When we announced that we were starting a Wikipedia outreach program aimed at senior citizens, the response was mixed. Although we had extensive know-how from our university education program, we realized that the senior education program could not just copy what we learned from students. Moreover, we needed to find a way to tell senior citizens about our project, so that they could take part in it. Finally, we knew we needed to establish well-organized, regular courses and be as patient and helpful as possible. Three separate weekly classes were held for the senior citizens of Prague, each in a different part of the city. Not only did they learn how Wikipedia works and how to edit it, but they already started working on it. We would like to continue with these efforts and scale up the project, if we can get more funding. The “Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia” project is funded by an IEG grant and runs under the patronage of Wikimedia Czech Republic. Write for the blogShare your experience with Wikimedia Community members write many of the posts on this blog. Work at WikimediaWork with the foundation that supports Wikipedia and its sister projects around the world.
The new Wikipedia store features many new items, such as plantable "sprout" pencils and "free knowledge" T-shirts. The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public free of charge.
The Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaboratively edited reference projects in the world.
The Wikimedia projects have an international scope, and the Wikimedia movement has already made a significant impact throughout the world. Learn how to edit the structure of a shape in PowerPoint 2007 using the Edit Points option. When you insert a shape within PowerPoint, you are not limited to what their default appearance looks like.
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A number of small black squared points will appear on the outline of the shape, as shown in Figure 5. Now click on the vertex to select it, and reposition the vertex by dragging it to a new position.

Learn how to edit the structure of a shape in PowerPoint 2011 using the Edit Points option.
Open your presentation and navigate to the slide which contains the shape or the drawing to be edited.
Not only you can reposition the vertex, but also reorient the structure of the line upon which it is positioned.
Once you have repositioned the vertex or reoriented the structure of the line as required, release the mouse button. If you liked this tutorial, do look at this book, authored by Geetesh Bajaj and James Gordon.
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View the comments in each comment balloon, and decide whether to modify the document based on each comment. If the original entry is long and requires only a minor adjustment (in spelling, for example), then you can directly edit the information in the cell. Here are some of the lessons learned from three separate weekly classes held in Prague last year.
Many of them are retired and thus have more free time than their younger student counterparts. First, senior citizens do not regularly visit classrooms every day, as university students do.
By designing a course curriculum with approximately 10-12 hours divided into several weekly lessons, we ensured that our participants had enough time to first understand Wikipedia, then learn to discuss and work in a sandbox — and finally edit and write articles.
A total of 37 participants registered to the course extension on Czech Wikipedia (although some of them did not finish the courses).
Of 201,912 bytes added by the participants in total, 84,828 bytes were made on pages in the main namespace. We demonstrated that it is perfectly possible to run a senior citizen education program and had good results with retention.
Our participants often want to keep meeting in real life to improve their grasp of Wikipedia.
The program leader is Vojtech Vesely, who can be contacted on a Wikipedia discussion page or by e-mail.
To continue this success on an organizational level, Wikimedia is building an international network of associated organizations. Select it and right-click (or Ctrl+click) to bring up a contextual menu as shown in Figure 2 .

One of these tools allows one user to insert comments into a document and a different user to view and edit those comments. Indeed, while more than 10,000 students have participated in Wikipedia education programs worldwide in the last four years, there have only been a few small-scale senior citizen education programs. We needed to establish partnerships with institutions that could replace the schools – municipal libraries, senior citizen learning centers and third-age universities proved to be the most valuable. Leaflets distributed and e-mails sent out in large quantities were among the least efficient. Inevitably, this was time-consuming for the instructor (and program leader) but it led to superior results, as described in the next section. A brief visit to their user pages reveals how valuable these participants are as Wikipedians – most of them have a college education, speak various languages, and some of them are former researchers. Some of the participants even created their first articles – a total of 18 new articles were written. Promotion to our target group was the biggest challenge – this may get easier once word spreads to more senior citizens, as they talk to each other about this successful program. Most importantly, senior citizens in developed countries are increasingly computer literate.
Featuring our project in the library and senior center newsletters were key to our success.
Among other things, we try to help them by creating lists of articles which they can easily start or edit. The aim of this blog post is to shed light on what may be the next big thing in the Wikimedia education movement. In addition, promotional talks and introductory lectures on Wikipedia to an audience of senior citizens were quite effective: crucially, these were given by professor Jan Sokol (also a Czech Wikipedian), a prominent figure who was able to attract large crowds.
By organizing similar courses in cities other than Prague, the number of participants is likely to increase.
Age-targeted ads on Facebook were also a promising way of reaching out to senior citizens who use the Internet, and especially engaged women aged 55 to 65. We already have interested libraries in regional towns and cities of Moravia who wish to hold lessons for their senior citizens.

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