages should offer to collect customers’ email addresses so you can let them know when the product is back in stock.

The optimization tips in this article help you make it easier for visitors to pin your content, which can lead to an increased number of pins, more traffic and (hopefully) more sales.
Gartner’s recent Multichannel Marketing Survey shows the power of social marketing as part of the multichannel marketing mix, from building brand awareness to converting fans and followers into customers to turning customers into advocates.
The most successful social marketing programs integrate social into multichannel marketing.
The landscape of social marketing tools has expanded dramatically, including established providers expanding their capabilities, emerging providers that specialize in growth areas like social analytics and multichannel marketing platforms that also offer social marketing features and functionality. Much attention has been paid to real-time marketing, including technology that enables real-time, processes that support real-time and growth and structuring of marketing organizations to staff for real-time marketing.
In addition to these three suggestions, this week’s analyst picks provide recommendations for connecting social and multichannel marketing to unleash the real power of social marketing and measure the impact on business results.
Homeowners are thinking about their situations and seeing how they can improve their lives in this time slot. Posting Tweets one weekend a month or sending an email once every other month isn’t going to help with your marketing.
With our powerful system, you easily manage leads, marketing, sales, scheduling, projects and your profit reporting! It's a great story about how Oberweis Dairy harnessed the power of marketing analytics to cultivate loyalty. For the answer, I turned to Oberweis Dairy, a 90-year-old mid-sized business that has grown from a family-owned dairy farm to a major regional food manufacturer and retailer.
After looking at the data they determined they could deliver additional customer value across channels and achieve a higher return for the business. It also has convenience stores, a consumer packaged goods division and a subscription-based home delivery service. At the stores, customers were having trouble deciding what they wanted to order before they reached a cashier because the menu was too complex. Like any subscription-based business, this division routinely takes steps to acquire more customers and keep them satisfied and loyal.
It is such a simple concept but one that is missed by many SMB’s: With marketing analytics, businesses can reduce customer overkill, determine what your customers really want, and then decide what types of value they will appreciate. And we hope to inspire the use of analytics for everything from multi-level marketing to social media campaigns. Small firms and freelancers are providing specialized, niche services to a broad range of clients. Many of these firms deal with crisis management and need to solve issues that occur suddenly (say, an IT provider needs to restore a company’s network after a crash).
Team members need easy access to tools that will allow them to meet deadlines, get questions answered, post documents and share ideas. One example, Basecamp, brings together internal and external collaborators so that everyone can easily work on the same page. Make sure to upload every document, break down tasks, track correspondences and properly assign every to-do.
Click on the task items for a chronological view of project happenings for an organized timeline of the project. Video conferencing offers potential for significant reductions in travel expenses and phone bills, which are costly in today’s global business environment. Using Google+ Hangouts to host virtual meetings can transform communication from a logistical challenge to a simple task. With this technology you will never have to schedule or wait for a conference line to become available. Within a Hangout, the host can add a variety of apps making the platform a useful tool for business meetings. More small businesses and start-ups are changing the workday dynamic by working with remote clients, working from home or working nontraditional hours. The more people that view your content, the more likely they’ll spot your business in the real world. Take that into consideration as you create new images for your upcoming articles and product pages.
Better still, the site continues to see a significant lift in the volume of recipes shared by their community. When BuzzFeed enlarged the Pin It button on share bars and put the icon at the top of images, they increased pinning tenfold. People usually don’t want to take the time to complete an extra step—they prefer you do it for them. Start with basic attributes, such as the product style, your company or blog name and other important identifiers. Great copy combined with great images not only increases repins, but also click-throughs to your site.
Sometimes users want to make a note to themselves or add a little of their own personality. As a result, popular and trending images on Pinterest have become a reliable way to predict which creative assets will drive the most engagement on your site.
If you don’t plan on restocking the item, provide suggestions and links to similar items. What’s the magic, the secret sauce, the special ingredient that enables some marketing organization to use social marketing to drive business results, while other organizations are stuck in neutral? But the solution to social marketing challenges isn’t always found in the next best technology. This week’s headlines include examples of successful social marketing across industries and use cases, as well as ways to avoid common missteps. Keeping a plan of when and where you post content will help build your social presence and increase your web presence. That effort has helped them grow from a family-owned dairy farm to a major regional food manufacturer and retailer.
The dairy stores operate on a point-of-sale (POS) system, but the home delivery business operates on an independent enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The company decided to test a series of menu board concepts and evaluate them based on the year-over-year profit change observed in test stores. Oberweis uses three primary methods to acquire new home delivery customers: a door-to-door sales team, direct mail, and their website. This knowledge is invaluable for businesses that use time-dependent data to drive important decisions. For example PR firms, search engine optimization providers, e-commerce hosts, webmasters, blog managers, pay per click ad campaign managers, web traffic analysts, etc. These businesses need to keep in contact with their clients and reach them at a moment’s notice. Effective communication also fosters greater trust and openness between employees in small businesses. Teams need to create an environment that encourages open and frequent communication among those who need to work together. With Basecamp you can spend less time emailing, forwarding and making sure you “reply-all” to every feed.
Viewing this type of progress also allows you to see why a colleague hasn’t responded to your post and provides a real-time picture of what task other collaborators have been working on. Google can help your business to consistently meet clients’ needs with their unique web conferencing tool, Google+ Hangout. You won’t have to dial into a specific conference phone line or search for a conference password as with traditional conference calls. Users can import and collaborate on Google Doc files, pull in presentations with the SlideShare app, watch YouTube videos together, and share what is on their individual computer screens. These changes will only allow business to evolve if communication can continue between team members. Working much like a televised commercial, online videos can be used to grab the attention of others while selling products or services.
Services such as these focus your material on those that have potential to walk into your brick-and-mortar business.
It means looking at marketing campaigns, processes and data for opportunities to integrate social marketing analytics, content and tactics to further business results. To see cross-channel behaviors, Bedford said, Oberweis used the store’s Moola loyalty cards to link customer account records across the two systems. After collecting data from each one of these channels for one year, Oberweis was able to set up a strategic testing model that ultimately unveiled a new promotional plan, improving their retention rate by 35 percent.
Since small businesses balance so many clients, which all require a lot of communication, these small businesses can’t afford to accumulate unwieldy, long-distance phone bills. Teams that can establish an open, positive and supportive environment among members are in a better position for success. Virtual meetings and online project management are becoming a standard part of everyday modern business. This tool additionally provides chat via text, the ability to share your screen to present your work, display a slideshow, or collaborate on a Google document. You won’t even have to download software as with other virtual meeting providers, or constantly update it. Online project management tools and video conferencing tools can cater to the changing work environment by providing seamless communication and task management virtually. In some ways, it can be more efficient to use an online video marketing agency than it would be to pay for a television spot.
It’s believed that video content will take up approximately 69 percent of all Internet usage by 2017.
For example, putting an informative video about your products or services on YouTube can be seen by those within your community based on their geographical area. Every time you create a pinnable image, write a short description about the image, article or product it’s promoting.
For example, they use social data to gain insight into customers based on what people are saying about the brand and products and they use customer data to construct a target audience for social advertising.
For instance, if digital commerce is an imperative, look for ways to use social to inform the strategy and drive traffic to commerce sites. For social marketers, this underscores the importance of social data and analytics, as well as integration with other parts of the marketing mix, such as mobile, which can provide context to improve relevance. Now Oberweis can determine each time a home delivery customer walks into a store and purchases fresh ice cream. Clearly, an accurate, thorough understanding of data requires using sophisticated analytical techniques. For some companies it is cheaper to outsource these types of specialized needs to expert providers or freelancers than to actually hire their own in-house employees or departments.
You can also record the session for review later or broadcast the hangout afterwards to a broader audience. This includes people that are watching material on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.
Even promotional live streaming such as that offered by Periscope can lead to interest in your immediate vicinity.
Emotional connections like this can be powerful when it comes to generating interest in the business or creating life-long fans. Service providers can’t wait for a client’s short, undetailed email that leaves them unsure or with additional questions. Strong team communication skills can help build relationships, and ensure the sharing of new ideas and best practices. These businesses need an affordable, reliable and effective way to interact easily with their clients, stay connected, improve relationships and avoid waiting for urgent replies.

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