A coming of age journey set in the quirky subculture of magic, this film follows six of the world's best young magicians as they battle for the title of Teen World Champion.
Meanwhile, Montand is surprisingly well-cast as a billionaire needing to be coached on his performance style (by Milton Berle, Bing Crosby, and Gene Kelly in brief cameos) in order to win Monroe’s heart.
With all that said, the film is certainly not without its flaws, and most critics view it as a decidedly lesser entry in both actors’ oeuvres.

Director Cukor and the cast all try their best to at least make it entertaining, but the script is terribly flat. The story revolves around a young amorous couple that run over an alien, the alien’s hand falls off but comes alive with an eye in it.
Indeed, we feel a surprising amount of compassion for him as he finds himself (nicely) rejected time and again, once he’s distanced from the comfortable trappings of his money and reputation.

Meanwhile, he and Monroe possess a natural chemistry together that makes sense, given the real-life affair they embarked upon for a brief while.

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