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A quick tutorial that will show you how to make your own website and have it up and running within a few hours. The Wealthy Affiliate community replied to my question…1Pick a topic or niche for your siteYou can’t just start a site about nothing, subject matter and content is everything. 2Know who your target audience will beDetermining who you are writing for is key when building a website. Just naming a few different potential target audiences provides a feeling of what might be needed for each. You might even begin a website portfolio, with many sites in different niches, all making money!
4Ways you could make money from your websiteIf you’re going to put lots of time and effort into creating a site, it would be silly not to have monetization in mind. 5Turn a website into a businessTurning a website into a business is entirely possible but you need to have the knowhow to successfully achieve this.
Although the Internet is brilliant, there are a lot of fraudsters out there and it is can be easy to fall prey to some of the scams. I agree that picking a niche should be your number one priority when you are making a website. Wealthy Affiliate is seriously no hassle, you can create a free site in seconds over there and if you upgrade you can have up to 50 sites, 25 siterubix and 25 full managed WordPress sites there – all options are available to you including the creation of an online store if that is your preference.
Wealthy Affiliate is free to try for the first 7 days and NO you DO NOT need to enter ANY credit card details – it’s a no brainer! It is a step-by-step process Kirill and having a clear plan is by far the best way forward. I began working online in 2011 because I wanted the freedom to work when I wanted and get away from being an employee. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInSo, you want to build a website, excellent news.

Some of the ways of making money are from allowing advertising to be placed on your website, Google AdSense are the top players here.
My suggestion would always be Wealthy Affiliate which is where I learned everything I know.
A good way to plan your site would be to have some target audiences in mind and check out other sites on the net to see their approaches. You could promote either digital or physical products, by writing articles and reviews, while incorporating affiliate links. They cost around $5 a month for their cheapest plan and the coupon code FREEHOST42 lets you get the first month free (can always cancel after the first month and pay nothing if you change your mind). However, you feel you have a bit more to offer and have decided to go that step further, with creating your very own website – good for you! You might want to learn something yourself, such as ‘how to make money online’, for example; researching and writing about your journey could be your niche. That is not an uncommon situation when people build their website first before getting an understanding what this site will actually be about. Here are 5 tips that will point you in the right direction and help you choose what to make a website about.
There are a multitude of topics, audiences, and niches; each will require a different set of writing styles and techniques.
It is important to keep in mind whatever method you choose, that quality content always needs to come first. Also, it’s a good idea to keep the entire path from choosing the niche to monetizing on the website in mind from the start. Fast SetupYou’ll have a clean, mobile-friendly website up and running in less than an hour. Platform-SpecificYour website will be set up the right way on the right platform for what you need.
If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t sweat it – I’m going to show you where to go next. 2) Access FREE themesOnce you’re in the dashboard, you’ve got access to over 1500 free themes!

Install your new themeOnce you have found a theme you like, installing it is as simple as clicking “Install” followed by “Activate”.
Once you’ve clicked, you’ll find a screen that looks a lot like what you’ve maybe seen in Microsoft Word. Add text, images and more to build the page you want, then save it when you’re done.Adding pages to the menuIf you want your new page to be linked to in your navigation bar,1.
Find the page you created and add it to the list by clicking the checkbox next to it and then “Add to Menu”. You can use different categories to group similar posts.If you want to add a blog to your website, you can use different categories and posts.
Just hold your mouse over the tab at the top of your web browser).Taglines are added at the end of titles across every page. You can fix that by making your home page “static”.A static page is a page that doesn’t change.
It’s an awesome feature to have, as people (like you!) can fill in the form and send me an email without logging into their own email provider.
You’ll be able to edit your title tags, meta descriptions and more, all from within the page itself – no more fussing with WordPress settings.Forum: Interested in starting a forum on your site?
Look for the plugin named “bbPress” and follow their tutorials.Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg! That wasn’t so bad, was it?I hope you found this guide really useful –but if you have any more questions or need help with one of the steps I highlighted, I’m happy to share some guidance.

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