March 3, 2012 By Beckie 32 Comments One of the things I love about older homes are all the built-ins.
Over at the Mini Manor, Ashli and her husband figured out how to turn Ikea Billy shelves into a custom shelving unit that looks like it was original to their home.
I love window seats, so I was fascinated to see how Aubrey and Lindsay at Little House Blog turned inexpensive Ikea cabinetry into extra seating in their breakfast room. The wardrobe shelves flanking the bed at Young House Love add character and interest to the formerly flat wall behind the bed in this bedroom, along with extra closet space. Kate, the Centsational Girl, got just the custom look she’d been dreaming of by turning four Ikea Billy shelves into one tall wall of shelves.
While I think these are GREAT projects, it always bums me out when most projects involve IKEA.
We actually just finished creating a built-in here, but these optiions look fantastic, too! This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. We actually have the same exact blinds in the den and above the laundry nook in lieu of pricey cabinet doors.
We currently have fabric vertical blinds that we are planning to replace this summer with some Cream colored curtains & white sheers on a double-rod. With our windows going up to the ceiling we won’t be able to do that, although it looks sooo great! Amy- I think that blinds will definitely work with a double rod, just hang them as close as you can to the rods so that everything visually becomes one window treatment to the eye (too much space between them will make things seem disjointed). I was totally not feeling the rod-higher-than-the-window thing — until I saw this post, that is. If you've got the right window, and are careful when hanging it go drill into the studs, you'll have a great canopy for your bed in no time. Now in stock-the new Spring 2014 issue seen above as well as the other past issues pictured. Here is a window shelf made by reader G Collins, from old barn wood and an old antique window. Kim did this quick project for her Daisy Cottage: "This old window pane was one of many given away for free from a neighbor's home. They were designed by Linda Smith of The Blue Gate(see pic on left) in Wills Point, Texas. This is a great display, using 2 glass-less windows, hinged together with spoons hanging from them. I painted one side of each window green,then DH attached the 2 windows together with L-brackets,then he measured the width of the open ends to decide how big to make the box. I had a window that was too heavy so I traded with a friend for a smaller, lighter weight window. While I don’t typically love knick-knacky stuff, I could spend hours in beachside craft stores collecting ideas for projects.
Create a Seashell Shadow Box (with an old window-pane) for display your Absolute Favorite Shells!

We have actually had several requests for the directions for this; this is on my list of things to blog in 2013! Wish I had a nook but will definitely be trying this as a window seat in one of my bedrooms.
I love the idea of taking RTA bookcases and making small molding additions to make them look built in. However, if I had it, there would be a constant danger of me curling up in it and sleeping after breakfast! Low and behold I found 2 matching shelving units in dark cherry at Goodwill in mint condition!!
You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. We love that we could tie them into yet another space to keep things consistent and create the illusion height.
You can’t tell from the before and afters above, but being in the room it feels like the ceiling is much higher since we hung the blinds to make the window look taller. As for the blinds, we had a 96 inch window and just ended up purchasing two 48 inch blinds from Walmart and hanging them next to each other. I’ve struggled with wide windows and was always afraid to hang two sets of blinds next to each other.
They seem a bit sheer in the store, but they’re much more opaque than they seem under the harsh lighting. I took a long narrow old window and simply added 4 table legs (they don't even match) and old trim as skirting between the legs. I painted it and sanded it and then put an old blackboard in it (I know it looks kind of like a mirror)that I found in our basement when we moved in. You can find her wonderful one of a kind garden accessories at Canton Trades Day in Canton, Texas. I have great memories of vacationing at the beach as a child, and my husband actually grew up on the beautiful beaches of Venezuela (where his parents were missionaries).
Our livingroom is lightly decorated with a sandy tan, and ocean water turquoise complimenting special vacation souveniours that we have created with seashells from around the world. Place in the sun for a few hours (not too long or they can become brittle) in the bright afternoon sun to further bleach them.
Be sure to follow Cheerios and Lattes as we will post the details as soon as we can (or as soon as I can bribe my husband into sitting down to share the details)!
I'm a follower of Jesus, wife, mama of two toddler boys and a baby girl, teacher at heart, and coffee lover.
I have built in storage cabinets behind our shower and bookshelves behind the door in our girls’ room.
I just wanted to let you know that the link for the Better Homes and Gardens mud room is wrong. Check the closet supply sections and at HD and lowes the premade kitchen cabinet section (not the custom order section). This weekend we actually got around to picking up some bamboo blinds to bridge the gap between the top of the window and the curtain rod.

White Ikea floor length curtains flanking these simple wood blinds is absolutely our favorite combination for big picture windows (and one that we often suggest to everyone who will listen) but what say you lovely readers? Probably because none of my curtains are even up yet and I haven’t had to stare at that space!!
Just adding more vertical interest to the top part of the room makes the whole space magically seem much taller.
We made sure to get them really close together so there was no telltale gap, and the point where they connect is barely noticeable thanks to all the texture going on. You can totally cheat a window taller and wider without anyone being able to see what you’re up to through the curtain. My husband and I just bought our first house (a 50s brick ranch, as luck would have it) the living room has a really nice big picture window and we need some drapes for it.
Since you think white might be overkill, you could try long chocolate velvet panels, breezy tan linen curtains, or even some luxe dupioni silk panels in your room’s accent color- the sky’s the limit! I thinned down some white paint to "white-wash" it,and painted the inside of the box with thinned down green paint. So, if you are going on a beach vacation soon, collect a few small seashells so you can join us in this fun memory craft.
In my "free" time I love to cook and create.Cheerios and Lattes is place for us to share our "little blessings" with you and your family. Also Costco right now has the base seat and overhead shelf similar to PB…maybe they have it online too. Gotta love making windows look bigger and taller while introducing some texture in the process. I just posted something on my new blog about high-hanging curtains; I love the effect that has! Then he screwed old porch spindles(they were already white,a great yard sale find) on for legs on the outside of the box,screwing them from the inside,turning it into a table.
I think the most important thing is choosing a sturdy window and how you secure it to the ceiling. They seem kinda sheer when you see them hung in the store, but at home on a window they let in the perfect amount of light without being too thin and flimsy.
Then the windows were fastened to the table with hinges on the outside of the windows to the box.
It could be quite heavy and you need to choose ceiling anchors and chain appropriate to the weight of your pans. I love the window in your living room but with the blinds already installed (inside the window) there wouldnt be anything to take up the space. They’ll be wrinkle free without the use of an iron, and they look so much better than the crushed, folded things that come out of the package.

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