Learn how to make 'Bella Ballerina', this little girl figurine is ideal for the top of a birthday cake.
If you want to learn how to make a protein-rich meal using one of the most basic ingredients I guarantee is in your kitchen, watch this How to Make a Fluffy Omelette video.
Whether simply scrambled, hard boiled or baked in a frittata, eggs are a staple ingredient I couldn't live without. Earlier this month Kenya spent a week at the Stone Barns Center Farm Camp, where he really got in touch with food and nature learned what it means to be a good junior farmer. Watch our video to find out how to model the facial features and put the figure together using basic modelling shapes.
But true pioneers know that it is not just what you fish for, or even, at the end of the day, catching fish at all!
Knowing how to fish is also about fostering a skill set to keep the food chain in your own hands. In this lesson, we go over the standard grip for holding both spinning reels and baitcasters.
In this lesson, our expert takes you through the basics of replacing your own line on spinning reels. Our expert recommends using your baitcaster when lure fishing, which leads to harder strikes. In this lesson, we’ll take you through how to tie the Dropper Loop Knot and how to tie on your hook so that it will be securely fashioned. This knot is used by anglers in both salt and fresh water for joining lines of similar or different strengths. Lugworms (sometimes known as sandworms or bloodworms) are known for being found on sandy beaches. Squid is optimal for both fresh and salt water and is an affordable way to get great bait to catch catfish, halibut, rockfish, sturgeon, and even bass. They serve as the basis for so many dishes and make life in the kitchen so much easier for busy parents. At the beginning of the week he learned how to feed baby chicks their first drops of water, which he said was an unbelievably cute experience.
So many people look at their cupboards or in their fridges and do not question where it all came from. In this lesson, we take apart our spinning reel to show you the crucial areas that you need to pay special attention to when cleaning your reel.
With this simple step-by-step instructional, you’ll learn exactly how to add a new spool of line to your reels.

So his advice is to use a braided line with a stronger test to ensure the line doesn’t snap. It’s important to keep track of the particular steps so that your knot and your hook fit together properly. They are easy to get from any local market or grocery store and are also easy to store for future use. On the last day of camp Kenya got to gather eggs from the free range chickens -- and I got to go with him! We literally had to keep our feet moving at all times so the chickens wouldn't peck us, which I learned that they will do without fail if you stand still (so that's why closed toed shoes were required). Having gathered the eggs himself he felt a real pride of ownership over how they were going to make it to our table.
We blindly go through our day without a sense of respect for the work that goes in to feeding so (so so so) many people. It is necessary to master the mechanics of the various reels so that you can become a master fisherman. In this video, we take you through a step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to tie this basic knot. Our expert will show you how to avoid making the knot too small so that you can properly tie the hook on to your knot.
It aligns the fishing line or leader with the shank of the hook. The Snell knot requires wrapping a loop around the hook. It allows anglers to tie together two knots of dissimilar size and really has a tight clamp when cinched. Our expert will teach how to properly hold a lugworm so that you can avoid that nasty sting. We show you some tips on how to make sure your squid stays on your hook and describe some common errors that amateur fishermen make. In this video, we even give you some inside tips on how to use particular saltwater fish as cutbait when fishing in fresh water. Kenya and I had a lot of fun running around the chicken area together and one enormous basket of eggs later, our mission was accomplished.
That’s why we threw this little video course together for you about how to make your own fishing lures. Don’t forget to take notes as you watch this video, as our expert covers an array of essential topics to get you casting and grabbing in no time! If you are feeling unusual drag when you cast, this may be due to your spool of line running low, causing added friction to the reel.

Over time, just from wear and tear, oxidation, and snags, your line might begin to discolor. From how to loop your line or rope properly to tightening to ensuring that it is fastened correctly, we will make sure that you never lose your bait because of faulty knots again! When tightening the knot, hold the turns under your fingers to ensure they snug down neatly.The Snell Knot is one of the older knots and is claimed to provide a reliable connection that preserves the strength of the line – particularly if the thickness of the eye is greater than the line diameter.
There is also a tendency for some to skip the step of cutting off the tag line, which causes all sorts of problems.
We also show you how to keep your lugworm alive for as long as possible on your hook, which will  make those fish super excited to snack on the end of your line. Just make sure to watch this before you get out there with your cutbait so you can learn the importance on keeping the bones in the fish when preparing it for the hook. He carefullly cracked, whisked and poured the eggs into the pan, cooking them patiently before folding them into beautiful half moons.
From tightening and loosening your drag, to switching between reel types, you’ll learn basic steps that you will need to get yourself ready to chase down those beauties in the water. At that point, to maximize the fluidity of your casts, it will be beneficial to replace your line with a brand new spool.
So we recommend that you keep a close eye on the color of the line so you can identify the right time to change out the old line with the new. Make sure to watch this video to make sure that you can accurately tie your Snell Knot and avoid mistakes so that you won’t unnecessarily lose your catch! We wanted to include a larger package; one that touches on gear maintenance and upkeep, knot tutorials, explores myriad bait options, prepping bait, and more before diving into building survivor reels and a whole slew of different DIY lure techniques. So if you’re out stream fishing and need to adjust your test, all you have to do is grab another spool with the appropriate test and swap it with the existing one.
Baitcasters are different from spinning reels in that they aren’t as easily disassembled. It’s a tricky process, but by following this step-by-step video you’ll have no trouble at all refreshing your line! Replacing line on a baitcasting reel is a bit tricky, but after you watch this lesson, you’ll be an expert!

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