The good news for time lapse enthusiasts is that this new version simplifies the process and no longer requires the workaround that I described in a previous post.
Begin by importing all of the photos in your time lapse series into Movie Maker.  I prefer to number them sequentially, but I believe Movie Maker is less picky than VirtualDub in this regard. After you’ve saved the video, you can open it in Movie Maker and edit it the same way as any other video.
Here’s the final result of the video I made during this tutorial.  The people in the foreground toward the end are picking up the pieces of someone’s mobile phone after it flew off the ride. The good news is I’m sure someone will come out with a program eventually, so you can begin taking photos now and assemble them in a couple of years.
Modern morphing software has intelligent face detection that greatly simplifies the process.
The quality of the video versus the original photos depends on size, compression, and color management.
I have done the Windows Movie Maker recently, after made two video featured the oldest survived 35mm nitrate films of unknown origins. Windows Live Movie Maker is a nice free software to create movies from your video clips and your photos.
Windows Live Movie Maker is a complete end to end solution right from making movies, providing all sort of simple to use editing tools, and then providing tools to share your moviews. Windows Live Movie Maker provides Ribbon like interface like Office 2007 applications, so all the menu items are easy to use and very intuitive. Once you have selected your video clips and photos, you can arrange all of them in form of story board. Once you done with editing your photos and clips, and have arranged them on your story board, you just need to hit the movie creation button. Windows Live Movie Maker is really good, comes with plenty of features, and is completely free.

There are plenty of great video editing programs out there for Windows but none can match the price (free) and simplicity of Windows Live Movie Maker. 1: Windows Live Movie Maker simplifies its user interface with the ribbon, as introduced to Office in 2007, and now all the animations and visual effects are just a few clicks away.
Adding transitions and animations between photos will make a lovely video slide show for your vacation photos. Windows you need to make more visual effects and animations or allow them to be custom made, perhaps with a new program?
The only trouble is getting the face in the same place in the frame every time, I could get it quite close but not exact.
I photographed all 1,594 frames from 100ft roll by my Epson film scanner, and fully cropped around the unwanted sprocket holes from it.
You can add songs, add transitions to your movies, and upload them to YouTube, or even burn DVD with them.
To start creating movies, you start by selecting the video clips and photos that you want to include in your movie. You can select start and end point of each video clip, transitions and zoom effects for your photos, and start and end points for your songs.
Windows Live Movie Maker will create a nice movie for you, complete with Titles, transitions, and all the effects that you added.
Microsoft has maintained the intuitive timeline dragging, easy to use ribbon interface, and an abundance of good looking effects and animations. First, import your video and scrub to where you want to want to start an animation or visual effect and press "M," which splits the video.
You'll want to be careful as to how many different types of transitions you want to use as it can be jarring and distracting for the audience. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

My only time-lapse was the clouds scene, where the clouds move up the sky faster as that of a night turns into day and vice versa.
One thing to note, Movie Maker did not load for me, a problem with Windows 7 x64 bit, I had to update my graphics card drivers to the latest version.
The great part of Windows Live Movie Maker is that all the tools have been kept very simple to use so that casual users can use it easily, and make some great home movies. In today's How To, we will teach you how to add visual effects and animations in Windows Live Movie Maker.
The good thing about Windows Live Movie Maker is that it is simple enough that mistakes can be fixed easily.
Please add some new ones or release a program where the user can edit current effects and animations or create their own.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. And while printed colors have a wider range, videos should use the same color palette as the digital photos. As the pre-1930 films was projected at 20 FPS therefore I adjusted the duration time of each frame at 0.05 per frame.
Windows Live Movie Maker also gives you options to add songs to your movie by selecting songs from your hard disk. This works for video and photos that you import so you can start experimenting with the look of your video! Windows Live Movie Maker allows you to have a live preview of each effect and animation before you decided to use it.

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