This Free Icon Pack is for use in your personal and commercial projects, and can be used without attribution. Inside this Icon Pack are 23 Free Vintage Stamp Icons, created exclusively for the viewers of Tutorial9 by Dawghouse Design Studio.
You can also Learn to make your own Vintage Stamps in a tutorial Jan wrote over at Dawghouse Design Studio. Seeing this lovely design was a call to action to do something about a small charity project and blog site I organise. Was looking for this information for a while, thanks for shraing this valuable input with us.
Hey thanks, I’m designing my temporarily website and these icons are so cool, greetings! Since Google is probably my second BFF, I hardly see myself picking up a dictionary anytime soon, so I didn’t feel guilty tearing out the pages of one I stashed in the back of my linen closet! I didn’t want the taupe branches to look like they were supposed to be shadows, so I sketched a few more branches and leaves going the opposite direction, on top of the dried taupe paint.
Filed Under: DIY Projects Tagged With: Bird, DIY, Hand Painted, Home Decor, Mod Podge, Wall ArtAbout Sherri Reyes…just a small town girl, on a mission to rescue and re-home neglected and unwanted furniture!
Duplicate the background layer and add a Layer Mask, then add a red filled layer underneath it.
Begin by selecting the layer mask and roughly painting away the surrounding area with a large black brush. Grab your pen and Wacom tablet then set up the Shape Dynamics of your brush to correspond to Pen Pressure. Use the bracket keys to make the tip size smaller or larger according to the amount of detail around the image.
Once the outline of the bike has been painted away it’s time to tackle the finer details around the frame and wheels. I prefer to outline a specific area, then fill in the centre, just like colouring in with crayons.
The areas around the spokes will require the most attention, but don’t forget you can roughly paint in the wheel area then switch to white and paint the spoke back in.
Once the bike is completely masked out it can be copied into a new Photoshop document at the correct poster dimensions.
Add a subtle Drop Shadow to the bike layer to help it blend with the background a little better. Paint a line of black using a soft brush on a new layer over where the asphalt texture fades out. Convert the text to outlines to allow for manipulation then right click and select Ungroup.
Use guides to mark the width of the first word, then select the letters of each subsequent word and scale them to match while holding the Shift key.

Use the Type tool to add a tilde symbol on the artboard, then convert it to outlines and stretch it into position as a border above the text. The flow of the border is the wrong way when compared to the flow of the text, so use the Reflect option (Object > Transform > Reflect) to flip it. Duplicate the border and position it on the lower edge to finish off the typographic element. Change the blending mode of the text layer to Overlay to allow the texture to show through, then duplicate the layer a couple of times to make the text more legible. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. A really cool concept, but I’m going to bring a bit of a discenting opinion here because that type needs some serious kerning. The curly wreath is just gorgeous…it has definitely inspired me to make my own paper wreath this year! I was wondering if it’s possible to get a stamp with a gmail envelop on it – hope to hear from you soon !
I have the same bird jug as you, I found it in a charity shop last week and was going to put it in my etsy shop but I can’t bear to part with it! I never thought of using veggie gelatine to make jelly either (which is daft of me, as it’s so obvious!). Her project was seriously more romantic (read the details here); its really a beautiful tribute!! When I’m not working or chasing after the kids or the cows, you’ll usually find me in my little workshop with a cup of coffee in one hand and a paint brush in the other.
The poster combines the motorcycle photography with some vintage style typography and grungy asphalt textures to relate to the hardcore characteristics of the custom motorcycle scene. Brett has generously licensed this shot under Creative Commons on his Flickr profile, which allows us to create our own derivative works based on a professional quality image. The best clipping technique for intricate images or those with no hard edges is to paint out the unwanted areas with the brush tool. When working with masks, black will erase areas, whereas painting with white will bring them back.
This will allow enough definition to erase the intricate areas while allowing enough softness to avoid any harsh edges. The grungy texture of asphalt fits in perfectly with the motorcycle theme while adding to the dark raw theme. Adjust the Size so there’s no definite outline then drop the opacity until the shadow is barely noticeable.
Adjust the opacity so the effect just allows the black of the tyres to merge with the black background.
The free Carnevalee Freakshow font has a pretty cool styling that fits well with the vintage theme.

Scale and position the text into place so it sits behind the bike and forms a nice vertical composition. Change the top layer to Soft Light to tone down the texturing to leave the text much more readable. The combination of asphalt texture, vintage style typography and the awesome bobber motorcycle all fit together perfectly to relate to that biker’s lifestyle. I was actually looking for a tutorial on how to “warp” text like that when a tweet popped containing a link to this wonderful post! I really enjoy my intuos 4 and also occasionally its the better option … as well as nearly all of the time a combination is perfect.
I was looking for something that looks old and timeless and these are the perfect ones for me.
I love the vintage look and think the stamp idea is great since social media has replaced the ‘old lick it yourself’ stamps!
But it gave me an idea for a newsprint style background, with branches and leaves painted on top, in a layered effect.
The little birdie was an after thought, which I brushed on free hand… I guess I should have sketched it out first, because my husband asked if I was trying to make a pregnant bird… ??!!
It’s my plan to chop up a bike of my own one day, but for now I have to settle with designing custom motorcycle posters instead. On first impressions it looks like an easy photo to clip out seeing as the bike is set on a clean background, but unfortunately many of the silver and chrome areas blend in with the grey background, which makes the use of the Magic Wand or the Channels method difficult. This is much like using the Eraser except the Layer Mask keeps the technique non-destructive, where you can simply paint back areas if you make a mistake. I’ve used Overlay more often than anything else, but I just have never really understood what a lot of those functions do. I am new to blogging and have just been reading back through your blog and its fab, I love your house posts. I’m not a fan of packet jelly, but this recipe looks tasty, tangy and picture-perfect.
Follow this step by step Photoshop and Illustrator tutorial to combine photography and typography and create a dark vintage style motorcycle poster design. An alternative would be to manually trace the bike with the Pen tool, but that would soon become tedious especially around the spokes.

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